Ballydoyle, Co. Cork, Colonel James Grove White

Historical and topographical notes for Ballydoyle, Co. Cork, collected by Colonel James Grove White.

Grove White, Volume I, Page 160

Sheet 26, six-inch Ordnance Survey. Sheet 176. one-inch 0.S.

It is situated two miles north of Castletownroche, which is the post town. Ballydoyle is the Irish for “town of the blind man.” (O’Donovan). (It may mean “Doyle’s Town” – James Byrne, J.P.)

“Ballydoile and Ballekerrin” was part of Lord Roche’s property. It consisted of 312a. He forfeited it, and it was granted circa 1657 to Thomas Wealstead, 52a.; Lord Kingston, 259a., 2r, 0p.(Dist and Sur. book, circa 1657, P.R.O., Irld).

It originally belonged to the Stannard family, and came in to the Eustace family by the marriage of the Rev. Charles Eustace, of Robertstown, Co. Kildare, in 1800 with Cassandra, daughter and co-heir of John Stannard, of Ballydoyle, County Cork. (See Eustace of Robertstown, B.L.G., 1904).

In 1839 it is recorded as the property of Captain Eustace by deed forever, and it is in general flat and dry, of middling quality. (Field Book of 1839, Ord. Sur. Off., Dublin)

In 1867 Mr. William Luscombe Lavers occupied the place. He built the dwelling-house and out-offices. He was reputed locally as a first-class farmer, a native of Kingsbridge, Devonshire.

In 1893, Mr. Ralph Ladd was living there. He married the daughter of Mr. W L. Lavers. (Mr. Ladd was evicted about four years ago, but he is to be reinstated under the Land Purchase Act of 1906 – James Byrne, J.P.).

The present owner is Major C. L. Robertson Eustace, 60th Rifles, who farms the place. There are 776a. 3r. 17p., statute acres, in the townland, and Major Eutstace farms about 350a.

ref. Historical and Topographical Notes, etc., on Buttevant, Castletownroche, Doneraile, Mallow, and Places in their Vicinity (North Cork Baronies of Fermoy, Duhallow, Orrery, Kilmore, Condons & Clangibbon)” collected by Colonel James Grove White Pub. 1905-1913.


Published 1905-1913. Contributed by Mr. Bob Meehan.