The Archaeological and Historical Society, Co. Galway

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1902 Vol. II
Killconnell Abbey (continued) F.J. BIGGER pp. 3-20
The O’Maddens of Slanchia (continued)
by the late T. MORE MADDEN M.D. pp. 21-33
King Guaire and Bishop Callach. H. T. KNOX pp. 34-38
The Castle and Manor of Bunowen. MARTIN J. BLAKE pp. 39-56
The Lurgan Canoe. T. B. COSTELLO p.57

1903-1904 Vol. III
Tuam Raths and Souterrains. (continued from Vol. II. p. 116).
T. B. COSTELLO, M. D., (3 illustrations). p.1
Killconnell Abbey. (continueed from Vol. II. p. 20).
F. J. BIGGER, M.R.I.A. p.11
Folklore collected by C. M.. HODGSON p.16
Note on a Drawing entitled a Prospect of Galway in 1686.
C. LITTON FALKINER, M.R.I.A. (1 illustration).p.35
The References for Political Changes of Property in Go. Galway.
Col. J. P. NOLAN, M.P. p.37
John Burke, Archbishop of Tuam. R. J. KELLY. P. 44
The De Burgo Clans. (continued from Vol. II. p. 108)
H. T. KNOX, M.R.I.A. p. 46
ACCOUNTS to Dec. 31, 1902. 59
CORRESPONDENCE: Ogam Stones (By PROF. J. RHYs). p.60
PROCEEDINGS, NOTES, etc. : Address to the Most Rev. J. Healy;
Prize offered at Galway Feis ; Repair of Ruins at Dromacoo ; etc. p. 61

Ballintubber Abbey. M. J. BLAKE. (10 illustrations). p. 65
An Ancient Mether. (1 illustration). P. 89
Folklore collected by C. M. HODGSON. (continued). p.90
Ballykine Castle. H. T. KNOX. (7 illustrations). p.95
The Diocese of Annaghdown. MONSIGNOR FAHEY, D.D. 102
The Society’s Prize for Irish Names of Places. p.114
The Repair of Dromacoo Old Church. T. HAMILTON, C.E. (8 illustrations). p.117
ACCOUNTS to Dec. 31, 1903 126

The Diocese of Annaghdown. (contd). By MONSIGNOR FAHEY, D.D. p.129
The Growth of the Archdiocese of Tuam. By H. T. KNOX. (1 illustration).p.136
Portrait of Sir Valentine Blake, 3rd Baronet. (1 illustration). p.143
A Galway Playbill. (1 illustration). p.145
The Stone of Luguaedon on Inchagoill (1 illustration). p.146
A Transplanter’s Decree of Final Settlement. By M. J. BLAKE. p.148
Folklore collected by C. M. HODGSON. (continued). 154
Onr Irish Romanesque Architecture. MOST REV. J. HEALY, D.D., President. p.167
Corcomroe Abbey: A Note on our Illustrations. (6 illustrations). p.177
The O’Kellys of Gallagh, Counts of the Holy Roman Empire.
R. J. KELLY, Vice-President. p.180
NOTES, PROCEEDINGS, RRVIEWS: The Land Purchase Acts and the Preservation of Ancient Monuments; Illustrations of Irish History and Topography; etc. p.186

1909 Vol. VI
Part I
Two Irish Brehon Scripts with note on the McEgan Family.
M. J. BLAKE pp.1-9
The Abbey of Kilnalahan. J. P. DALTON pp. 10-26
The Wardenship of Galway. R. J. KELLY pp. 27-33
Notes on Placenames mentioned in Brownes Map of Mayo 1584.
M. J. BLAKE pp. 34-50
An old Celtic Bronze Sword p. 51
Gort and Lough Cutra : A Review. J. P. DALTON p. 52
O’Shaughnessy of Gort: A Tabular Pedigree. M.J. BLAKE (part of Gort & Lough Cutra)

1911-1912 Vol VII
The Obituary Book of the Franciscan Monastery at Galway-(contd.) By MARTIN J. BLAKE. 1
Trade Tokens of the County of Galway in the Seventeenth Century. By T, B. COSTELLO. 29
The Hound’s Grave at Leganncorkee. By E. W. L. HOLT. 44
O’Shaughnessy Tabular Pedigree, A Correction. By MARTIN J. BLAKE. 53
The Deaths of Aodh Mac Garaidh and Flann Mac Duibh Dithraibh. By ELEANOR KNOTT. 54

