Baptism Records, Aghaboe, Co. Laois, 1825

These Aghaboe baptism records in Laois in the 1820s were transcribed by Jane Lyons, PhD. Spellings are given as transcribed or ‘best possible reading at the time’. No guarantee is given as to 100% accuracy of reading considering condition of register and script.

Name Abbreviations and/or possible names for nicknames:Bess = Elizabeth ; Cathrine/Cathryn = Catherine ; Danl = Daniel ; Edwd. = Edward ; Eliza = Elizabeth ; Ellin = Ellen or Eleanor ; Hannah = Anne or Mary Anne ; Jas = James ; Margt./Magret = Margaret ; Michl = Michael ; Milly = Mary Anne ; Nancy = Mary Anne ; Nanny = Anne or Mary Anne ; Nelly = Eleanor or Ellen ; Onny = Honor, Honora, Honoria ; Patt = Patrick ; Sally = Sarah ; Thos = Thomas ; Wm. = William

One entry for this year was crossed out and another put at the bottom of the page to replace it. That entry read Margaret, daughter of John ?Keoin & Nancy Connoran from Borris, 31st Oct. This was replaced with the entry for Mary Horohan given below

Mothers surnames occurring in register but not as children’s surnames: Booth? ; Bowe ; Brackin ; Butler ; Carew ; Carrol ; Connoly ; Connoran (crossed out entry) ; Costigan ; Deegan ; Doheny ; Dooley ; Dowlan ; Dowling : Gann?on ; Henecy : Henery? ; Kennedy ; Mangham ; Mc?Keon; McEvoy ; Meighan ; Mulhall ; Purcel ; Quany ; Roarke? ; Rourke ; Scott : Shiel and Tynan.

Sponsor/Witness Surnames occurring in register bur not in children’s surnames : Anderson ; Breen ; Broderick ; Campion ; Carter : Cashin ; Cody ; Coffee ; Coghlan ; Connor ; Coughlin ; Darcy ; Dobbins? ; Doran ; Drelan? ; Drinan? ; Drought ; Duggan ; Duigan ; Farrel ; Grennan ; Hanlan ; Holohan ; Humphris ; Hyland ; Jones ; Keegan ; Keehan? ; Kenedy ; Key ; Keys ; Lamb ; Loughman ; Lowry ; McDonald ; McNamara ; Moylan ; Mulrooney ; Naughtry ; Niele ; Perrit ; Power ; Rafter ; Short ; Sorley? and finally, Wall

