Marriage Records, Ballyadams, Co. Laois, 1844-53

My note for this set of parish records says that the Priest changed at some stage during these records and that there are no records for a year or two.

The names of all the people being married have been indexed, placenames are given.  I did not take the names of witnesses.  The records are in English.

Ballyadams – Diocese of Kildare & Leighlin.  Marriages Jan 12th, 1820 – Nov 24th, 1853

Spellings are as I read them.  Names are shortened, if you have a problem with this then please find my page on first names and nicknames on this website

Name Groom’s Surname Name Bride’s Surname From Date Year
Thos Al or Mc??Hearn Catherine Knowls Crossard 10-Feb 1844
Richd Behan Catherine Connor or Scully Sc..? 03-Aug 1862
Michael Blake Julia Anne Kinselagh Fallybeg 05-Feb 1849
Thomas Bow Judith Mullin Boley 09-Apr 1845
Thomas Bowe Judith Mullen Boley April 9th 1845
Robert Brauan Jean Kealy Boly 19-Feb 1844
Thos Breen or Brien Eliza Morrin Boley 21-Jan 1851
Michael Brennan Anne Delaney Rathgilbert 16-Apr 1853
James Brennan Margt Coffee Luggacurran 02-Jun 1853
Michael Brennan Nancy Donahoe Miltown 25-Nov 1852
Michl Brennan Eliza Lee?sh Kilf?ecle 24-Nov 1851
Thos Brennan Ally Dooley Slatt 12-Feb 1850
Darby Brennan Anne Bambrick Luggacurran 29-Nov 1849
Michael Brennan Mary Comerford Balintuber 17-Jan 1845
John Brennan Margt Flannagan Slatt 13-May 1845
James Brennan Mary Dunne Luggacurran 09-May 1844
James Bruder Biddy Mahon Dunbrin 31-Jan 1850
John Brusnan or Brennan Jean Kelly W or M hill 13-Feb 1844
William Burnett Mary McLoughlin Balintuber 17-Jan 1845
Wm Butler Dora McDonnell Aughadrun 24-Oct 1853
Wm Butler Mary Sullivan Croragh? 19-Nov 1851
Patrick Casey Margaret Brennan Balintlea 09-Feb 1844
John Casey Ellen Sleator ? Maybe W or M Hill 17-Nov 1844
Pat Cashon Sarah Whelan Rathgilbert 07-Feb 1850
Edward Casy Mary Moran Killeganard 02-Jul 1853
Thos Collins Ellen Moore Boley 29-Nov 1851
Richard Comerford Anne Lacy Luggacurran May 1st 1845
Richard Comerford Anne Leacy Luggacurran 01-May 1845
Maurice Conlon Margt Moore Kellystown 24-Oct 1844
John Conroy Betty Connor Ballyadams 17-Jan 1850
Danl Cormick Cath Brennan Crosard 29-Aug 1851
Michl Delany Honora Mahar Killyganard 19-Feb 1844
William Dogherty or Dolenty (sic) Bridget Carroll Shonrath? 19-Feb 1844
Richard Dolahunty Cath Conroy Shanrath 20-Feb 1844
John Donahoe Mary Langton Tulli..? 01-Sep 1851
John Doyle Eliza McDarby Rathgilbert 07-May 1853
John Du??non Mary Neill Ballintubber 01-Dec 1849
Denis Duggan Anne Lawler Shan?rath 23-Feb 1851
James Dunne Catherine Kane Ballintlea April 26th 1845
Christy Dunne Catherine Lawler Ballintubber 24-Nov 1853
Denis Dunne Bridget Lawler Luggacurran 15-Feb 1849
Jas Dunne Cath Kean Bahntlia 26-Apr 1845
Patt Dwyre Margt Ryan Boley 23-Jun 1853
Murt Flanagan Margt Holohan Cranagh 25-Nov 1852
John Flanagan Hanna Byrne Boley 23-Nov 1848
Michl Fleming Hariott Pender Miltown 09-Jun 1852
James Fleming Bridget Murphy M or W. Hill 29-Apr 1851
James Fleming Bridget Murphy M or W. Hill 29-Apr 1850
Edward G?iven Jean Goghegan Mihill 03-Feb 1853
Andy Hamilton Anne McEvoy Corbally 22-Jan 1852
