All Ireland Scarecrow Festival, 2016

All Ireland Scarecrow Festival, 2016

Durrow, Laois

As usual I was over in Durrow for the ‘All Ireland Scarecrow Festival, 2016’.  What can I say?Every year the entries just get better and better.  The winner this year was Noah’s Ark and the work that went in to that was incredible!  They even had little animals inside the ark right down to bats and insects flying around.  They had a grain store and mice! :)  Children were able to walk in to the ark and look at all the ‘animals’ and insects.

The Scarecrow festival is divided into a number of areas.  There are two sections where adults pay very little to get (1 or 2 Euro) and children are free. Outside of these two areas there are scarecrow entries all over the town, up and down, you have to remember to look up on the walls of buildings as there can be scarecrows up there!!

My photographs are not in order to to speak as I went over the evening before the festival officially opened and walked around photographing everything before there were lots of people about.  Then, on the Monday I went back over with children taking more photos. The result is that I have a lot of photos and even at that I don’t think I got them all.

Definitely a very enjoyable day and very interesting to listed to the comments of the children on the scarecrows.


and finally, let us not forget Humpty Dumpty and the Turnip being pulled up by one and all!!