Notes on Ordnance Survey Letters. By M. REDINGTON. 65
Legends and Folklore. By A. B. E. HILLAS. 70
Ardrahan Castle. By H. T. KNOX. 73
William de Burgh. By M. J. BLAKE. 83
The Abbey of Kilnalahan (continued). By J. P. DALTON 103
Mannin Castle. By H. T. KNOX. 115
Index to the References to National and Ancient Monuments in County Galway. By OLIVE CREERY. 120

Richard de Burgh and the Conquest of Connaught. By GODDARD H. ORPEN. 129
Seven Mayo Earthworks. By H. T. KNOX. …147
A Relic of the Fortifications of Galway. By M. REDINGTON. …166
A Petition for the Fortification of Ballinrobe. By C.C. ORMSBY. …168
Notes on Ordnance Survey Letters. By M. REDINGTON. …171
Tales of St. Patrick. By A. B. E. HILLAS. …183
Review of Irish Archooological Papers …186
Rules of the Society. …192

Florence Conry, Archbishop of Tuam, 1608-1629. By The Rev. J .NEARY. …193
Fortification of Ballinrobe. By H. T. KNOX. …204
Notes on the Ordnance Survey Letters relating to the Barony of Dunkellin; iii, Ballynacourty Parish. By E. W. L. HOLT. …205

The Burkes of Marble Hill. THOMAS U. SADLEIR, M.R.I.A. p.1
Some Notes on Killala Dioccse. Rev. J. NEARY. p.12
Notes on the Place-Names mentioned in Browne’s Map of Mayo, 1584
(continued). MARTIN J. BLAKE. p.39
Notes on Standing Stones at Streamstown, near Clifden.
C.C.. ORMSBY p.55

An Old Lynch Manuscript. MARTIN J. BLAKE. p.65
Account of the Lynch Family, written in 1815. With Introduction
History and Antiquities of the Parish of Dunmore. Rev. J. NEARY. p.94

Notes on the Ordnance Survey Letters relating to the Barony of Dunkellin, Co. Galway; iv, Oranmore Parish. MURIEL LYNCH ATHY. p.129
Leaf-shaped Bronze Spearhead. T. B. COSTELLO, D.D. p.198

Three more Mayo Earthworks. H. T. KNOX. p.199
An Old Lynch Manuscript ( continued) MARTIN J. BLAKE. p.207
Some Seal Matrices connected with the Province of Tuam p.227
The Shields in the XVIIth Century Map of Galway.
Standing Stones at Rosleague and Roscrea 237
Note on the Origin’ of Rosaries. M. REDINGTON. p.240
Single Decade Rosaries. FRANCIS JOSEPH BIGGER. p.244
Field Marshal Sir John French. MARTIN J. BLAKE. p.247

1915-1916 Vol. IX
Carnfree and Carnabreekna. By HUBERT T. KNOX. P.1
The Mote of Oldcastle and the Castle of Rathgorgin.
Notes on the Ordnance Survey Letters relating to the Barony of Dunkellin.
Names of Roman Catholic Freemen of the Town of Galway on 29th April,1794.

Carnfree and Carnabreckna, Supplement to. HUBERT T. KNOX. p.65
An old Lynch Manuscript (continued) MARTIN J. BLAKE. p.79
Iubhar O bbFiachrach. J. H. LLOYD, M.R.I.A. p.107
Formaoil na bhFiann. By J.H. LLOYD, M.R.I.A. p.111
Memorial Tablet to Bartholomew French 1689.
Some Ecclesiastical and other Seals. E. C. R. ARMSTRONG p.117
Old Church of Ballinacourty, Barony of Dunkellin. M. REDINGTON. p.123
Toolooban Castle. H. T. KNOX. p.126

Kilcolgan. H. T. KNOX, M.R.I.A. p.129
Some Rath Caves. H. T. KNOX, M.R.I.A., & M. REDINGTON. p.178
The Turoe Stone and the Rath of Feerwore, Co. Galway.
H. T. KNOX, M.R.I.A. p.190
The Small [Island] in the Chanel between the Continent and the Island of Turra.
J. H. LLOYD, M.R.I.A. p.194
Notes on the Bermingham Pedigree. GODDARD H. ORPEN, M.R.LA. p.195
The Mound at Tample. H. T. KNOX, M.R.I.A p.206
Review. By F. W. O’CONNELL, LITT.D. p.207
List of Members 208
Balance Sheet 212

