Baptism Records, Aghaboe, Co. Laois, 1849-58

Aghaboe Roman Catholic Parish, Diocese of Ossory, Baptisms Jan 28th, 1849- Dec 12th, 1880, Marriages June 25th 1850-May 20th, 1880

Note on Register “Aughaboe, 1873, June 2nd., Present parish of Aughavoe., Aughavoe. St. Canice, Kilermogh (Ballacolla) St. Auogenimus, ?Collemolina Beg. Nov. 9th”

SS = Sponsors or Godparents
Name Abbreviations found in this register:
Wm = William Jas. Js. = James Michl, Mick. = Michael, Margt. = Margaret, Jno. = John or Jonathan, Ally = Anastasia (sometimes), Lau. = Laurence, Pat = Patrick, May =Mary, Jos. = Joseph, Matt. = Matthew, Onny = Winifred, Cath. = Catherine, Danl., Dan = Daniel, Hanna = Hanora or Anne, Jer. = Jeremiah, Sally = Sarah, Bess = Elizabeth, Eliza, Biddy, Bridgt. = Bridget, Fanton = Finton.

Child’s name is listed first, then the father’s name and surname followed by the mothers name and surname (maiden). Sponsors are then listed.
B.Colla = Ballacolla. Other townlands are named or what could be read has been written with a question mark. None of the townlands that have a question mark have been found in the listing of townlands for the civil parish of Aghaboe. They may belong to other civil parishes that are part of the Roman Catholic parish of Aghaboe and may be identified in the future.

All surname spellings are as written in the register

Baptisms. 1849

Jan 28th. Arthur. Timothy Cuddy & Bridget McMahon. Sponsors. Wm. Dowling & Margt. Cuddy. Ballacolla
March 6th. Ellen. Jas. ?Nilan (Nihan?) & Ally Bryan. SS. Michl. Shaw & Bridget Coleman. Wood?
April 28th. Jno. Wm. Ge?ogan & Mary Connors. SS. Lau. Connors & May Googan?. Kilti?longe
May 20th. Ally. Thos. Bryan & Anne Hilan. SS. Pat. Hilan & Ally ?Ryan. Bryfada?
June 24th. Jos or Jas. Michael Cuddy & Mary Kavanagh. SS. Matt Kavanagh & May Brophy. Gurtnaclia
June 24th. Jno. Michael Dunne & Onny Dunne. SS. Jno. ??? & Mary Bergin. Cooldasey?
June 24th. Jno. John ????? Fitzheston & Ellen Hogan. SS. Mary Drulan Bartano Cooldony
July 29th. Judy. Mick Brophy & B?? Costigan. SS. Denis Fitzpatrick & Catherine Butler. Killelonge
Aug 17th. Joseph. Michael Byrne & Margt. Byrne. SS. Michl Walsh & Cath. Cuddy. BW
Aug 19th. Patt. Patt Gorman & May Murphy. SS. Danl Delany & ?? Ballacolla (Can’t read second name or else there is none and it is townland in B.Colla)
Aug. 29th. Kyran. Js. Malone & Susan Dunphy. S.S. B. Shea B. colla
Sept 3rd. Margt? Sylvester Dooly & Maria H(o or i)lland. SS. Wm. Dowling & Mary Dooly. B. Colla
Sept 9th. Mary. Jno. Bergin & Biddy ?Criary. SS. Pat Bergin & Mary Cacey? Tin?tore
Sept 16th. Jno. Patt Costigan & Onny Hiland. SSS. Jno. Hilan & Hanna Fitzpatrick. Thiltige?
Sept 16th. Eliza. Martin Jestin & Cath. Brophy. SS. Judith Dermody Gurtnacle
Sept. 16th. Jno. John Beggadin & Emilia Casey. SS. Andy Shiel & Anty Loughman.
Sept. 18th. Jno. Mary. Michl Brophy & Judy ?Morisey. SS. Thos. Bergin & Mary Morisey. Coold??
Oct. 13th. Thos. Danl. Bryen & Judy Delany. SS. Jno. Hilan or Phelan & Mary Lacy. Oldpl??
Oct 29th. Danl. Danl. Holland & Mary Daa. Ss. Wm. Brennan & Ansty Holohan. Leap.
?Nov. 4th. Wm. Michl. Loughman & Ann Connors. SS. Jno Leaddon & Bridget. Tontreve?
Nov. 18th. Andy. Danl. Duggan & Ellen Curran. SS. Robert ?F. Patrick & Judy Cahil. Killelag
Dec 2nd. Ellen. Joe Philan & Serah ?Freesany. S. Thos ?Phelan & Anne Phelan. B. Go??
Dec 2nd. Denis Michl Delany & Mary Mosirey. SS. Patt Flanigan & Ellen Doran. Lisst??
Dec 2nd. Mary. Wm. Bradirk & Anne Gosskins. SS. Edmd. Kealy & Biddy Phelan. B. Colla.
?Dec 4th. Mary Thos. Fitzpatrick & Honor Digan. SS. Edwd. Cahil & Mary Delany. B. garrol??
Dec 21st. Jno. Jno ?Dunn & Mary Philan. SS. Jno Murphy & Anne Fitzpatrick. T??
Dec 23rd. Mary. Danl. ?F.patrick & Mary Phelan. SS. Jno Philan & Ellen Fitzpatrick. Thgiloo??

