The Archaeological and Historical Society, Co. Kildare

JCKAS Vol. I, No. 1 (1891)

anonymous:- The Seal of the Co. Kildare Archaeological Society [note], pp.38-39.
de Burgh, Maurice T.:- St. David’s Church, Naas, pp.9-12.
FitzGerald, Lord Walter:- Ashe of Moone [query], p.41.
FitzGerald, Lord Walter:- Graney [query], p.42.
FitzGerald, Lord Walter:- The bell of Castledermot [query], p.40.
FitzGerald, Lord Walter:- The Breedoge [query], p.40.
FitzGerald, Lord Walter:- The Kildare Militia [note], pp.43-44.
FitzGerald, Lord Walter:- The Kildare Militia Colours [note], p.43.
Mayo, Earl of:- Kilteel Castle, pp.34-37.
Mayo, Earl of:- Lattin Alms-house, Naas [note], p.38.
Murphy, Denis:- Castlesize [answer to query],p. 42.
Murphy, Denis:- Hibernis ipsis Hiberniores [query], p.44.
Murphy, Denis:- Killashee Church, pp.13-18.
Murphy, Denis:- The Book of Kildare [query, and answer to query), p.41.
Shercock, W.:- Roadside Crosses [at Clane and Little Rath] [note], p.40.
Sherlock, W.:- Notes antiquarian and historical on the Parish of Clane, pp.25-33.
Vicars, Arthur:- Bibliography of the County Kildare [query], p.43.
Vicars, Arthur:- Curious Latin expression in a manuscript [query], p.42.
Vicars, Arthur:- Jigginstown Castle, p.19-24, corrections p408, II 64-5. CHECK THIS ONE!!
Vicars, Arthur:- Kildare “Ex Libris” [query, and answer to query], pp.40-41.

JCKAS Vol. I, No. 2 (1892)
Carroll, J.:- Remains in Athy and Neighbourhood, pp.102-112.
Comerford, M.:- “The Ford of Ae”: some historical notes on the town of Athy, pp.57-70, correction p.408.
Comerford, M.:- Description of a coin found at Nurney, Co. Kildare [note], pp.141-142.
Cooke-Trench, Thomas & FitzGerald, Lord Walter:- Ashe of Moone [answer to query], p.150
FitzGerald, Lord Walter & Murphy, Denis:- The Breedoge [answer to query], pp.151-152.
FitzGerald, Lord Walter:- Beerdy’s Castle, Co. Kildare[query], p.148.
FitzGerald, Lord Walter:- Extract from the Book of General Orders [note], 1654-5, p.147
FitzGerald, Lord Walter:- Stone effigies in the County [note and query], pp.148-149, correction p.344.
FitzGerald, Lord Walter:- The Chair of Kildare[query], p.148.
FitzGerald, Lord Walter:- The Killashee Caves [note], p.146.
FitzGerald, Lord Walter-: The round towers of the Co. Kildare: their origin and use, pp.71-94.
FitzGerald, Lord Walter:- The Walsh tomb, Kildare Cathedral [note], pp.144-146.
Hannon, T.J.:- St. John’s Friary, Athy, pp.113-114.
Hartshorne, Albert:- Notes on a recumbent monumental effigy in the churchyard of
Mayo, Earl of:- Palmerstown, Co. Kildare [note], pp.142-144.
Mayo, Earl of:- The Boyne [note], p.144.
Murphy, Denis:- Castlesize (continued), p.151.
Murphy, Denis:- The Eustaces of Co. Kildare, pp.115-130, correction p.408.
Timolin, County Kildare, pp.131-134.
Vinycomb, John:- On the art-treatment of the heraldic motto-escroll, pp.135-140.
Weldon, A.A.:- A slight sketch of Grangemellon and the story of St. Leger’s Castle, pp.95-101.