1920-21 VOL. XI.
Notes on the Burgus of Athenry. H. T. KNOX and a Colleague. p.1
The Lynch Memorial in Galway. Rev. J. RABBITTE, S.J. p.27
The Beginnings of Historic Tradition.
A Bronze Cauldron. T. B. COSTELLO, M.D., M.R.I.A. p.72
Find of Bronze Pin. T. B. COSTELLO, M.D., M.R.I.A. p.76
NOTES p.77

Galway Corporation MS. C. With Introduction and Notes.
Rev. J RABBITTE, S.J. p.81
The Promontory Forts of the Three Southern Provinces of Ireland.
Remarks on the Walls and Church of Athenry. CHARLES McNEILL p.132
Origin of the Families of French of Connaught ; with Tabular Pedigree of John French of Grand-Terre in 1763. MARTIN BLAKE. p.142
Memorial Tablet to Bartholomew French 1689.
Statement of Accounts for 1920 p.152

?1924 VOL XIII
Nos. i & ii
Galway Corporation MS C. REV. J. RABBITTE pp. 1-22
Random Notes on the History of the County Mayo with special reference to the Barony of Kilmaine. G.V. MARTYN pp. 23-49v
Seanchus na mBúrcach. Réamh-Rádh. TOMÁS Ó RAGHALLAIGH pp. 50-60

?1925 VOL XIII
Nos. iii & iv
Galway Corporation MS. C. REV J. RABBITTE pp. 65-83
Random Notes on the History of the County Mayo with special reference to the Barony of Kilmaine. G.V. MARTYN pp. 83-100
Seanchus na mBúrcach. Réamh-Rádh. TOMÁS Ó RAGHALLAIGH pp. 105-138
Families of Daly of Galway with Tabular Pedigrees. MARTIN J. BLAKE p. 140

1928 VOL XIV
Nos. i & ii
Galway Corporation MS C (continued). REV. J. RABBITTE p.1
The Francisican Convents in COnnacht, with notes theron.
Seanchus na mBurcach (continued) TOMÁS Ó RAGHALLAIGH M.A. p.30
Who built Dun Aengus? J. P. DALTON, M.A. p.52
Notes p.77
On an inedited Silver Coin of Edward IV. T. Bodkin Costello, M.D. p. 80
Statement of Accounts. p.84

1929 Vol. XIV
Nos iii & iv
The Ormesby Letters. GEORGE ORMSBY. p.45
Castle Bourke. With Notes. MARTIN J. BLAKE. p.101
Notes. P. 108
Who built Dun Aengus? (continued) J. P. DALTON, M.A. p.109
Random Notes on the History of the County Mayo G.V. MARTYN p.133
Notes on “Find” at Portumna. PROFESSOR SHEA. p.137
The Westport Chalice. MARTIN J. BLAKE. P.138
Discovery of a Cist. REV. J. HYNES p.141
Seanchus na mBurcach (continued) TOMÁS Ó RAGHALLAIGH M.A. p.142
Query? REV. R.C. CRAWFORD. P.166
Acknowledgments, Obituary. P. 167
List of Members. p. 168

1930 VOL XV Parts i & ii
Part i
The Lay School at Galway
M.D. O’Sullivan pp1-32
Some Records of the Skerret Family
Communicated by Philip Crossle pp. 33-72
Report on the Human Skeleton found in Stoneyisland Bay, Portumna.
Professor Shea pp. 73-81
The Teige Morphy-Margret Fergus Chalice, 1720
M.J. Blake pp.82-83

Part ii
Galway Corporation MS C (continued).
Rev. J. Rabbitte pp. 85-96
Some Notes on the Borough of Tuam and its Records 1817-1822
W. J. V. Comerford pp.97-120
Original Documents Relating to the Butler Lordship of Achill, Burrishoole and Aughrim, 1236-1640
Professor Edmund Curtis pp. 121-128
Oliver Martin of the Crusades

G.V. MArtyn p. 128
Glimpses of the Life of Galway Merchants and Mariners in the early Seventeenth Century
M. D. O’Sullivan pp. 129-140
Discovery of Coins p. 140
Ballyshannon. Its Strategic importance in the Wars of Connacht 1550-1602
G.A. Hayes-McCoy p. 141
Trade Tokens of Co. Galway in the 17th Century
Thomas B. Costello p. 160
Discovery of a Cist with Urn Burial
Thomas B. Costello pp. 141-142

