1901 Census, Mercy Convent, Kinsale Town, Co. Cork (Nuns)

The following ladies were all Roman Catholic Nuns, could read and write and were not married. Their ages and the place of birth are listed here. No guarantee is given that the following are accurate, as names listed in the street indices as filled out by the area enumerator often differ from those found on the census detail sheets (Form A) as filled out by the Head of Household.

Name Age Job Birth Place
Baker Mary 21 Teacher of Needle Work America
Barrett Mary V. 39 Nun Dublin City
Barry Veronica 28 Nun Co. Cork
Blake Mary C. 58 Nun Cork City
Byron Mary C. 26 Nun Co. Tipperary
Carney Mary F. 47 Nun Co. Clare
Cassin Mary P. 65 Nun Co. Kilkenny
Coakeley Columba 56 Nun Co. Cork
Coffey Albeus 49 Nun Co. Tipperary
Colgan Mary J. 46 Nun Co. Galway
Corbett Bridget 24 Lace Maker Co. Cork
Coughlan Genevieve 28 Nun Co. Cork
Deasy Mary D. 26 Nun Co. Cork
Driscoll Julia 18 Teacher of Needle Work Co. Cork
Egan Mary P. 64 Nun Cork City
Ellard Mary B. 20 Nun Co. Cork
Fallon Mary E. 63 Nun Co. Galway
Farrell Kate 22 Portress Dublin City
Fitzgerald Mary ?J. 31 Nun Co. Cork
Galvin Mary P. 46 Nun Co. Clare
Hayes Kate 20 Monitress Co. Wexford
Hayes Mary A. 40 Nun Co. Tipperary
Heffernan Scholastica 62 Nun Co. Carlow
Hennessy? Nora 21 Dressmaker Co. Cork
Herbert Mary C. 39 Nun Limerick City
Hogan Mary L. 46 Nun Galway City
Humpheries Mary M. 47 Nun Co. Tipperary
Hurley Margaret 24 Kitchen Maid Co. Cork
Hurley Mary B. 72 Nun Co. Clare
Hurley Mary J. 61 Nun Co. Clare
Jordan? Mary M. 65 Nun Co. Cork
Kelleher Julia 18 Machinist Co. Cork
Kelly Mary C. 61 Nun Kilkenny City
Kelly Mary P. 54 Nun Co. Westmeath
Kennery Mary T. 24 Nun Co. Tipperary
Keohane Xavier 40 Nun Co. Cork
Keys Cecelia 29 Art Mistress Co. Cork
Kilroe? Mary P. 61 Nun Co. Roscommon
Liston Mary A. 40 Nun Co. Limerick
Loughman Gertrude 63 Nun Co. Tipperary
Lynch Mary ?N. 36 Nun Co. Cork
Madigan Mary B. 28 Nun Co. Kilkenny
Martin Mary E. 68 Nun Co. Meath
Mason Mary S. 56 Nun Galway City
Moloney Mary ?D. 40 Nun Co. Tipperary
Moloney Mary C. 26 Nun Co. Tipperary
Moloughney Gabriel 35 Nun Co. Tipperary
Murray Mary F. 34 Nun Co. Cork
Noonan Bridget 36 Teacher of Lace Work Co. Cork
O’Brien Agnes 28 Monitress Cork City
O’Brien Ellen 60 Matron of School Co. Cork
O’Brien Mary ?R. 23 Nun Co. Tipperary
O’Brien Mary B. 43 Nun Co. Offaly
O’Brien Mary I. 50 Nun Dublin City
O’Dea Mary B. 50 Nun Co. Clare
O’Doherty Mary K. 39 Nun Co. Tipperary
O’Dwyer Mary 51 Nun Co. Tipperary
O’Gorman Mary A. 30 Nun Co. Limerick
O’Shea Mary M. 41 Nun Co. Cork
Quirke Mary T. 21 Nun Co. Tipperary
Reid Kathleen 24 Nun Co. Cork
Scully Mary B. 54 Nun Co. Cork
Shelley Mary ?M. S. 19 Nun Co. Tipperary
Stack Mary 23 Monitress England
Twohig Monica 25 Nun Co. Cork
Walsh Bridget 22 Nun Co. Cork
White Mary B. 55 Nun Co. Laois
White Minnie 23 Teacher of Needle Work Co. Cork