JCKAS Vol. I, No. 3 (1893)
Carroll, F.M.: Report of the committee on the restoration of the cross at Moone,
century, at St. Werburgh’s Church, Dublin [note], 202-204.
de Burgh, Thomas J.: Ancient Naas (Parts I. and II.), 184-201, corrections 408.
FitzGerald, Lord Walter: A FitzGerald Altar-Tomb belonging to the fifteenth
FitzGerald, Lord Walter: A mural tablet of the 17th century, Timolin [note], 205
FitzGerald, Lord Walter: McCabe’s Tree [query], 208.
FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Origin of the Bodkin family, Co. Galway [note], 204-205.
FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Sculptured Celtic High Crosses in the County [note], 205
FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Stone effigies in the county [note], 207.
FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The ancient territories out of which the present Co.
FitzGerald, Lord Walter: The Archbold altar-tomb, Moone Abbey [note], 206.
FitzGerald, Lord Walter: Wayside cross at Johnstown village, Barony of Carbury [note], 207.
FitzGerald, Lord Walter?: (query re the meaning of Hazelhatch), 208.
Kildare was formed, and their septs, 159-168, correction 344.
Murphy, Denis: “St. Brigid of Kildare”, 169-176.
Vinycomb, John: The heraldry of old signs: inns, hostelries, places of business and public resort, 177-183.

JCKAS Vol. I, No. 4 (1894)
de Burgh, Thomas J.:- Ancient Naas (Parts III. and IV.), pp.265-280.
FitzGerald, Lord Walter:- The FitzGeralds of Lackagh, pp.245-264.
Leinster, Duke of:- Maynooth Castle, pp.223-239.
Trench, Thomas Cooke:- Notes on Irish ribbon work in ornamentation, pp.240-244.

JCKAS Vol. I, No. 5 (1894)
Carroll, F.M.:- Some notes on the abbey and cross of Moone, and other places in the Valley of the Griese, pp. 286-294, corrections p.408.
Clements, Henry J.B.:- Alen of St. Wolstan’s [note], pp.340-341.
de Burgh, Thomas J.:-Ancient Naas (Part V.), pp.318-336.
Devitt, Mathew:- The grave of Buan, near Clane, pp.310-317.
FitzGerald, Lord Walter:- (query re the identification of two hills, called “Eire and Alba in Offelan,”), p.343.
FitzGerald, Lord Walter:- An undeciphered portion of a 16th-century inscription from near Athy [note], p.337.
FitzGerald, Lord Walter:- Gerald, 9th Earl of Kildare’s escape while riding from Dublin near Maynooth [note], pp.337-338.
FitzGerald, Lord Walter:- Gerald, the 9th Earl’s harpers [note], p.338.
FitzGerald, Lord Walter:- Stone effigies in the County [addendum], p.343.
FitzGerald, Lord Walter:- Who was the wife of William Pilsworth, Bishop of Kildare [query], p.342.
Hendrick-Aylmer, Hans:- The Aylmer family, pp.295-307.
Mayo, Earl of:- Thomas Hibernicus, who flourished in A.D. 1269, in the reign of Henry III, pp.308-309.
Sherlock, W.:- Reply to query [Hazelhatch], p.344.
Stokes, Margaret:- Celtic crosses at Castledermot, p.281-285.

JCKAS Vol. I, No. 6 (1895)
Comerford, Most Rev. Dr.:- Castledermot, its history and antiquities, pp.361-378, corrections Vol.II p.65, p.216.
FitzGerald, Lord Walter:- A rare edition of Lodge’s Peerage of Ireland, pp.403-404.
FitzGerald, Lord Walter:- Mullaghmast, its history and traditions, pp.379-390, correction Vol. II p.216.
FitzGerald, Lord Walter:- Pagan sepulchral monuments—(1) moats, (2) long stones [note and query], p.405.
FitzGerald, Lord Walter:- Replies to queries [McCabe’s Tree], p.407.
FitzGerald, Lord Walter:- The Aylmers of Lyons and Donadea [query], p.406.
FitzGerald, Lord Walter:- Who was the Dean of Kildare in 1535 [query], p.407.
Vigors, P.D.:- Outline sketch of crannogs, with some notes on a crannog recently discovered in Co. Kildare, pp.391-402.

To be continued…