Baptism Records, Aughaloe, Co. Tyrone, 1846

Some comments on the film of these parish records and an index to the names of all children baptised in this parish for the year 1846

Aughaloo (Caledon)– also includes details for the chapel at Aughnacloy in Carnteel parish)
Baptisms: Jan 1st, 1846 – Dec 31st, 1880
Marriages: Jan 2nd, 1832 – May 29th, 1834
Oct 2nd, 1837 – Nov 21st, 1880
National Library Ireland (NLI) Pos. 5585

Baptisms, Jan 1st. 1846 – Dec 31st, 1880

This section is listed as Aughaloe (Aghaloo, Aughnacloy) on the film

The format is simple, first names may or may not be abbreviated, the child’s name, the father’s name, Morthers Name and Maiden name, and the Sponsors names. Generally speaking, the register is reasonably easy to read for this year, but, there are some names which are questionable. As with the Desertcreight parish records, there are black lines running along the pages on one side, and it is these lines that cause the difficulty in reading the surnames. Sometimes, it is possible to decide what a surname should be based on the sponsor surnames. The Register is in English examples as below:

Jan 1st, 1846
Cath of Francis Conly & Rachel Brady
SS Mary Treanor

Jan 9th
Catherine of Owen McKenna & Ann Barns
SS Peter McKenna & Anne Treanor

Index to children baptised in these records for the year 1846

Surname and Name Father’s First Name
Armstrong Wm. James
.Beecher Jas Jas
Bogue? Patk John
Brawly Roseanne Francis
Burne ?Anne John
C?ull Mary John
Callaghan Hugh John
Campbell Rose John
Carbery James Hugh
Carlan Mary James
Cassidy John David
Casy John Peter
Cavanah Cornelius Michael
Cavanah Margt John
Cavanah Mary Neal
Cavanah Sarah James
Collins Hugh James
Collins John Wm
Conlon Catherine ?Arthur
Conly Cath ???
Connor Eliza John
Connor John James
Corrigan Anne John
Coyle James ?Terence
Coyle Mary John
Connor Eliza John
Connor John James
Corrigan Anne John
Coyle James ?Terence
Coyle Mary John
Daly Rose Ann Wm
Davidson John Edmd
Devlin Edwd John
Divine Mary John
Donnelly James Thos
Dorea? Mary Francis
Downey Marianne Bernd
Drugan Peter John
Dunne Cath John
Elmallon or Mallon? Eliza Wm
Farrell Sarah Peter
Gagan James Hugh
Geraghty Ann Peter
Gold?ring John John
Gordin Hugh Philip
Gorma?ll Margt Patk
Hacket Jane Wm
Hacket Wm William
Hagan Peter Peter
Hall Eliza Jane James
Hamill Anne Patk
Hamill Henry Henry
Hamilton Henry Thos
Henry Jane Henry
Henry John John
Hickey Francis Patk
Hoey James Bernd
Hoey Mary Peter
Hughes Joseph John
Hughes Mary Anne ???
Hughes Patk Patk
Hughes? John John
Hughes? Mary James
Kearney John John
Kearns Anne Jane Wm
Keenan James Hugh
Kelly James John
Kelly Mary John
Key? Rose James
Kighry Mary Francis
Lagan Christopher Jas
Lavery John John
Lenehan Mary Ann Henry
Loughran Thos Thos
Lucas Sarah Jas
Mallon Anne John
Mallon Mary Joseph
Marlow Morris John
Mc?Asken Patk John
Mc?elroy John John
McAra James Joseph
McCallion George Joseph
McCaul James Edwd
McCaul Mary & Cath (twins) James
McClusky Margt John
McConner? Ellen William
McCroy James Francis
McDonald Eugene John
McDonald Francis Francis
McEl?inel John James
McEldoon Hugh Edwd
McElhern William Thos
McGallon? Mary Anne Terence
McGarvey Mary John
McGee Anne Patrick
McGee Elizabeth Henry
McGrannan Elizabeth John
McGronan? Elizabeth Patk
McGuire Bernard Michael
McKenna Allice Chas
McKenna Ann James
McKenna Anne John
McKenna Cath Patk
McKenna Cath Patk
McKenna Catherine Owen
McKenna Chrs? Wm.
McKenna Eliza Patrick
McKenna James Felix
McKenna JAs William
McKenna John Edwd
McKenna John Patk
McKenna Michael Patk
McKenna Patk Hugh
McKenna Patk Peter
McKenna Patk Bernd
McKenny? James James
McNally Arthur Henry
McNamee Nilis or Nelis Nelis
McShane Francis Terence
Minahan Joseph Patk
Moan Margt John
Monaghan Patk Peter
Mooney Ellen Henry
Muldoon Mary Ann John
Mulhern George George
Mullen Francis Chas
Mullen Mary Jane Patk
Mullin Arthur John
Mullin? Mary John
Mulosky? Michael Owen
Mulrine Bridget Peter
Murry Mary Constantine
Murry? Bernard James
O’Heir John John
O’Neill? Ellen ?Charles
O’Neill? John Michhl
O’Neill? Patk Patk
Philips? Teresa James
Quin Cath Allen
Quin Danl John
Quin Peter John
Reid Robt Jas
Reilly James Chas
Roserty Roseanne Bernd
Russell John Francis
Russell Sally John
Sheridan? Mary Not named
Sherry Bridget Michl
Sherry Patk Patk
Shudon? Margt John
Skerry? Mary Luke
Skey or Key? Terence Terence
Slevin Peter George
Slevin? Bridget Bernard
Slevin? Joseph Richd
Smallon or Lismallon? Robert Bernard
Smyth Ellen Felix
Soraghan Chas Patk
Todd Mary Jane James
Tohne Henry Patk
Trenor Anne John
Trenor Mary Thos
Trenor Mary Owen
Trenor Patk John
Williams James John
Woods John Patk
Woods John John