Baptism Records, St. Audoen’s, Dublin, 1778-79

St. Audoen’s Roman Catholic Parish

Some Baptismal Extracts 1778 – 1779

Register Date : Baptisms. Dec 1778 – Dec 1799

First names: Pat=Patrick. Elionor/Elinor = Eleanor. Richd = Richard. Jas = James. Jno/Jn= John or Jonathan (most usually John). Michl = Michael. Elth/Eliz./Elizth = Elizabeth. Lau = Laurence/Lawrence. Matt/Math = Matthew/Mathias. Wm = William. Cath = Catherine. Chris/Chrittr. = Christopher. Margt = Margaret. Thos. = Thomas. Nich = Nicholas. Ned = Edward. Dan = Daniel. Rob = Robert

2nd page of film damaged. Not possible to read. Can’t see year on first page either. The end of this film is physically torn. Later registers are first on the film. Few mothers surnames in this and no addresses.

SS = Sponsor (Godparent)

December 1778
Elizabeth of John Archbold and Elizth. Walsh. SS. Oliver Walsh and Mary Angeer.
Walter son to Peter and Ann Savage. SS. John Duff and Mary Murphy
John son of John and Mary Drennan. SS. John Ferrall and Elizabeth Mordaunt.
Ann daughter to Robert and Sarah Bafter (?Rafter). SS. Francis Chisell, Edwd. Keenan and Margt. Davies
Elenor daughter to Patt and Margt. Fitzgerald. SS. Francis ?Bowen, Francis ?Heoy and Ann Lusk.
Tho., son to ?Edwd & Eliz. McDonnel. SS. John O’Donnel and Sarah Brien.
?Jas. son to ?Jas. and Ann ?Crennan. SS. Michael Riely and Emilia Lyons
end of page 1.

Page 2 no good. Film torn

Page 3
Jan/Feb 1779
James of ?Martin Howard and Eliz Grahan. SS. Valentine and Mary Quin
12th Jas son to Jno and Susannah Duffy. SS. Michl Duffy and Mary ?Nowlan
14th Mathew son to John and Alice Dunn. SS. John ?Duff and Mary Murphy
15th John son to John and Cath Gorman. SS. Law Dunn and Mary Roche
Margt dau to Mich and Cath Horan. Jas Roche and Allice Walsh.
Charles son to Ch and Mary Daly. S. Mary Burk
?18th John son to Walter and Elizabeth Burnett. SS. Bryan and Mary Kavanagh
19th Patrick son to Owen and Mary McMahon. SS. Francis Bermingham and Ann Cosrave.
20th Michael son to Michael and Elizabeth Caddan. SS. James Mooney and Elenor Mackey.
21st Elizabeth dau to Michael and Deborah Helly (or Kelly) SS. Daniel Murray and Cathrine Murray
23rd John son to Patrick and Mary Lamb. SS. Barnaby Lamb and Mary Hollogan
25th John son to Mr & Mrs. Carroll. SS. Mr. ?Pully or Bully and Mr. Purfield.

March 1799
4th Anthony son to John and Ann King. SS. ?Terence Kiernan and Mary Braughson
9th Martha dau to Michael and Sarah Doleman. SS. Mathias Kennedy and Cathrine Hatcheson
10th Mary dau to Thomas and Eleanor Sullivan. SS. Christopher Highland and Mary Duff.
11th Eliz dau to Ch and Margt Dowdal. SS. Henry ?Dufy and Cecelia Dunn.
12th Anastasia dau to Blasy and Margt Hewey. SS. ?Nichs Aylwood and Mary Fitz?simons
12th Joseph son to Dan and Mary Davis. SS. Patk Magouly and Mary ??ily.
13th Patk son to Francis and Bridget Branagan. SS. Law Knoisly and Mary Ferral
14th Jane dau to John and Jane Pickern. SS. Jas and Ann Ferral
17th Jane dau to Peter and Allice Smith. SS. Simon Cashel and Jane Quinn
19th Marg dau to Dan Reily and Mary Ryan. SS. Philip Hacker and Anne Ryan
21st Eleanor dau to John and Eleanor Dease O’Reilly. SS. Peter Bourk and Allice Reilly Dease.
21st Mary dau to Michael and Mary Ledwidge. SS. William McLaughlin and Mary McLaughlin
23rd Mary dau to Michael and Bridget Duneen. SS. Laurence Jordan and Esther Beaghan
27th Michael son to Pat and Margt Hearny. SS. Jas Fagan and Ann Farral.
28th Pat son to Pat and Margt Lynam. SS. Rob March?bants and Frances Doyle
?? Ann dau to Tho and Jane Monk. SS. Chrs McDonnel and Mary ?Moran