Patt Harty Mary Hanlon Ir 13-Jun 1853
William Haughton Mary Mack Boly 12-Jul 1844
John Highland Bridget Bowe Killeganard 27-Apr 1853
James Hughes Eliza Dogherty …..?bush 11-Jun 1852
John Hyland Margt Bowes Miltown 06-May 1844
James Julian Anne McCue Corbally 19-Feb 1849
Patrick Julian?? Mary McCue Corbally 04-Nov 1850
Thos Kavanagh Anne McLoghlin Ballintubber 12-Nov 1851
Edward Kavanagh Bridget Dempsey Luggacurran 15-Nov 1848
John Kealy Margret Dunne Aughadrun 27-Jan 1853
Martin Kealy Ellen Connell ?Middle something 28-Aug 1849
Thos Kealy Ellen Fitzpatrick W or M hill 15-Nov 1844
Joseph Keeffe Ellen Kelly Ballyadams 20-Sep 1849
Thos Kehoe Mary Knowls M. Hill 30-Jul 1853
Tim Kelly Anne Bamrick Corbally 02-May 1852
Thos Kelly Anne Mullagan Mt. ?? 14-Jan 1851
Michl Kelly Mary Sleator Kilficle 29-Nov 1851
Michael Kelly Mary Lyons Southville 17-Aug 1850
James Kelly Mary Doyle ? 15-Feb 1844
James Kenedy Honora Moore Boley 24-Nov 1853
Danl Knowls Maria Whelan Corbally 03-Nov 1853
John Knowls Cath Dunne Killeganard 01-Oct 1852
Simon Knowls Honora Roach Crossard 19-Feb 1844
Simon Knowls Anne Roach Crossard 13-Feb 1844
John Kugan Mary Hughes alias Carrol Ballylinum 22-May 1845
Edward Lalor Mary Lalor Fallybeg 31-Jan 1853
Edwd Lalor Bridget Morrin Boly 05-Oct 1853
Edward Lalor MAry Neill Ballintubber 03-Mar 1851
Wm Larkin Margaret Kelly Luggacurran 28-Apr 1853
Edward Lawler Jane Knowles Killeganard March 31st 1845
Edward Lawler Jean Knowles Killyganard 31-Mar 1845
James Lea Sarah Fitzpatrick ? 10-Feb 1844
Jeremiah Leacy Elizth Coffee Tomaclevin 05-Feb 1844
Bernard Loughlin MArgt Neill ?? 16-Feb 1844
Thos Lynch Eliza ?byrne Fallybeg 20-Sep 1852
Hugh Maher Judy Cushon Ballyadams 05-Feb 1844
James Malone Margt Foley Boly 28-Jul 1844
Patrick McDonnell Winifred Morrissey Ballyadams April 3rd 1845
Patrick McDonnell Winifred Morrisy Ballyadams 03-Apr 1845
Joseph McDonnell Elizth Moore Donbrin 19-Feb 1844
Thos McEvoy Eliza Gorman Kellyville 15-Sep 1861
Martin Moore Eliza Hughes Scron?aioll 01-Oct 1853
Michl Moore Mary Kelly Coolrusk 12-Feb 1852
Martin Moore Margt Shiell Ballintubber 30-May 1852
Thos Moore Mary Kealy Kilnebeha 11-Nov 1852
William Moore Judith Whelan W or M hill 25-Apr 1844
Martin Mulhall Maria Henecy Rath…? 09-Aug 1852
Michl Mullins Margt Farrell Miltown 23-Feb 1852
Matt Murphy Mary Murphy Luggacurran 07-Feb 1853
Edward Murphy Eliza Hovendon Loughglass 26-Oct 1853
Richard Murphy Mary Whelan Balentubber 23-Nov 1848
Andrew Murphy Catharine McDonnell Mullaghmore 15-Feb 1844
James Neill Mary Gra?nts Crosard 18-May 1852
Martin Neill Mary Henesy Augha?miper 08-Feb 1849
Patrick Neill Judith Kavanagh Luggacurran 05-Oct 1844
Thomas Nolan Ellen Dooley Slatt 02-Jul 1849
John O’Bryan Elizabeth Finaly Miltown 18-Feb 1844
Thos Rogers Julia Ryan M or W. Hill 25-Nov 1851
Willm Sh(?aloon) Mary Vicars Luggacurran 18-May 1851
John Simmons Bridget Keegan Boley 09-Feb 1850
James Walsh Catherine Whelan Cranagh May 11th 1845
Denis Walsh Cath Dunne Aughadrun 20-Nov 1851
James Walsh Catherine Whelan Cranagh 11-May 1845
Peter Whelan Bridget Dunne ? Maybe W or M Hill 17-Nov 1844
Thos Wright Elly Randle Ballintlea 29-Oct 1853