Armagh Muster Rolls, 1630

This index has been created from an article published in Seanchas Ardmhaca in 1970. Vol. 5, No. 2: Author: T.G.F. Paterson. You are advised to read through any grouping for the letter beginning with any surname you are interested in (at least) as there are phonetic variations on surnames in these tables.

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Wm. Jennings , younger
Edward Jervis
Roger Joanes
Edward Johnston
Francis Johnston
John Johnston x 5
Charles Maccum
John Mackney
Richard Mantle
John Manton
Thomas Manton
Henry Markham
Thomas Markham
William Marriot
John Martin
Mathew Martin
Thomas Martin
Thomas Masson
Robert Massy
John Massy x 2
Michaell Mastowne
Donnell matchet
William Matle
John Maure
Richard Maure
William Maxwell
Edward May
James Mcbeake
Gilbert McCanny
Donnell McCartney
Robert McCarton or McEarton
Alexander McClose
William McCubby
Peter McCulaph
John McDowall
John McEvan
John McGahan
John Pagan
Alexander Pagget
Ezekiel Palmer
John Palmer
William Palmer
Richard Pare
John Park
Robert Parker x 2
Thomas Parker x 2
William Parker x 2
Richard Parr
Anthony Part
Richard Partage
Robert Patterson
John Pattison
John Payne
Robert Payne
Richard Peacock
Richard Peacok
Lancelot Pearson
Leonard Pearson
Richard Pearson
William Pearson
Wm. Perkin
William Pert
Andrew Pett
Thomas Phillips
John Phillis
Thomas Phillis
John Pike
Henry Pilkinton
Francis Sams
Francis Satcheverall
Henry Satcheverall
Wm. Satcheverall
John Satlerton
James Scot x 2
John Scot
Ralph Scot
Walter Scot x 3
Alexander Scott
Walter Scull
Peter Seckly
Christopher Seggs
George Segs
Edward Shadwell
Edward Sharp
John Shaw
William Shawe
James Sheall
Robert Shearly
George Sheat
Henry Sheath
William Shelton
John Sherley
Samuell Sherlock
Francis Sherly
John Sherwood
James Simmes
George Singleton
Edward Tacy
William Taft
George Tate
Thomas Tattayne
Edward Taylor
George Taylor
John Taylor x 2
Richard Taylor
William Taylor
John Taylor
Thomas Tedder
George Teddy
Alexander Thompson
James Thompson
John Thompson x 2
Robert Thompson
Thomas Thompson
William Thompson
David Thomson
Robert Thomson
Robert Thomson
William Throne
Anthony Tinkeler
William Tomlinson
Thomas Tornetton
John Towell
William Trewman
Alexander Trotter
John Trumble x 2
Peter Trumble
Thomas Trumble
Edward Trundall
Richard Tuly
Adam Turner
Robert Turner
William Turner
Martin Twilly
Thomas Twilly
Henry Tyllyfley
Robert Tynsly
Ralph Tyrell
William Barnes
John Barnes
Richard Barnet
Abell Barnett
Thomas Barrowes
John Batty
Joseph Baylif
Thomas Bayly
William Beare
James Bedlock , younger
James Bedlock
John Beke
William Bell
George Bell x 3
Andrew Bell
Tymothy Bennet
William Berry
Sammuell Betts
Henry Bibyes
Roger Birchall
Mungo Birres
Christopher Black
Edward Black
William Black
Thomas Black
Thomas Black
Matthew Black
Gyles Blacklock
Thomas Blackwood
Wm. Blakeborne
Gyles Blakelock
Richard Blundell
Robert Bonner
William Bonner
Edward Boone
Steaphen Booth
Thomas Borrowes
John Boware
Phillip Box
Edward Box
John Boy
James Boy x 2
George Clerke
Thomas Coe
John Cole
Richard Collins
Thomas Connerly
Richard Cooke
Nicholas Cooke
Edward Cooper
John Cooper
William Cooper , younger
William Cooper
George Copeland
William Copeland x 2
Thomas Corbit
John Corsby or Crosley
Henry Corvinn
Archiball Cothers
Thomas Cotle
Robert Covert