Armagh Muster Rolls, 1630

This index has been created from an article published in Seanchas Ardmhaca in 1970. Vol. 5, No. 2: Author: T.G.F. Paterson. You are advised to read through any grouping for the letter beginning with any surname you are interested in (at least) as there are phonetic variations on surnames in these tables.

Thomas Warriner
William Wat
Charles Watkin x 2
Francis Watkin
Godfrey Watkin
William Watnall
Thomas Weasworth
Francis Weldon
Peter Welsh
Thos. Whitakers
James White
Peter White
Robert White
Gyles Whithead
Joseph Whitman
John Whittington x 2
Edward Whittinham
John Wilkin
Henry Wilkinson
John Wilkinson
Nicholas Wilkinson
Robert Wilkinson , younger
Robert Wilkinson
Roger Wilkinsonne
Andrew Williams
David Williams
George Williams
Richard Boyes
Adam Boylye or Baytye
Thomas Bradley
James Brambey
George Branston
Robert Branston
William Bride
Richard Bridges
Robert Bridges
George Bridges (Brigges)
George Bridges or Brigges
Thomas Bridome
George Brigges or Bridges
Matthew Broadhead
Humphrey Bronchas or Brouchas
George Brookes
William Brookes
Edward Brookes
William Brookes
Edmond Brookes
Humphrey Brouchas or Bronchas
George Brown , younger
John Brown
George Browne
Nathaniell browne
Alexander Browne x 2
John Browne
Richard browne
Robert Browne
Martin Browne
George Brunt
Ralph Buckle
Richard Buggie
Richard Burcot
Thomas Burden
John Burdet
William Burnham
Arthur Burt
Thomas Butler
Thomas Butler or Butter x 2
Richard Butler or Butter x 2
John Darbishere
Laurence Darbishere
Thomas Darbishere
William Daris
George Daskins
William Davis
Henry Davison
John Davison
John Dawkins
Edward Dawson
John Dawson
Robert Dawson
John Deanes x 2
Thomas Denis
Henry Dickinson
Anthony Dillon
Charles Dillon
Erasmus Dillon
Nathaniel Dillon
Denis Ding
Jacob Dobson
William Dod
William Donne x 2
John Dow
Henry Dowe
Mongo Dowe
William Dower
William Dowgles
Henry Draper
Wm. Dubebin
Henry Duffeild
Mathew Duke
Alexander Dunkan
John Dunkin
Richard Dutton
Symond Gower
Henry Grace
Francis Graham x 2
John Graham
Wm. Graham
Patrick Granton
John Graunt
Robert Graves
William Graves , younger
John Gray
Godfrey Greeire x 2
Michael Greene
Thomas Greene
Gilbert Greere
James Greere x 2
John Greere
William Greere
John Gregg
Edward Gregg
Nicholas Gregg
Godfrey Grere
John Grere
John Grimton
Anthony Grindall
Francis Grindall
Robert Grindall
Thomas Grindall
William Grindell
James Grossen
John Grundall
John Gryndall
James Gyld
Lancelot Hodgson
William Holliday
John Hollinwood
Henry Hollinwort
Thomas Hoocker
William Hopkins
William Horner
David Houston
James How
Ralph How
John Howy
Robert Howy
William Howy
Robert Huckerby
Henry Humphreyes
Richard Humphreyes
George Hunkinson
Arthur Hunt
Henry Hunt x 2
Henry Hunter , younger
Henry Hunter x 2
Robert Hunter , younger
William Hunter
Andrew Hutchison
William Hynde or Lynde
David Leach
Nathaniell Leach
William Leach
William Leadley
Francis Lealand
Thomas Lealand
Humphrey Lee
Thomas Leech
Vincen Leigh
John Leurock
Randall Lilly
George Littlefeild
Richard Lock x 2
John Lockmer
George Loe
Nathaniell Lord
Thomas Lougby
John Low
William Lynde or Hynde
George Morris x 2
Robert Morris x 2
Symond Mortimer
Phillip Morton
John Mortrom
William Mountgomery
John Murman
David Murrey
William Murrey
Melchesedeck Murteant
Thomas Nail
Robert Neal
Alexander Nesser
Henry Newberry
Pseral (Percival) Newberry
Ralph Newberry
Richard Newberry
Samuell Newberry
John Newman x 2
Robert Nicholson
Thomas Nicholson
William Nicholson
Andrew Nixon
John Nixon
Quinton Nixon
William Nixon
James Norton
Thomas Norwick
Bryan Oathes
Thomas Odomer
David Ould
Wm. Richardson
James Richy
Patrick Richy
John Ridgedale
Peter Ridly
William Rigs
Thomas Rixon
James Roane
Barnard Roberts
John Roberts
Richard Roberts x 2
Thomas Roberts
Richard Roberts
Henry Robins
Thomas Robins
John Robinson
John Robinson
Nathaniell Robinson
Richard Robinson x 2
Richard Robinson
Francis Robson
John Robson
David Roe
James Roe
Robert Roe
George Rogers
John Rogers
Alexander Ross
Edward Russell
John Russell x 2
John Russell
Jefferey Rutledg
Abraham Starr
Charles States or Stakes or Stales
John Steavenson
Robert Steavenson
Thomas Steavenson
Robert Steavensonne
William Steele
James Steward
John Steward
James Stewart
George Stockdal
William Stocker
Tryrinon Stockwood
John Stone
Nathaniell Stones
Robert Stones
Thomas Stoodman
William Story
Richard Stubs
Robert Sturgion
Richard Sudwick
Hugh Sutton
Leonard Swift
John Symond
Christopher Symons
Edward Symons
George Symson
John Williams x 2
Morrice Williams
Nathaniell Williams
Nicholas Williams
Robert Williams
Thomas Williams
William Williams
Roger Williamson
Christopher Wilson
Francis Wilson
James Wilson
John Wilson
Leonard Wilson
Thomas Wilson x 2
William Wilson
George Win
John Winter
Humphrey Wisedome
Robert Wood
George Woodier
Humphrey Woods
Nicholas Woods
John Woodward
Thomas Woodward
Robert Woorkman
Thomas Workman
John Woulds
Thomas Wrag
Nicholas Wray x 2
Richard Wrench
John Wright
Thomas Wright
John Wright
Andrew Wylly
Thomas Wynter
Thomas Yates
John Youghell
Norman Youghell
Adam Young
Archiball Young