1901 Census, St. Joseph’s School, Clare St., Limerick City

1901 Census Extracts County Limerick, Ireland / St. Joseph’s, Clare Street, Limerick No. 1, Registrar’s District. / St. John’s Parish / Occupants, 1901 Census, Ireland / District Electoral Division : City of Limerick, Abbey Ward : film ref 60/5 / Limerick Poor Law Union or Civil Registration District : see Limerick BMD refs(vital records) / Abbey Ward, Limerick City. Heads of Household Index 1901 Census.

No guarantee is given that the following are accurate, as names can sometimes be difficult to read due to poor handwriting and condition of the films. Every person in St. Joseph’s on that night was a Roman Catholic, and all could read and write. Bridget Sheehan was the only married person on this list.

Surname & Name Age Occupation Born
C?rnlea Bridget 14 PupilPupil Co. Limerick
Callaghan Bridget 14 Pupil Co. Cork
Callaghan Maggie 9 Pupil Tipperary Co.
Casey Margaret 14 Pupil Limerick City
Cooney Katherine 13 Pupil Cork City
Corbett Mary K. 14 Pupil Cork City
Crean Elizabeth 23 Laundress Limerick City
Crosbie Margaret 14 Pupil Co. Kerry
Daly Anne 15 Pupil Co. Limerick
Donovan Mary 16 Pupil Cork City
Duggan Margaret 13 Pupil Tipperary Co.
Falkner Katherine 15 Pupil Co. Kerry
Fleming Margaret 14 Pupil Co. Cork
Hanlon Mary 16 Pupil King’s County (Offaly)
Hartnett Mary 17 Pupil Co. Limerick
Hennessy Anne 17 Pupil Cork City
Hennessy Ellen 15 Pupil Co. Cork
Hogan Sara 14 Pupil Cork City
Houlihan Mary 15 Pupil Co. Limerick
Leahy Ellen 14 Pupil Limerick City
Lynch Mary ?S 16 Pupil Co. Kerry
Maher Mary A. 14 Pupil Queen’s Co. (Laois)
McCormac Margaret 24 Monitoress Dublin City
McMahon Fanny 13 Pupil Tipperary Co.
McMahon Margaret 11 Pupil Tipperary Co.
Nagle Mary ?F. 8 Pupil Cork City
Rafter Frances 16 Pupil Tipperary Co.
Ray Agnes 14 Pupil Co. Cork
Robinson Mollie 14 Pupil Co. Cork
Ryan Hanna 14 Pupil Tipperary Co.
Ryan Mary K. 17 Pupil Limerick City
Scanlon Mary 14 Pupil King’s County (Offaly)
Sheehan Bridget 36 Seamstress Cork City
Sheehan Ellen 14 Pupil King’s County (Offaly)
Sheehan Mary 15 Pupil Co. Limerick
Sheridan Mary 14 Pupil Limerick City
Singleton Jane 16 Pupil Dublin City
Slattery Anne 14 Pupil Tipperary Co.
Sullivan Margaret 14 Pupil Cork City
Sullivan Mary 13 Pupil Cork City
Williams ?Bridget 16 Pupil Kilkenny City
Williams Mary ?G. 21 Laundress Dublin City