Armagh : Poor Law Union Townlands

Civil Registration Districts (Poor Law Unions)

Armagh Poor Law Unions = Civil Registration Districts (after civil registration was introduced)

  1. Armagh
  2. Banbridge
  3. Castleblayney
  4. Dundalk
  5. Lurgan
  6. Newry

Townlands in each Poor Law Union (Civil Registration District) as per townlands listed in 1851 census of Ireland.  The web page to which you are being directed below is hosted by the Leitrim Roscommon Genealogy web site.  The book from which the list of placenames was created was based on the townlands listed in the Irish 1851 census and a man who we all knew as John Broderick a.k.a. Sean Ruad (R.I.P.) was responsible for having the whole book typed up by helpful individuals over a number of years.  This book the ‘General Alphabetical Index to the Townlands and Towns, Parishes & Baronies of Ireland’, which was printed by Alexander Thom & Co. of Dublin, gives you the size of a townland, the barony that the townland was in, the name of the civil parish, and the name of the Poor Law Union.  The names of some of these townlands have changed or may be known under a different spelling locally.  Some errors were noted in the Co. Laois placenames and this may have occurred with other placenames as the book was typed up.

Poor Law Unions (Civil Registration Districts) spread through more than one county at times e.g. in this list we have Dundalk and the town of Dundalk is actually in Co. Louth.  Anyone born, married or died in one of the townlands of the Dundalk Poor Law Union/Civil Registration District will be registered under Dundalk Poor Law Union or Civil Registration District and not as part of Co. Armagh.

Armagh Poor Law Union

Banbridge Poor Law Union

Castleblayney Poor Law Union

Dundalk Poor Law Union

Lurgan Poor Law Union

Newry Poor Law Union