1934-35 VOL XVI Parts i & ii
The Fortification of Galway in the Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries
M. D. O’Sullivan p.1
Seventeenth Century Documents relating to the Manors of Aughrim and Burrishoole
Professor Edmund Curtis p.48
Discovery of Cists.
S. Lanigan
With Notes on the Human Remains
Professor Shea p. 57
Discovery of Bronze Age Burial with Cremated Remains
T. B. Costello p.63
Galway Corporation MS C (continued). REV. J. RABBITTE p.67
The Magauran Duanaire
Tomás O Raghallaigh p. 81

Parts iii & iv
Colonisation under Early Kings of Tara
Professor Eoin MacNeill p. 101
Notes on Iberian Affinities of a Bone Object found in County Galway
Lilly F. Chitty p. 125
Original Documents relating to Aughrim, Burrishoole and Aran
Professor Edmund Curtis p.134
Notes on the O’Kelly Family
E. Festus Kelly p. 140
Lynch’s Castle, Galway
Rev. J. Hynes p. 144
Historical Account of the Wardens of Galway
Rec. J. Rabbitte S.J. p.155
The Moyveela (County Galway) Skeleton
Professor S. Shea p.182
The Pardon of Henry Blake of Galway in 1395
Professor Edmund Curtis p. 186

1936 VOL XVII Nos. i & ii
No. i
The Collegiate Church of St. Nicholas, Galway
Harold G. Leask p.1
Description of Short Cist Burial
Professor S. Shea p. 24
Alexander Lynch, Schoolmaster
Rev. J. Rabbitte S.J. p. 43
Excavation in the Townland of Pollacorragune, Tuam, Co. Galway
Professor S. Shea p. 55
The MacDonalds of Mayo
G. Hayes-McCoy, M.A., p. 65
Historical Account of the Wardens of Galway
Rev. J. Rabbitte, S.J. p. 83

No. ii
The Gallóglach Axe
G. Hayes-McCoy, p.101
Cist Burial in Cuillare Townland, CO. Mayo
Seán P. O Ríordain p.122
Christian Kings of Connacht
Rev. Paul Walsh p. 124
The Headford Cairn, Co. Galway
Right Rev. Monsignor Hynes p. 144
Three Seventeenth Century Connacht Documents
Edited by Mícheál O Duígeannáin p. 147
County Mayo Finds
Rev. J. Jackson p. 162
Historical Account of the Wardens of Galway (cont.)
Edited by Rev. J. Rabbite, S.J. p. 165

1938 VOL. XVIII, Nos. i & ii
Barnabe Googe, Provost-Marshal of Connaught, 1582-1585.
M.D. O’Sullivan p.1
A Bronze Age Find from Oldtown, Kilcashel, Co. Roscommon
Seán P. O Ríordain p.40
The Early History of Guns in Ireland
G.A. Hayes-McCoy p. 43
The Galloglach Axe
Dr. Adolf Mahr p. 66
Note on the St. Nicholas MSS
M. D. O’Sullivan p. 69
Derryhivenny Castle, Co. Galway
Harold G. Leask p. 72
Historical Account of the Wardens of Galway (cont.)
Edited by Rev. J. Rabbitte, S.J. p. 77

No. ii
The Use of Leisure in Old Gaway
M.D. O’Sullivan p. 99
Two Bronze Age Burials at Carrowbeg North, Belclare, Co. Galway
G.F. Willmott
With Geological Note by C.D. Ovey and
Report on Human Remains by Professor Stephen Shea p. 141
On the Temporalitites of the Augustinian Abbey of St.Mary the Virgin, Cong, Co. Mayo
Mícheál O Duígeannáin p. 141
The Tumulus-Cemetery of Carrowjames, Co. Mayo
Joseph Raferty p. 157
Doorway and Window, St. Augustine Street, Galway
Harold G. Leask p. 169
Some Documents relating to Galway.
Edited by M.D. O’ Sullivan p. 170
A Letter from Roderic O’Flaherty to William Molyneux, 1697
Edied by Mícheál O Duígeannáin p. 183

