Abbeyleix Church of Ireland Gravestones

Abbeyleix Church of Ireland Gravestones

These 198 photographs were taken in July 2007.  All gravestones that could be read at that time were photographed.  There were a few stones which were illigible.

During the 1995-96 period Abbeyleix Church of Ireland graveyard was visited and all stones which had a date that was pre 1901 were transcribed.  That is all information that could be read from those stones was written down.  By 2007 when the stones were photographed some of the stones read in the earlier years may no longer have been legible.  Please consult the document which contains the typed up material from 1995-1996.
1995-1996 Abbeyleix Church of Ireland Gravestone Transcriptions

Some of these photographs are close ups of the script on the stone.  All photographs are reduced in size. Full size and unwatermarked copies of these photographs are available (for use in records and printing) for a small fee as listed below.   Contact Dr. Jane Lyons with reference to the relevant gravestone(s), graveyard and county for further information.
3.50 Euro for 1 photograph
5.00 Euro for up to 3 photographs
10 Euro up to 8 photographs

Surnames have been given to each photograph and the phorographs here are *almost* in alphabetical order.  The number in each photograph indicates the number of times the surname has occurred as the first surname on a stone, e.g. Galbraith 1 = first Galbraith stone indexed.  Galbraith 8 = eighth Galbraith stone indexed.

Please note that it has been my finding that members of the Church of Ireland quite often live in one parish but then ‘go home’ to the place their family came from when they die.  That is they are taken from the parish they lived in and brought to the parish their family came from to be buried.  If you expect to find a family in this graveyard and don’t, please consult my name index to see if the surname you are looking for occurs in another parish.

Name index for gravestone records from all counties