1901 Census, Co. Tyrone

The household returns and ancillary records for the censuses of Ireland of 1901 and 1911, which are in the custody of the National Archives of Ireland, represent an extremely valuable part of the Irish national heritage. Here are From-Ireland.net’s 1901 Census, Ireland records:

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Moore St.TyroneAbraham JamesView
Moore St.TyroneAbraham JosephView
Dungannon Rd.TyroneAbraham ThomasView
Golan AdamsTyroneAdams AlexView
BallynapottageTyroneAdams AndrewView
CastlebaneTyroneAdams JosephView
Moore St.TyroneAlexander MaryView
CastlebaneTyroneArkinson JamesView
CavankilgreenTyroneArmstrong HughView
LisdooartTyroneArthurs JamesView
Caledon St.TyroneAuckland Frederick A.View
Derrycush (pt. of) UrbanTyroneBailey ElizabethView
Caledon St.TyroneBarkley SamuelView
Moore St.TyroneBearns RobertView
Caledon St.TyroneBeattie Roland J.View
LoughansTyroneBeatty JohnView
SkeyTyroneBeatty Margaret A.View
LoughansTyroneBeatty Mary J.View
SkeyTyroneBeatty Robert J.View
KillyneeryTyroneBeatty WilliamView
LoughansTyroneBeAve.rs RobertView
LoughansTyroneBeAve.rs RobinsonView
Derrycush (pt. of) UrbanTyroneBell Anne E.View
Moore St.TyroneBennett MaryView
MullaghbaneTyroneBest MaryView
Moore St.TyroneBest ThomasView
DoolargyTyroneBlemmings WilliamView
CarncornTyroneBogle JamesView
Garvetagh, UpperTyroneBogle JamesView
Garvetagh, UpperTyroneBogle Mary J,View
CarncornTyroneBogle ThomasView
Garvetagh, LowerTyroneBogle WilliamView
Golan SprouleTyroneBogle WilliamView
Moore St.TyroneBoyd JosephView
Carnteel laneTyroneBoyd ThomasView
Caledon St.TyroneBoyle JamesView
GolanTyroneBoyle MargaretView
Sydney St.TyroneBoyle RobertView
LoughansTyroneBrackenridge IsabellaView
Back St.TyroneBrittain AgnesView
Derrycush (pt. of) UrbanTyroneBrown RobertView
Golan SprouleTyroneBrowne ThomasView
DrumnaslaghyTyroneBrush JohnView
Derrycush (pt. of) UrbanTyroneBrush MaryView
CavanoneillTyroneBrush ThomasView
CavankilgreenTyroneBrush WilliamView
BallynapottageTyroneBuchanon MaryView
DoolargyTyroneBurnett CharlesView
DoolargyTyroneBurnett MaryView
CavankilgreenTyroneBurton GeorgeView