1940-41 VOL. XIX, Nos. i, ii, iii & iv
Connacht in the Book of Rights.
Rev. Paul Walsh, M.A. p.1
The Tumulus Cemetery of Carrowjames, Co. Mayo
Joseph Raftery, M.A., D.Phil. p.16
The Ancient Law School of Park, Galway.
Thomas B. Costello, M.D., M.R.I.A. p.89
Reviews (Civil Survey, Vol. V, and Annals of Loch Ce)
Fr. Paul Walsh. P.101-104
The Augustinian Abbey of St. Mary the Virgin, Cong, CO. Mayo
H.G. Leask, M.R.I.A. p.107
The O’Maolconaire Family
Edited by Professor Edmund Curtis, Litt. D. p. 118
A Galway Freedom Box of 1771
G. Hayes-McCoy, M.A., Ph.D. p. 147
Galway Corporation MS. C. (concluded)
Edited by Rev. J. Rabbitte, S.J. p. 158

1943, VOL. XX, No. i
The Battle of Aughrim
G.A. Hayes Mc-Coy, M.A., Ph.D. P.1
A Bog Butter Vessel
Joseph Rafferty. P.31
The Tripartite Life of Patrick. Lost Fragment Discovered.
Kathleen Mulchrone, D. Phil., M.A. p.39
A Bronze Halbert.
Joseph Rafferty p. 54
The Eyre Documents in University College Galway

Marguerite Hayes-McCoy, M..A. Ph.D., LL.B p. 57
On a Food Vessel
Joseph Raftery. P. 75
The O’Maolconaire Family. A Note.
E. De Lacy Staunton p. 82
A Bronze Age Burial
Joseph Raftery p. 89

1943, VOL. XX, No. ii
The Irish Pike
G.A. Hayes Mc-Coy, M.A., Ph.D. P.99
The Tripartite Life of Patrick. Fragment of Stowe Copy Found
Professor Kathleen Mulchrone p.129
St. Raolinn of Teampall Raoileann
Very Rev. M. Connellan, P.P. p.145
The Eyre Documents in University College Galway (cont.)
Marguerite Hayes-McCoy, M..A. Ph.D., LL.B p. 151
A Sixteenth Century Irish Sword
G.A. Hayes Mc-Coy, M.A., Ph.D. P.180

1944-45 VOL XXI
The Spaniards and Kinsale, 1601. FREDERICK M. JONES, B.A. p.1
The Irish Pike. G. HAYES-McCOY, M.A., Ph.D. p.44
Note on an Inscribed Slab. PATRICK MORAN, M.A. p.51
St. Muadhnat of Kill Muadhnat. Very REV. M. CONNELLAN, P.P. p.56
The Chalices and Books of Kilconnell Abbey.
The Eyre Documents in University College Galway. MARGUERIE HAYES-McCOY, M.A. Ph.D., L.L.B. p.71
A Short Cist:: Stone Bracer :: Flint Arrowhead. THOMAS B. COSTELLO, M.D., M.R.I.A. p.96
A Lidded Flood Vessel. JOSEPH RAFFERTY p.100
Reviews p.103
Statement of Accounts etc. p.106

Contributions to the Study of Western Archaeology. JOSEPH RAFFERTY. P. 107
Irish Casualties at Cassano. REV BRENDAN JENNINGS, O.F.M. p.128
The Raising of the Connaught Rangers, 1793. G.A. HAYES-McCOY, M.A., Ph.D. p.133
The Wives of Ulick First Earl of Clanricarde. M.D. O’SULLIVAN, M.A., F.R.Hist.S. p.174
The Abbey of Kilconnell. REV. BRENDAN JENNINGS, O.F.M. p.184
Review p.190
Proceedings, Statement of Accounts. p. 195

1950-51 VOL XXIV
John Blake and a Projected Invasion of Galway in 1602
Frederick M. Jones p.1
The See of Tuaim in Rath Breasail Synod
Very Rev. M. J. Connellan, P.P. p.19
Note on the O’Malley Lordship
Sir Owen O’Malley p.27
Place Names from Galway Documents
T.S. Ó Máille p. 58 & p. 130
Summer Excursion, 1950 p.71
The Moylough (Co. Sligo) and other Irish Belt-Reliquaries
Michael Duignan p..83
The Town of Loughrea in 1791
Edited by Rev. Patrick K. Egan, C.C. pp.95-110
Horse-hair Fishing Lines
A. T. Lucas p.111
The National Monuments of County Galway
The Lord Killanin. P.115
Three Patritian Bishops and their Seats in Airteach
Very Rev. M.J. Connellan, P.P. p.125

