Armagh Muster Rolls, 1630

This index has been created from an article published in Seanchas Ardmhaca in 1970. Vol. 5, No. 2: Author: T.G.F. Paterson. You are advised to read through any grouping for the letter beginning with any surname you are interested in (at least) as there are phonetic variations on surnames in these tables.

Thomas Steavenson
Robert Steavensonne
William Steele
James Steward
John Steward
James Stewart
George Stockdal
William Stocker
Tryrinon Stockwood
John Stone
Nathaniell Stones
Robert Stones
Thomas Stoodman
William Story
Richard Stubs
Robert Sturgion
Richard Sudwick
Hugh Sutton
Leonard Swift
John Symond
Christopher Symons
Edward Symons
George Symson
John Williams x 2
Morrice Williams
Nathaniell Williams
Nicholas Williams
Robert Williams
Thomas Williams
William Williams
Roger Williamson
Christopher Wilson
Francis Wilson
James Wilson
John Wilson
Leonard Wilson
Thomas Wilson x 2
William Wilson
George Win
John Winter
Humphrey Wisedome
Robert Wood
George Woodier
Humphrey Woods
Nicholas Woods
John Woodward
Thomas Woodward
Robert Woorkman
Thomas Workman
John Woulds
Thomas Wrag
Nicholas Wray x 2
Richard Wrench
John Wright
Thomas Wright
John Wright
Andrew Wylly
Thomas Wynter
Thomas Yates
John Youghell
Norman Youghell
Adam Young
Archiball Young