St. Bairy’s, Kilberry Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Kildare

The following St. Bairy’s, Kilberry gravestone transcriptions were compiled by the Athy Cemeteries Committee and given to From-Ireland, with permission to publish, by Michael Donovan, secretary of the Athy Cemeteries Committee.

Elizabeth (Eileen) Murphy 1142 Kilberry Who Died 28/9/2001 Aged 76 Years. Her Husband Valentine (Val) Murphy Who Died 14/5/2002 Aged 80 Years.

Jason Dooley Kilberry 8/7/1986 – 30/1/2002

Stephen Lawler O Leary Kilberry Who Died 20/5/2003 Aged 12 Years

Noel Lawler Who Died 16/6/2011

The Eustace Children

John Hamilton Kilberry Who Died 19/8/1978 Aged 71 Years

John Cahan Kilberry Who Died 16/4/1953 Aged 89 Years. His Wife Mary Cahan Who Died 24/9/1949 Aged 89 Years. His Son Michael Cahan Who Died 17/2/1933 Aged 42 Years. His Daughter Margaret Cahan Who Died 15/1/1932 Aged 32 Years. Lena Cahan Who Died 3/6/1965 Aged 60 Years. Brigid Cahan Who Died 19/5/1974 Aged 70 Years. Their Grandson John Moran, Cloney, Who Died 16/3/1941 Aged 3 1/2 Years. Doreen Cahan Who Died 15/2/1980 Aged 85 Years. John Cahan Who Died 7/6/1991 Aged 87 Years.

Michael Renehan Kilberry Who Died 23/5/1972 Aged 57 Years.

Katie Gratten Who Died 30/7/1938 Aged 39 years. Interred In Ballybracken. Her Husband Peter Gratten Who Died 27/3/1965 Aged 69 Years.

Andrew (Gags) Owens Who Died 27/8/2002 Aged 86 Years.

John (Jackie) Johnson Who Died 6/6/1972 Aged 56 Years. His Wife Elizabeth (Lizzie) Johnson Who Died 11/9/1994 Aged 73 Years. Their Twin Sons Patrick & Thomas Johnson Who Died In Infancy 2/1943. Baby Elizabeth Johnson Who Died 1960.

Vincent Johnson Kilberry Who Died 14/7/1997 Aged 22 Years. His Father Eamonn Johnson Who Died 4/1/2012 Aged 60 Years.

Patrick Owens Born 10/12/1953 Died 18/3/1954. Catherine Owens Who Died In Infancy 1978.

Elizabeth Mary O Neill Died In Infancy 1979.

This Stone Is Erected To The Memory Of Christopher Richard Herndy (sic) Johnson By His Affectionate Father Col. Johnson Of Salisbury. He Pleased God To Call Him From This To Above World On The 6th Sep 18… In The ….. Of His Age. He Was Adored And Beloved By All R.I.P. Underneath Are Deposited The Remains Of William Johnson Who Departed This Life On The …. Of March 18… Aged 11 Days.

Denis Lawler Who Died 30/4/1965 Aged 82 Years. His Son Andrew Lawler Who Died 3/4/1943 Aged 22 Years. Also His 3 Grandchildren.

Molly Timpson 1139 Kilberry Who Died 19/7/1981 Aged 62 Years. Her Husband Jack Timpson Who Died 10/12/1986 Aged 76 Years. Their Son James Timpson, St. Evan’s Park Monasterevin, Who Died 26/4/2005 Aged 54 years.

John Jamie Timpson Who Died In Infancy.

Paddy Lawler Who Died 27/8/1992 Aged 63 Years.

Erected By John Nowlan Of Newtownbert in Memory Of His Beloved Father Patrick Nowlan Who Died February 1845 Aged 60 Years. Also His Son Patrick Who Died August 7th 1857 Aged 7 Yrs. Also His Son Michael Who Died July 20th 1868 Aged 4 Yrs.

Patrick Moran Kilberry Who Died 1/6/1994 Aged 64 Years.

Annie Josephine Moran Who Died 4/11/1992 Aged 87 Years And her Husband James Moran Who Died 26/4/2002 Aged 94 Years.

Patrick Moran Kilberry Who Died 19/12/1953. His Grandsons Paul Moran Who Died 3/1/1988 Aged 55 Years & Michael Moran Who Died 17/5/1996 Aged 50 Years.

Paul James Moran Who Died 3/1/1988

Erected By Annie Kelly In Memory Of Her Husband Daniel Kelly Who Died 30/11/1913 Aged 31 Years.

Erected By Patrick Kelly Of Cloney In Memory of His Father Who Died March 16 1833 Aged 50 Years. Also His Mother Who Died August 16th 1838 Aged 97 Years. Also His Brother Who Died February 14th 1848 Aged 41 Years. Also His Sister Who Died February 18th 1847 Aged 55 Years. Also His Nephew Who Died March 13 1835 Aged 21 Years. Also His Niece Who Died June 11th 1836 Aged 9 Years. Esther Kelly Died 26th 1958 Aged 61 Years. Thomas Kelly Died March 1959 Aged 58 Years. Matthew Kelly Died September 1968.

Erected By Patrick Kelly Of Cloney And Kill Monasterevin Who Died 31/5/1967 Aged 70 Years In Memory Of His Father Michael Kelly Who Died 1/5/1901 Aged 57 Years. His Mother Margaret Kelly Who Died 6/5/1909 Aged 44 Years. His Brother Michael Kelly Who Died 3/8/1933 Aged 32 Years. His Wife Mary (Molly) Kelly Who Died 21/4/1990 Aged 88 Years.

Geraldine Cole Who Died 13/10/1991 Aged 44 Years.