1952 VOL XXV
Nos. I & II
Coquebert’s Impressions of Galway City and County in the year 1791
Síle Ní Chinnéide p.1
Recent Connacht fins
D.J. Hartnett p.15
Four County Galway Place Names
T.S. Ó Maille p.28
O’Malleys between 1651 and 1725
Sir Owen O’Malley p.32
A Cruciform Passage-Grave
Ruaidhrí De Valera & Seán Ó Nuallain p.47
Muircheartach Ó Domhnalláin
An t-Athair E. Mac Fhinn p.52

VOL XXV Nos. 3 & 4 1953-54
Bread and Circuses
Francis Killeen pp.67-77
When On Crauachain was Seandomnach MAighe Ai?
Rev. M.J. Connellan pp.78-80
County Galway Placenames
T.S. Ó Maille pp.81-85
Two Recent Bog finds pp.86-89
Ainmneacha na nDíoghaise I nÉirinn, 1716
An t-Athair E. Mac Fhinn pp. 90-91
Notes on some of the Antiquities of the Barony of Ballynahinch, Co. Galway
Lord Killanin pp.92-103
Progress and Suppression of the United Irishmen in the Western Counties in 1798-1799
Rev. Patrick K. Egan, C.C. pp. 104-134

The Battle of Aughrim: Two Danish Sources
John Jordan p.1
Representations of Ploughs on grave-slabs at Claregalway friary
Caoimhín O Danachair p.14
The Carmelite Cell of Bealaneny
Rev. Patrick K. Egan, C.C. p.19
‘Giant’s Grave,’ Knockshanbally, Co. Mayo
Etienne Rynne p.26
A stone celt from Ross Demesne, Co. Galway
Lord Killanin p.28
Clonfert Cathedral: a note
Michael Duignan p.29
A Galway Officer of the Spanish navy
Micheline Walsh p.30
Kilnamanagh: the lost church of Aran
Liam de Paor p. 53
‘Turincorragh,’ – a Bronze Age burial mound in Co. Mayo
Etienne Rynne p. 72
Semi-underground habitations
Caoimhín O Danachair p.75
Luke Wadding, 1588-1657: a tercentenary lecture
Síle Ní Chinnéide p.81
In Memoriam Thomas Bodkin Costello, 1864-1956 p.94

1955-56 VOL XXVII
The Annals of Connacht and the Abbey of Cong
Rev. Aubrey Gwynn, S.J. p.1
Five letters relating to Galway smuggling in 1737
Louis M. Cullen p. 10
Some COnnacht links with the ‘Popish Plot’
Rev. John Brady, C.C. p.26
Clonfert Museum and its collections
Rev. Patrick K. Egan, C.C. p. 33

1958-59 VOL. XXVIII
Three Galway Ships
G.A. Hayes McCoy pp. 1-4
A Franciscan Bishop of CLonfert
Rev. Aubrey Gwynn S.J. pp.5-11
Five County Galway PLacenames
T.S. Ó Maille pp. 12-17
Some COnnacht Links with the ‘Popish Plot’
Rev. John Brady, C.C. pp. 18-22
The Butlers of Grey
Sir Henry Butler BLackall pp. 23-41
The Franciscans in Co. Mayo
Fr. Canice Mooney pp.42-69

1960-61 VOL XXIX
Parts I & II
A Bronze Cauldron from Ballyedmond, Co. Galway (Preliminary note)
Etienne Rynne p.1
A Viking Burial in County Galway
Joseph Raferty p.4
The Friary of Ross: Foundation and Early Years

Fr. Canise Mooney p.7

The Galway Mace and Sword
G.A. Hayes-McCoy p.15

Parts III & IV
The Bull ‘Laudabiliter’ : A Problem in Mediecal ‘Diplomatique’ and History
Rev. Maurice P. Sheedy p.45
A Medieval Burial at ‘Slagfield’, near Moytura, County Sligo
Etienne Rynne p.71
A Long Stone Cist in Co. Roscommon
Joseph Raferty p.74
An O’Kelly Deed
Rev. Patrick K. Egan p.78
Some Megalithic and Other Sites in Counties Mayo and Sligo
Major R.B. Aldridge p. 83