Baptisms 1850

Aug 4th. Patt. Edmd. Maher & Cath. Loughman. SS. Edmd. Hanlon & Margt. Fitzpatrick.
Aug 18th. Wm. John Rielly & Louise Curran. SS. Martin Tynan & Margt. Lynam.
Aug 25th. Patt. Lauce. Phelan & Cath Cahil. SS. Kyran Campion & Mary ?Broderick.
Sept. 1st. Robert. Wm. Kenidy & Besse Perkinson. SS. Kyran Campion & Mary Thompson B. Colla
Sept 1st. Wm. Jas Fitzpatrick & Mary Drought. SS> Jas. Drought & Sally Delany.
Sept 8th. Denis. Thomas Howard & Mary Cuddy. SS. Danl Delany & Mary Kenedy
Sept 15th. Biddy. Patt Delany & Mary Mahony. SS. Jer Mahony & Ann Delany
Sept 22nd. Mary. Con Fitzpatrick && Cath. Philly. SS. Kyran Digan & Mary Digan
Sept 29th. Patt. Wm. Cossin (Cafin) & Cath Cafin. SS. Jno Burke & Bridget Cassin
Oct 12th. Peter. Pierce Bergin & Bess Flanigan. SS. Danl Delany & Mary Bergin
Oct 12th. Patt. Mart. ???? & Mary Harney or Karney. SS. Peter Ryan & Mary??
Oct 27th. Mary Patt Bergin & Mary Collins. SS. Thos Duggan & Mary Kelly. C.??
30th. Patt. Frank Conroy & Martgt. Wheeler. SS. Thos. Palmer & Mary Kavanagh.
Nov 5th. Michl. Timothy Dooly & Mary Bergin. SS. Michl. Nolan & Mary A. Byrne.
Nov. 14th. Mary. Finton Phelan & Judy Fitzpatrick. SS. Jer Nolan & Mary Davin.
Nov.24th. John. John Bolger? & Cath. Campion. SS. G. Bolgwer & Mary Shiel. Dona??
Dec 25th. Sally. Wm. Digan & Sally Phelan. SS. Wm. Cleary & Mary Cleary.
Dec. 26th. Margt. Wm. Brearton && Cath Brophy. SS. John Brearton & Bess Brophy.