** Adult, received into the church

Name Father Mother Townland Date
Laurence Bergin John Mary Doheny B.Gauge 08-Oct
Judith Bergin Kieran Cathrn Bergin Tentore 23-Oct
Jas Bergin Wm Ellin Phelan Doon 07-Feb
Thomas Berihan? Edmond Margt Fitzpatrick Grange More 15-Sep
Cathrine Boe Wm Mary Henecy Boherard 19-Feb
Margt Bowden John Nancy Delany Cappaugh 19-Feb
Dennis Bradly** n.g. n.g. n.g. 01-Dec
Milia? Brophy John Helia? Brophy Bric?feory 14-Jul
Edmond Brophy John Margaret Brackin Kilelellogue 22-Jul
William Brophy Patt Nelly Brophy Farmfield 25-Jul
Judy Brophy Edwd Cathrn Connoly Doon 07-Dec
Daniel? Brophy Daniel Mary Bowe Gurtreeleaha? 20-Sep
Patt Brophy Edwd Cathrine Mieghan Boherard 18-Feb
John Brown Wm Nancy Dooley Farren ?Eoin 05-Mar
Dennis Byrne William Judy Byrne Cappaugh 23-Jul
Mary Caffery John Onny Brophy Kiledelig 27-Jul
Milly Carey** William Sally Roarke? N.g. 25-Sep
Anne Cassin John Mary Carew Ballygeehan 25-Feb
Margt Cassin John Cathrine Maher Kiledelig 01-Mar
William Clear Matthew Elizabeth Brophy B.Colla 25-Oct
Bridget Clear Thomas Eliza Phelan Coolderry 10-Oct
Mary Clooney Danl Sally Phelan Coolfin 22-Jul
James Cloony James Catherine Cloony Knockroe 23-Jul
Anne Collier John Margt Kennedy Borris 12-Feb
Margt Coss Michl Eliza Larkin Kilcotton 23-Feb
Cathrine Cuddy Patt Judy Dowling Ballycuddy 03-Dec
Bess Daly Daniel MAry Daly Moonfat 25-Jul
John Darcey Edmond Anne Darcey Borris 09-Oct
William Delany John Anne Delany Knockaroe 05-Sep
Edmond Delany Thos MAry Delany Ballyriely 30-Jul
Nanny Delany John Margt Delany Bushfield 10-Nov
Michl Delany Patt Anne Carrol B. Ossory 05-Feb
Wm Delany Wm Mary Butler Knockaroe 12-Feb
Bridget Delany John Ellin Bergin Ba?una or Baina 23-Feb
William Dooling William Cathrn Quany Kilebreedy 18-Oct
Margaret Duffe Daniel Elizabeth Hogan B.Gauge 23-Oct
Sarah Dunne Danl Elizabeth Mc?Keon ?? 04-Sep
Michael Dunne Thomas Mary Ganno?n Boherard 11-Oct
Mary Dunphy Michael Catharine Delany Dovrin? 14-Jul
Timothy Dunphy Patt Margt Delany Centr?es Hill 22-Oct
Thos Dunphy Thos Mary Delany Bawngarrow 12-Feb
Dennis Dwan John Cathrine Maher Grangemore 04-Mar
James Evans James Mary Scott Kilbreedy 22-Jul
Michl Fitzgerald Matthew Margt McEvoy Cool?kerry 25-Oct
Mary Fitzpatrick Martin Judy Phelan Knockamullen 27-Jul
Bridget Fitzpatrick Patrick Catharine Shiel Boo?ces 11-Sep
John Fitzpatrick John Catharine Delany ?? 26-Sep
Timothy Fitzpatrick Patrick Mary Dowlan Foxrock 09-Oct
Laurence Fling? Michl Catharine Mulhall 4 Roads 08-Jul
Hannah Heylan James Margt Quany Kilellogue 10-Oct
James Hogan Thomas Anne? Hogan Bov?? 18-Sep
Mary Horohan Dan Mary Tynan B.Gauge 31-Dec
Michl Hosey Michael Eleanor Rourke Ballygeehan 28-Sep
Charles Kavanagh Charles Margt Dunphy B.Geehan 12-Oct
Michael Kelly Michael Judy Costigan Court 30-Jul
Anne Kelly Daniel Sally Purcel Ballykevin 24-Dec
Ellin Keys John Cathrine Cuddy Boardwell 11-Dec
Michl Larkin John Honor ?Henery Boherard 22-Oct
Edwd Leonard William Honor Tynan Borris 27-Dec
Elizabeth Long Patt Mary Long Kielough 09-Aug
Anne Maher Jas Margt Scully Borris 19-Feb
John Maher John Cathrine Phelan Knockaroe 29-Dec
Thomas Meeghan James Mary ?Booth Coolderry 28-Sep
Patrick Mulhins Patk Mary Mulhins Aughaboe 03-Oct
Daniel Murphy John Biddy Mangham Borris 14-Aug
Anne Phelan James Bridget Phelan Borris 03-Oct
Bridget Phelan Dennis Mary Dooley Tentore 14-Oct
Mary Phelan John Honor Deegan Tintore 05-Feb
Sally Rice Thomas Mary Rice Borris 14-Aug
James Ryan Matt Peggy Cuddy Ballycuddy 20-Nov
Mary Scully Michl catherine Rourke Knocka 07-Aug
Martin Shelly John Mary Carrol Barna 06-Aug
Ellin Sherridan John Cathrn Sherridan Knockaroe 23-Dec
Mary Thompson Robert Jenny Cassin 4 Roads 26-Dec
Elizabeth Toole Edmond Mary Ryan ?Ewelmeeleaha 05-Jul
Catherine Wallace William Margt Wallace Borris 27-Jul
Catharine Walsh John Catharine Thompson Gurtrucleaha 27-Jul
Mary Walsh Patt Cathrine Wallace Ballycuddy 30-Nov
Patt White Thos Ansty McEvoy Farren?vil 05-Mar