1962-63 VOL XXX
Cist Burial at Corrower, Co. Mayo
Etienne Rynne p.1
A French Bishop of Annaghdown
Fr. Canice Mooney p.2
Balygeraghty and Castlecoote
Ven. Archdeacon M.J. Connellan, P.P. p.3
The Galway Smuggling Trade in the Seventeen-Thirties
Louis M. Cullen p.6
Colonel William Persse
Rev. J. Mitchell p.49
The County of the Town of Galway
Patrick J. Kennedy p.90

1964-65 VOL XXXI
A Seventeenth Century Coin-Find from Galway City
Michael DOlley p.5

The Parish of Athenry in 1434
Edited by Maurice P. Sheehy p.8
Megalithic and Other Sites in Counties Mayo and Galway
Major R.B. Aldridge p.11
Galway Classical School
Michael Quane p.16
John P; Holland and the Fenians
Richard Knowles Morris p.25
Galway Grammar School
Michael Quane p.39
Clanricarde and the Duke of Lorraine
Éamon P. Duffy p.71

1972-73 VOL XXXIII
An Archaeological Survey of Temple Brecan, Aran
John Waddell p.7
A List of Monasteries in Connacht, 1577
Keneth Nicholls p.28
The General Impact of the Encumbered Estates Act of 1849 on Counties Galway and Mayo
Padraig G. Lane p.44
The Rev. John Rooney
James Mitchell p.75
A Reputed Decree of Galway Corporation, 1518
James Mitchell p.78
Miscellanea p. 94
A Medieval Graveslab at Oranmore

1974-75 VOL XXXIV
The Bronze Age Burials from County Galway
John Waddell p.5
Gaelic Ireland, Popular Politics and Daniel O’Connell
Gearóid Ó Tuathaigh p.21
“The Cattle Drive of Tulira”
Chantal Deutsch-Brady p.35

Liberals, land and coercion in the Summer of 1880 : the influence of the Carraroe ejectments

Richard Hawkins p.40
Excavations of a Destroyed Wedge Tomb at Breeoge, Co. Sligo
Etienne Rynne & Martin A. Timoney p.88
Laurence Nihell, Bishop of Kilfenora and Kilmacduagh, 1726-1795
Rev. James Mitchell p.58
Eyrecourt Races in the County of Galway, 1748 N.W. English p.93
“Cloch an Loingsigh”, Renmore, Galway. James P. McDonogh p.94
Anach Cuain. Rev. Martin Coen p.95
Romanesque Heads in Teampaill Jarlath, Tuam. Jorgen Anderson p.98
Some Ancient Finds from Boherduff, CO. Galway. Etienne RYnne p.102
Obituary : Patrick Finn, 1898-1973 p.104

The Galway Archaeological and Historical Society
Christopher Townley p.5
‘Obstinate’ Skerrett, Missionary in Virginia, the West Indies and England
Francis X.Martin p.12
A Frenchman’s Tour of Connacht in 1791
Síle Ní Chinnéide p.52
The Royal Visitation of Clonfert and Kilmacduagh, 1615
Rev. P.K. Egan p.67
The Tholsel at Galway (1639-1822)
James Mitchell p.77
Kilcholan: An Early Ecclesiastical Site on Inishmore, Aran
John Waddell p.86
The Hillfort at Belmont in Co. Galway
Barry Raferty p.89
The ‘Ballintober Master’ and a date for the Clonfert Cathedral Chancel
Peter Harbison p.96
The Railway Question, 1902
Chanta Brady-Deutsch p.100
A Galway Election List of 1727
Raymond Hughes p.105
“The Patriot Priest of Partry” Patrick Lavelle: 1825-1886
Tomás Ó Fiaich p. 129
Sir William Gregory. M. Coen p.149
A Bronze Halberd from Lavally. M. Ryan p. 152
Galway Monetary Crisis c.1804. N.W. English p.154
Caher Kinmonwell. P.K. Egan p.154
G.A. Hayes-McCoy, An Appreciation. P. 157

1981-1982 VOL XXXVIII
Judge William Nicholas Keogh
Mary Naughten p.5
Mayor Lynch of Galway: A review of the tradition
James Mitchell p.31
The Impact of the Encumbered Estates Court upon the Landlords of Galway and Mayo
Padraig G. Lane p. 45
The Undoing of Citizen John Moore – President of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Connacht, 1798
Patrick M. Hogan p.59
Young Irelanders in Australia
Ross Patrick p.73
On the Viking-age Silver Hoards from Co. Galway
C. Stephen-Briggs p.79
Archaeological Excavation at the Cross of Cloonshanville, Co. Roscommon
David Sweetman p.83
A Wedge-Tomb and other Monuments near Lough Graney in N.E. Clare
Michael MacMahon p.88