Baptisms 1857

July 17th . Cath. Jer Cunningham & Mary Mullowney. SS. John Phelan & Mary Delany. B. gahan M.M. (parish)
July 19th. Thos. John Kill?sagh & Sarah Murphy. AA. James Kay & Cath. Sparrow. Kilbride MM.
July 22nd. Cath. Dan Fitzpatrick & Mary Phelan. S. Matt. McCoy? & Mary Fitzpatrick. Kilcro?? G.hoguer MM
July 23rd. John. James Cluny or Cleary & Mary Brennan. SS. John Shiakon & Mary Neil. M.M
Aug 20th Dannl. John Bergin & Bess Phelan. SS/ Jno ?? & Winifred Whelan. Jesston M.M.
Aug 6th. Mary Patt Walsh & Anne Goss. SS. John Goss & Mary Bergin. Bolon (Ballon)
Aug 11th. James. Patt. Horohan & Ane ?hass. John Horohan & Bridy Murphy. B. gahan.
Aug 30th. Thos. Tim Phelan & Mary Cahil. Danl. Nihan & Mary Wall. Mullag or Muslag
Aug 31st./ Joeph. John Cosin & Cath Drennan. SS. John Phelan & Ellen Phelan. B.Colla
Aug 31st. Mary. John Cuddy & Bridget Kealy. Pat Cuddy & ?Maria Bergin. ColO??
Sept 16th. Mary. John Lee & Mary Byrne. SS. ?? & Mary Noone. C. devy
16th. Mary John Bergin & Eliza Dunne. John Fennelly (or Farrelly) and Lucy Kilfoyle Aghavoe.
Sept 16th. Mary. Thos Bolger & CAth. Savage. Michkl Kehoe & Mary Connolly. Aghavoe
Sept 27th. Eliza. Thos. Phelan & Anne Dacres. Patt Carroll & Mary Mason. Clough.
Oct 23rd. Cath. Lauce. Martin & Mary Bergin. Thos. Bergin & Mary Beggadin B.Colla.
Oct 8th. James. John Cahil & Bridgt Kelly. SS. James Cahil & Antsy Kelly. Rockokelly
Oct. 11th. Martin. James ?Nolan & Bess Ryan. Dan Fitzpatrick & Mary Drennan. Ballacolla.
Oct 12th John. Martin Perenfson or Perensson & Bridget Mahan. SS. Matt Mahan & Mary Delany. S. field?
Oct 19th. Michl. Fanton Rourke & Cath. Bonnan or Bonnar. Michl Roche & Cath Wall. Dihill.
Nov. 15th John. J. McNamara & Judy Baldwin. SS. James Bergin & Maria MCNamara. K. Brud.
Nov 15th. Ellen. Thos. Carroll & Mary Dowling. SS. Joe Phelan & Ellen Dowling. K. finn
Nov 22nd. Mary. Thos. Rafter & Mary Phelan. SS. Mick Rafter & Bridget Rafter. B.Lissan
Nov 22nd. Cath. Patt Cassin & Mary Devy. Patt Phelan & Ellen Phelan. Mog??
Nov 22nd. ?James. Tim Fitzpatrick & Brgt Maher. Js. Phelan & Anne Loughman. Testrone
Dec 7th. Edward. Edward Maher & Cath Loughman. SS. Wm. Flannigan & Eliza Fitzgerald. C. Ball
Dec 24th. Joseph. Mick ?Teogan & Cath Wheeler. SS. Matt Fitzpatrick & Mary Flanigan.
Dec 27th. Michl. Patt Bergin & Mary Phelan. SS. Thos. DOoly & Mary Phelan. Tins

Baptisms 1858

Jan 12th. Robert. Patt Bowe & Eliza Morisy. Patt Kealy & Mary Shiel. Kilan
Jan 16th. Danl. Thos Phelan & Sally ?Querny John Walsh & Mary Daughey. Kil
Said Danile married ?Franny Keysd on 12/1/26
Jan 17th. Mick. Thos. ?Tressy & Mary Shaughnessy. James Kavanagh & Cath Cafrey.
Jan 20th. Thos. James Bolger & Cath. Carroll. SS. Js. Bolger & Hanna Caroll. B. h
Jan 25th. Bridget. Wm. Ryan & Eliza Savage. S. Michl Laherty & Mary Costigan.