Armagh Muster Rolls, 1630

This index has been created from an article published in Seanchas Ardmhaca in 1970. Vol. 5, No. 2: Author: T.G.F. Paterson. You are advised to read through any grouping for the letter beginning with any surname you are interested in (at least) as there are phonetic variations on surnames in these tables.

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William Carlell
Francis Carrudas
John Carruddas
Robert Carruddas
William Carruddas
John Carter
Symond Carthers
Phillip cassment
John Caudras or Candras
Thos. Chamberlain
James Chambers
Richard Chandler
James Chappell
Richard Chappell
Robert Christal
Andrew Clarke
John Clarke
Nicholas Clarke
Richard Clarke
Symond Clarke
Symond Clarke
Thomas Clarke
William Clarke x 2
Wm. Clarke , younger
William Clay
Ralph Clayton
Edward Eaton
John Edmond
Robert Ekey
John Elcock , younger
John Elcock
Richard Elcock
Symond Ellet
Archball Ellot
Archibald Ellot
Robert Ellot x 2
William Ellot x 2
Thomas Enman
Richard Esson
David Ethington
Richard Famell
Richard Farbee
William Fargeher
John Fargisonne
Robert Fargisonne
William Farris
Francis Feeble
Edward Fenton
Hugh Fews
Fargus Flack
John Fleck
John Flewry
John Florry
Thomas Florry
Zarachy Forster
Robert Fosar
Robert Foster
Thomas Foster
Richard Francis
Robert Hail
John Hall
Richard Hall
Robert Hall x 2
Thomas Hall
Thomas Hall
John Hall
Henry Hallaway
John Halliwood
Thomas Hallwood
John Halnes
Alexander Hammelton
John Hammelton
Robert Hammelton
Henry Hampton
Joseph Hanley
James Harison
John Harknes
Peter Harland
John Harris
Thomas Harris x 2
Gilbert Harrison
John Harrison , younger
Robert Harrison
William Harrison
James Impson
Robert Indledene
Christopher Irwin x 2
John Irwin , younger
John Irwin x 2
William Irwin x 4
Thomas Jack
Gregory Jackson
John Jackson
Ralph Jackson x 2
Robert Jackson
Stephen jackson
Thomas jeffery
Richard Jeffes
Thomas Jeffs x 2