1911 Census, Aghaboe, Co. Laois

This listing is alphabetical by townland within the parish and the name of each head of household for any townland is listed alphabetically beside the townland name. The listing may be considered to be partial as I am not sure whether the whole parish has been indexed or not.

Townland Head of Household
Aughaboe Dunne Wm.
Aughaboe Grogan Gill
Aughaboe Johnston E.
Aughaboe Stanley Wm.
Ballyhinode Delaney James
Ballyreilly Kennedy John
Bawnbrack Doran Daniel
Bawnogue Stanley Robert
Bawnogue Unoccupied N/A
Beckfield Carter Patrick
Beckfield North Clooney Patrick
Beckfield North Kelly Daniel
Beckfield North Phelan John
Bordwell Big Bowe Michael
Bordwell Big Clear Thomas
Bordwell Big Dunne Patrick
Bordwell Big Keye Katherine
Bordwell Big Palmer James
Bordwell Big Spooner James
Bordwell Little Hyland Patrick
Bordwell Little Whelan Mary
Brocka Deegan William
Brocka Keefe Daniel
Carrowreagh Byrne Robert
Carrowreagh Nolan James
Carrowreagh Walpole William R.
Carrowreagh Whelan James
Coolbally Brennan James
Coolbally Fitzpatrick Robert
Coolbally Maher Edward
Coolbally Walsh Edward
Cross Fitzpatrick John
Currawn Broderick Thos
Currawn Bulger Joseph
Currawn Cassin (Cashen) John
Currawn Coss Denis
Currawn Coss Mary
Currawn Delaney John
Currawn Delaney John
Currawn Delaney Michl.
Currawn Dollard Michl.
Currawn King William
Currawn Maher Kate
Currawn Phelan Mary
Currawn Phelan Wm.
Delligbawn Cooney Patrick
Garryduff Lower Bergin Martin
Garryduff Lower Clear John
Garryduff Lower Clear Patrick jr.
Garryduff Lower Clear Patrick M.
Garryduff Lower Clooney William
Garryduff Lower Conroy John
Garryduff Lower Gorman Nicholas
Garryduff Lower Kavanagh Tim
Garryduff Lower Lawlor Katherine
Garryduff Lower Lawlor (Lalor) John
Garryduff Lower Maher John
Garryduff Lower Whelan (Phelan) Bridget
Grangemore Clancy Joseph
Grangemore Coss Martin
Grangemore Delaney Denis
Grangemore Fitzpatrick James
Grangemore Fitzpatrick John
Grangemore Hayden William
Grangemore Heston Mary
Grangemore Marshall Richard
Grangemore Nolan William
Grangemore Proud Edward
Grangemore Whelan Cornelius
Grantstown Bailey Richard
Grantstown Begadin Catherine
Grantstown Bergin Patrick
Grantstown Bowe Daniel
Grantstown Burke John
Grantstown Clear John
Grantstown Corbey James
Grantstown Cunningham Jeremiah
Grantstown Dempsey Charles
Grantstown Fitzpatrick Michael
Grantstown Gorman Jeremiah
Grantstown Hyland Eliza
Grantstown Larrrssey John
Grantstown Ryan John
Keelough Glebe Abraham Sarah
Keelough Glebe Bannon John
Keelough Glebe Dagg Richard
Keelough Glebe Monaghan James
Keelough Glebe Murphy Michael
Keelough Glebe Whelan John
Kilcotton Bergin Denis
Kilcotton Bowe Denis
Kilcotton Comerford John
Kilcotton Coss Michael
Kilcotton Dillon Peter
Kilcotton Dunne James
Kilcotton Fitzpatrick Thomas
Kilcotton Kirwan Patrick
Lismore Byrne Michael
Oldglass Boyce James
Oldglass Dunne Sarah
Oldglass Harvey Richard
Oldglass Hunt Edward
Oldglass Loughman Thomas
Oldglass O’Brien Patrick
Oldglass Phelan Patrick
Oldglass Purcell Thomas
Oldglass Sarle (Searle) David
Oldglass Sullivan Martin
Palmershill Delaney Mary
Palmershill Hogan Thomas
Palmershill Thompson Mary
Tooragh Fitzpatrick John