3rd Charles son to Christopher and Elizabeth Conner. SS. Thos Malone and Anne Sheale
4th Eleanor dau to Edwd and Elizabeth Weldon. SS. John Malone and Mary Dolen.
6th John son to Daniel and Mary Elliot. SS. John Dunn and Mary Donnolly.
7th Bryan son to Mathias and Anastace Connolly. SS. Thos Hore and Alicia Byrn
7th Ann dau to Thos and Rose Murray. SS. William Gogarty and Mary Corcoran
12th Cath dau to Jas and Ann Ward. SS. Jas Moran and Hanora Shelly.
14th Eliz dau to Jas and Bridget Byrne. SS. Wm Geford and Mary Riely.
16th Patrick son to Jas and Mary Lynagh. SS. Thos Ro?che and Mary Williams
21st James son to James and Judith O’Bryan. Ss. John Quinn lan (sic – written Quinn on one line and lan on the next) and Mary Donnolly.
22nd Rose dau to Pat and Ann ?Gleen. SS. Pat Mannin and Edwd. ?Smith
24th Mary dau to D?an and Mary Whelan. SS. Joh Dunn and Mary Doyle
26th Chrs son to Michl and Elixth McDonnell. SS. Darby McDonnal and Margt Madden.
27th Eliz dau to Dan and Eliz Byrne. SS. Andw and Susannah Nowlan
28th Eleaner dau to Thos and Jane Murray. SS. ?wm and Mary Dwyer
30th Margt to Math and Mary Moran. SS. ?Nich Burk and ?? Moran
30th Eliz dau to George and Eliz Magrah (Cath was put in as name in book then crossed out and Eliz put in beside it). SS. Jas and Cath Byrne

2nd Catherine dau to William and Mary Kelly. SS. John Gibbs and Eleanor Gibbs
3rd Ann dau to Morris Moullally and Ann Moullally. SS. Morris Eustace and Ann Sweeney
5th Ann dau to William and Ann Walters. SS. Thos ?Beg and Elizabeth Keans
6th Ann dau to Aug and Ann Rourk. SS. Pat Redmond and Margt McDonnel
8th Thos son to Mich and Margt Muvanny. SS. ?Patrick and Mary ?Brennan
13th Margt dau to William and Mary Murphy. SS. William Cole and Mary Phillips.
13th Rose dau to Michael and Catherine Lestrange. SS. Bryan Smyth and Margt Mangam
19th Robt son to Luke and Esther Shinnes. SS. Robert Ferral and Mary O’Connor
19th John son to Edward and Bridget mcDermot. SS. Richd Hewthorn and Anast Flemming
19th James son to Mathias and Margt Kelly. SS. James Murphy and Ann Reynolds
23rd Anthony son to Owen and Frances Dermot. SS. Anth Dermot and Mary ?Bennch – pilley (D.J. Carpenter – ???priest – my note)
?28th Owen son to Owen and Mary Gilhuly. SS. Bartholomew Byrn and Mary Walsh.

1st James son to Anthony and Mary Collins. SS. James Redmond and Frances Hughes
5th Christr son to John and Mary Ann Byrne. SS. Peter ?Capsely and Cath Oldham
6th John son to Pat and Cath Clynch. SS. Pat Lynch and Margt Wall
16th John son of Jame and Mary Ann Cotton. SS. Simon McKey and Margt Mannin
16th John son to Robt and Esther Alcorn. SS. Robt ??Beale and Cathrine Cormac
16th Mary dau to Michael and Jane Landrican. SS. Wil Conroy and Cathrine Fenzey. SS. Paul Cragh and Margt Shea
23rd Ann dau to Pat and Eleanor Rafter. SS. Sam Crawfor and Jane Langan
?24th Eliz dau to Thos and Ann Kensley. SS. Jas ?Bond and Cath St?anes
25th Peter son to Wm and Jane Dollard. SS. Peter ?Sheehan and ??
26th Elianor dau to James and Mary Fitzgerald. SS. John Hand and Bridget Halfpenny
26th Margt sau to Patt and Rebecca Heffernan. SS. John Shortt and Hannah Harbert.
28th Cathrine dau to Charles and jane O’Neil. SS. James O’Neil and Mary Ferrall
28th Peter son to Christopher and Elizabeth Sherlock. SS. Richd Heart and Cathrine Rooney.
29th Joseph Peter son to William and Esther Rose. SS. Robt Ferrall and Margt McClew.
29th Elizabeth dau to Thos and Cathrine Dolan. SS. Henry Byrn and Mary Murphy

1st George son to Peter and Mary Church. SS. John hardin and Cath Brady
2nd henry son to Rich and Jane Butler. SS Mary Shaw
3rd Allice dau to Wm and Mary Corrahy. SS. Jas Moran and Cathe Walsh
4th Owen son to Dan and Cath Feral. SS. Thos hoey and Cath Ferral.
12th Peter son to William and Allicia Eagan. SS. James Butler and Elizabeth Pay
12th Chrittr son to Patrich and Margt Brady. SS. Patrick Duffy and Ann Cox.
14th Cathrine dau to Francis Griffin and Mary . SS. Phillip Connor and Sarah Moran.
14th Bryan son to James and Margt Monks. SS. Hyacinth Miller and Margt ?Green
21st Jas son to John and Rose Heffer?een. SS. Lawce Gibbons and Mary ??
23rd. Cath dau to Jas and Mary Heely. SS. Pat and Margt Fitzpatrick
23rd John son to Anthony and Eleanor Fury. SS. Augustine Burk and Eleanor Nowlan
23rd Elizabeth dau to Andrew and Sarah Strong. SS. John Morgan and Mary Strong.
24th Margt dau to Henry and Judith Calwell. SS. Francis Moor and Ann Hasting
24th Ann dau to Jas and Susanna O’Reilly. SS. William Dease, Allicia O’Reilly and Mary Coffee.
24th William son to John and Ann Johnson. SS. Pat Mulline and Mary Caffrey.
?20th – Elizabeth dau to Cornelius and Margaret Finn. SS. Jas Flood and Mary Gannon
James son to Phillip and Mary Scully. SS. Martin Peekin and Margt Walsh.