1983-84 VOL XXXIX
Military and Civilian Swords from the River Corrib
Prof. Etienne Rynne p. 5
Fr. Peter Daly (c.1788-1868
Dr. James Mitchell p.27
The Siege and Surrender of Galway, 1651-1652
Mr. Eamon P. Duffy p.115
The late Mr. Eamon P. Duffy p. 143

1985-86 VOL XXXX (40)
Galway in the Jacobite War
Sheila Mulloy p.1
Fiction and ‘The Empty Frame’: Gyor and Galway
James Mitchell p.20
The origins and development of boycotting
Gerard Moran p.49
The pursuit of William Mangan, United Irish Captain: an historical footnote
Patrick Hogan p.65
The foundation of the Augustinian friary at Galway: a review of the sources
Paul Walsh p. 72
Antiquities from COnnacht in the Ulster Museum
Winifred Glover p.81
Some 13th century castle sites in the west of Ireland: note on a preliminary reconnaissance
C.J. Lynn p.90
Archaeological excavations at Ballymote Castle, Co. Sligo
P.D. Sweetman p.114
A fourth high cross at Tuam
Etienne Rynne p. 125
Knocknagur, Turoe and local enquiry
John Waddell p.130
An unrecorded wedge-tomb at Scrahallia, Cashel, Connemara, Co. Galway
Gabriel Cooney p. 134

1991, VOL. 43
Excavations at Athenry Castle, CO. Galway. Cliona Papazian p.1
The Ordination in Ireland of Jansenist Clergy from Utrecht, 1715-16: The Role of Fr. Paul Kenny, ODC, of Co. Galway. James Mitchell, p. 46
Temperance and Politics in Pre-famine Galway. Colm Kerrigan, p.82
Purchasers of Land in Counties Galway and Mayo in the Encumbered Estate Courts, 1849-1958. Padraig G. Lane, p.95
John Yates, A Traveller in Connemara, 1875. John Dunleavy, p.128
Municipal Dignity? : A Controversy in Galway, 1898. Michael Ryan, p. 139
Oysters and Antiquities: A Bibliographical Note on E.W.L. Holt. Timothy Collins, p.158
1. A Small 13th Century Coin Hoard from Dunmore, Co. Galway p.167
2. A Kufic Coin Fragment from Carrowreilly, CO. Sligo: Michael Kenny, p. 170
Illustrations of the Holy Trinity in Galway City: Paul Walsh, p.173
Westport Customs and Excise, 1837-1881: Aideen Ireland, p. 175
An Ancient Site at Raha?: Alf and Fionnuala Mac Lochlainn p. 176

1992, VOL. 44
Remembering Columbus. Nicholas Canny p.1
Dún Aonghasa. Harry Long, p.11
Prehistoric Life in Co. Galway: A Distributional Analysis
Mary Henry, p.29
An Account of the town of Galway. Paul Walsh p.47
Aspects of Galway Postal History, 1638-1984
Jimmy O’Connor p.119
Excavations at Rosshill Abbey, County Galway
Miriam Clyne, p.195
An Early Christian Cross-Slab from Roscam, Co. Galway
Jim Higgins p.209

1993 VOL 45
The Medieval Merchant’s Mark and its Survival in Galway
Paul Walsh p.1
Music in Saint Nicholas’ Collegiate Church Galway
M. K. Ó Murchadha p.29
Inter-denominational Relations in Connacht in the eighteenth century
John Solan p. 44
Some Galway and Mayo Landlords of the mid-nineteenth century
Pádraig G. Lane p.70
D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson: Classical Scholar and Fenian Sympathiser
Timothy P. Foley p.90
Praeger in the West : Naturalists and Antiquarians in Connemara and the Islands 1894-1914
Timothy Collins p. 124
Galway Postal History: S.D. Challis p. 155
A Hilltop Cairn on Benlevy, near CLonbur, CO. Galway: Maire Lohan p. 157
A Baselard-Knife from Annaghkeen: Peadar O’Dowd p. 161
Lost Late medieval Woodwork from Prior Lane, Galway. Jim Higgins p.162
Tribute to the late Martin Joyce and John Monahan p. 165