Baptism Records COI, Abbeyleix, Co. Laois, 1780s

This page features 93 Church of Ireland baptism records for the Laois village of Abbeyleix during the 1780s. The records are sorted alphabetically by surname.

Surname Name Year Father Mother
Brereton Thomas 25/12/1787 Samuel Sarah
Brett John 1781 Michael Bridget
Case Elizabeth 1784 Thomas Comfort
Case Arthur 1786 Thomas Comfort
Case Frances 02/09/1787 Allen Mary
Case John 30/10/1787 Thomas Comfort
Case Diana 1782 Thomas Comfort
Chambers Joseph 1782 Robert Elizabeth
Chambers Benjamin 1785 Robert Elizabeth
Church John 1783
Dignell Catherine 1781 Walter Anne
Dignell Henry 1784 Walter Elizth
Dobbs John 1782 Joseph Judith
Galbraith John Edmond 1784 George Frances
Galbraith Francis Edward 1785 George Frances
Gale William 1781 Thomas Anne
Gale Peter 1782 Thomas Anne
Gale Mary 1784 Thomas Anne
Gale Anthony 1786 Thomas Eleanor
Gale Michael 1786 Thomas Anne
Gale Thomas 1787 Thomas Eleanor
Green Catherine 1786 Joseph Anne
Hairbottle James 1783
Hand Wynne 1781 William Jane
Hand Edward 1785 William Jane
Harris John 1781 Nathaniel Mary
Hartford Elizabeth 1782 Thomas Elizath
Hartford Judith 1784 Edward Elizth
Hartford Catherine 1784 John Mary
Hartford Mary 1785 John Margaret
Hartford Thomas 1786 Edward Elizabeth
Hartford Thomas 1786 John Margaret
Hodgins John 11/12/1787 Isaac Anne
Hutchinson Richard 1785 Thomas Anne
Jessop Rebecca 1784 Humphry Anne
Jestin Richard 1781 Martin Elizabeth
Jestin Mary 1783 Martin Elizabeth
Jestin Richard 1784 James Anne
Jestin Frances 1785 Martin Elizabeth
Jestin Robert 1785 James Anne
Jestin Catherine 04/12/1787 Martin Elizabeth
Lawrenson Elizabeth 1783 Mr Edward Mrs Eleanor
Lawrenson Edward 1786 Edward Eleanor
Leech John 1783 George Catherine
Leech Henry Allen 1786 George Catherine
Lewis Margaret 1783 John Margaret
Lewis John 1786 John Margaret
Lowry Esther 1781 John Elinor
Lowry Elizabeth 1783 Richard Grace
Lowry Eleanor 1785 John Eleanor
Lowry Maria 1785 Richard Grace
Lowry Mary 20/12/1787 John Eleanor
Lyon Louisa 1783 Thomas Mary
Lyon John 1784 Thomas Mary
Maurice Sarah 1783 John Sarah
Maurice Anne 1786 John Sarah
Mosse George 1781 Thomas Elizabeth
Mosse Henry 1783 Thomas Elizabeth
Mosse Christian Anne 1784 Robert Jane
Mosse Meanue 1786 Thomas Elizabeth
Naun Frances 1786 William Sutcliffe Frances
Noble Richard 1785 John Alley
Noble Anne 1787 John Alice
Oldfield Sarah 1785 George Margery
Oxley John 1782 Joseph Elizabeth
Oxley Nathaniel 1785 Joseph Elizabeth
Parkinson Meanue 1784 John Christian
Parkinson Alice 1786 John Christian
Price Edward 15/10/1787 Edward Sarah
Quinlan Lawrence 1781
Remmington Mary 1783 Thomas Mary
Remmington Thomas 1783 Thomas Mary
Ryland William 1783 John Anne
Ryland Sarah 1786 John Anne
Sampson James 1783 John Anne
Sampson John 1785 John Anne
Sutcliffe John 1781 Edward Margaret
Sutcliffe Mary 1783 Edward Margaret
Sutcliffe James 1785 Edward Margaret
Sutcliffe Thomas 01/12/1787 Edward Margaret
Vance Christopher 1781 Samuel Anne
Vance Elizabeth 1785 Samuel Anne
Warren Thomas 1783 John Elizabeth
Warren Alice 1784 John Elizabeth
Warren Mary 1786 John Elizabeth
Watt John 1781 John Mary
Watt Christian 1782 John Mary
Watt David 1784 John Mary
Watt Arthur Charles 1785 John Mary
Wild Anne 1784 Thomas Frances
Wild Thos 1786 Thomas Frances
Wilkinson Margaret 1786 David Anne
Wilson Mary 1787 Thomas Grace