Patrick (Sonny) Fitzpatrick Kilberry Who Died 28/10/1950 Aged 24 1/2 Years. His Parents Patrick & Kathleen Fitzpatrick.

Erected By Kate Harty In Memory Of Her Father & Mother Bryan & Mary. Also Grandfather & Grandmother. Also Her Beloved Brother Patrick Who Died 27/3/1892 Aged 30 Years.

Harry Chatfield Age 92 Years. His Wife Catherine Chatfield From Kilberry. Their Grandaughter Kathleen Chatfield Aged 13 Years. Erected By Their Fond Daughter Kathleen Fitzpatrick.

Hugh Owens Kilberry 1919-1994

Thomas Owens Kilberry Who Died 1/1930 Aged 68 Years. His Daughters Elizabeth Owens Who Died Aged 10 Years. Kitty Connelly Who Died 6/1954 Aged 51 Years. His Wife Katie Owens Who Died 20/3/1965 Aged 87 Years. His Brother In Law John Lawlor Who Died 2/1951 Aged 75 Years. His Son Michael Owens Who Died 7/9/1983 Aged 60 Years. His Daughter Peggy Owens Who Died 12/3/1989 Aged 82 Years.

James Fitzpatrick Kilberry Who Died 20/4/1926 Aged 67 Years. His Wife Mary Fitzpatrick Who Died 19/5/1943 Aged 75 Years. Their Sons Patrick Fitzpatrick Who Died 8/8/1970 Aged 63 Years. John Fitzpatrick 5/2/1990 Aged 80 Years. His Wife Margaret Fitzpatrick Who Died 28/5/2000 Aged 78 Years.

Bernard Kane Kilberry Who Died 17/9/1960 And His Wife Catherine Kane Who Died 24/5/1942.


Here Lyeth Y Body Of Laughlen Ferrall Of Lanesborough Who Departed This Life Ye 7th Of March Anno Dom: 1731 And In Ye 33d Year Of His Age.

Patrick Smyth Gallows Hill Athy Who Died 27/7/1904 Aged 72 Years. His Children John & Joseph Smyth Who Died In Childhood. His Wife Catherine Smyth Who Died 27/11/1935 Aged 75 Years.

Erected By Anne Osborne Of Gallow’s Hill Athy In Memory Of Her Beloved Husband Thomas Osborne Who Departed This Life On The 16th May 1841 Aged 76 Years. Also His Daughter Bridget Osbourne Who Died Young.

Erected By Thomas Smyth 2&3 Kings Inn Dublin In Memory Of His Beloved Father & Mother Patrick & Mary Smyth. Also His Brother William Who Died Young A.D. 1884 Also His Sister Mrs Anne Archbold Who Died Jany 30 1887. Thomas Osbourne Died February 1874 Aged 70 Years. Michael Osbourne Died October 1889 Aged 70 Years.

In Affectionate Remembrance Of Thomas Smyth 2&3 King’s Inn Dublin Who Died 2nd August 1888 Aged 57 Years And Who Remains Are Interred Here. Also His Wife Ellen Whose Remains Are Interred In Glasnevin Cemetery.

Sacred To The Memory Of Hugh Osbourne Galowshill Athy Who Departed This Life A.D. 1847 Aged 50 Years. And Also His Wife Mary Who Died A.D. 1852 Aged 43 Years And One Of Their Children. This Stone Was Erected By Their Son Chas Osbourne Of New York.

Here lieth The body Of Hugh Osbyrne Who Left This Life In ……. 1781 Aged 59 Years. This Stone Erected By Son Char: Osbyrne.

Minnie & Theresa O Keeffe.

Erected In Loving Memory Of Robert Hayes Who Died 28/9/1906 Aged 65 Years. Also His Wife Catherine Hayes Who Died 16/3/1919 Aged 76 Years And Their Children Bridget Hayes And Catherine Hayes Who Died Young. Margaret Hayes Who Died 19/3/1941 Aged 16 Years. Their Father Robert Hutchinson Who Died 25/9/1980 Aged 82 Years. His Wife Margaret Hutchinson Who Died 29/9/1992 Aged 89 Years. Their Son Robert Hutchinson Who Died 16/8/1903 Aged 57 Years.

Martin Hutchinson 575 Kilberry Who Died 3/7/1995 Aged 64 Years. His Uncle Willie J. Hutchinson Who Died 26/12/1976 Aged 71 Years.

In Memory Of Bobby Who Died August 16th 1983

Erected By Thomas O Beirne In Memory Of His Beloved Child Patrick Who Died 20th January 1874 Aged 6 Years.

Of Your Charity Pray For The Soul Of Michael O Beirne Whose Remains Were Interred Beneath On The 21st March 1866 Aged 52 Years.

Erected In Memory Of Patrick And Anastasia Kelly Shean, Kilberry And Their Family. Patrick Kelly Who Died 1942 Aged 24. James Kelly Who Died 1977 Aged 64. Jack Kelly Who Died 1981 Aged 76. Bridget Kelly Who Died 1994 Aged 84.

Erected By Elenor Walsh Of Newtownbert In Memory Of Her Beloved Husband John Walsh Who Died March 31st 1859 Aged 45 Years. Also Her Son James Who Died July 21st 1856 Aged 4 years.

Bridget Owens Who Died 1937. Pat Owens Who Died 1947.

Erected By Elenor Walsh Of Newtownbert In Memory Of Her Beloved Husband John Walsh Who Died March 31st 1859 Aged 45 Years. Also Her Son James Who Died July 21st 1856 Aged 4 Years.

Here Lieth The Body Of Robert Palerey Margend Who Departed This Life April 25: 1655 Aged 33