Baptism Records, Ballinasloe and St. Michael’s, Co. Galway, 1841

Diocese of Clonfert

St. Michael’s Ballinasloe (Creagh & Kilcloony)
Bapts. June 6th 1862 – Dec 31st, 1880
In Latin, no lines. Spidery handwriting.

Page 1.
Mai 29th. June 6th. Baptised: Catharina?Feogarty.
Parents: Patrici & Brigidum Lyons.
?Townland: ?Carey.
Sponsors: Thomas Hagarty & Catharina Whelan.

Mai 23rd. June 6th. Brigida ??? Niheran.
Parents: Jacobi & Maria ?Conlin.
?Townland: ??Carey.
Sponsors: Michael Neheran? & Maria Naugh?lan

Junei Baptised: Maria Roantree.
Parents: Danniely Jacobi & Elizabetha Ma?borne.
?Townland: ??Syra
Sponsors: Timothy Egan & Maria Hynes.

Junei 2nd? Baptised 12th?? Carol?y Salmon.
Parents: Johannes & Catharina Hanly.
Sponsors: Michael Murphy & Letitia????

Juni 5th Baptised: 12th. Maria Grehan.
Parents: Patritii & Brigida Cuddy.
Sponsor: Maria ??

Juni ?7th 13th. Baptised: Brigida Morrissey.
Parents: ?Michaeli & Maria Downey.
Sponsors: Thomas C. & Maria G.

Very difficult to read. Script bad and faded.
Page one complete.

St. Michaels Ballinaloe
Bapts June 7th 1841 – June 14th 1847
?July 11th. Catharina Kelly
Terrible writing, faded & blotched
January 1843
Garrett Lyons
Michl Hynes
Honor ???
Bridget ??Kennedy
Martin ?Mannion

June 7th Born. Baptised date?? Joannes ?Gleeson.
Parents: Petri & Maria ???.
From : Cong.
Sponsor: Patrini Patritius Gorman

June 2nd Born, 9th Baptised. Maria ?Kemple.
Parents: Julia & Joannes.
Sponsor: Maria Lynch
From : Cong.

1832-1841 births terrible as well

December 14th. Baptised John Kelly.
Parents: John & Mary.
Sponsors. James Clarke & Anne Dignon
Dec 14th. Sibby. D to Augt?
Parents : Scott & Margt.
Sponsors: Bernard Scott & Nancy Gunning

Dec 14th. Married. Jno ?Regan & Ellen ?Berrily or Rarrily.
Witnesses: . Thos Conner & Danl Rehrily?
Dec 14th Married. Thomas Guinan ? & Mary Wax.
Witnesses: Jno Jennings & Rose Jennings

Dec 16th Baptised: Mary McCabe
Parents: D. ?? & Sera.
Sponsors: Jno ?Cooke & Jane Rilly

Dec 19th Baptised: Jno Ririly?.
Parents: ??Patt & Mary.
Sponsors: Peter ?Quin & Cath Rirrly

Jan 5th Baptised: George Bird.
Parents: Nicholas & Jane.
Sponsors: Robert & Mary ??
Jan 6th Patk Mullin. Parents: Patt & Mary. Sponsors: Michl & Bridget McLaoughlin
Jan ?9th Bapt. James Reddon. Parents: James & Bridget. Sponsors: Michael Duffy & Bridget ??
Jan 10th Married. Patt Flannigan & Bridget Coughlan. Jno Martin & Bridget ?Hora
Jan ?9th Married. Patt Mara & Mary Walsh Wm. Jourdon & Margt McDermott
Jan 9th Married Peter Franklin & Cath Murry. ??Michael ??Searry & Mary ?Farolly??
Jan 9th. Baptised Patrick Raferty. Parents: Wm & Mary. Sponsors: Patt Murry & Cath Navin
Jan 10th. Married Michl Egan & Sally Nolan. James Reagh & Sally Lenahan
Jan 14th. Bapt. Jno Callaghan. Parents: Patr & Nancy. Sponsors: Patt ?Allen & Mary Brien
Jan 14th ?Michl McLaughlin . Parents: Malachy & Mary. Sponsors: John & Mary McLoughlin
Jan 14th Married. Patt Dillon & Mary Brien. WW. Richard Dillon & Margt. Brien
Jan 16th Married. Michael Cormack & Norry Gavin alias Fallon. Jno McCormack & Ann ?Bannon
Jan 18th Bapt. Dens Raftery. Parents: Thos & Mary. Sponsors: Wm. ?Hamilton & Mary Mullone
Jan 18th Bapt. Bridget Kenny. Parents: George & Mary. Sponsors: Patt Gibbons & Mary Mul?ry.
Jan 18th Married. Thos. De?ce & Nancy ?Berril. James Riely & Cath Riely.
Jan 26th Married Danl Gorman & Honor Donnelan. Wm. Conlevy & Mrs. Flannagan
Jan 23rd. Bapt Peter Walsh. Parents: Martin & Honor. Sponsors: Jno Horan & Bridget Whealon
Jan 29th Baptised. Oliver Concannon. Jams & Mary. Sponsors: Patt O’Loughlin & Delia Dillon
Jan 29th Bapt. Mary ?Sillars. Parents: Pat & Mary. Sponsors: Stephen Murray & Mary Hart.
Jan 31st. Married Peter Hanly & Betty Farrel. Patt Davis & Mary Davis
Jan 31st Baptised. Ellenor McCue. Parents: Patt & Mary. Sponsors: Peter Fallon & Bridgt Mul?ry
Jan 31st Married Patt Cog?ainan & Mary Dolan. Jno Creagavan? & Cath. Dolan
Jan 31st. Bapt Jno Hardiman . Parents: John & Cath. Sponsors: Peter & Mary Conningham
Feb 1st. Jno Flanery. – TWINS Parents: Patt & Cathn. Sponsors: Michl & Eliza Flaniry
Feb 1st. Thomas Flaniry – TWINS. Parents: Patt & Cathn. Sponsors: Thos. & Mary Flanery
Feb 1st. Baptised: Martin Frances? Parents: Michl & Elizabeth Egan. Sponsors: Patt Hogan & Bridget ?Gennessy??
Feb 1st. Married Patt Farel & Brig. Conneely. James Reyny & Margt Reyny.
Feb 6th. Married Martin Geoghegan & July Kenny. Thos Lyons & Sebbina ?Kenny
Feb 6th. Bapt. Mary Fahy. Parents: Michl & Mary. Can’t read the sponsors names
Feb 6th Married. Hugh McManus & Cath Clarke. Lau Murphy & Maria Brooks
Feb 7th Martin Grehan & Mary Smith. Thady Grehan & Honora Fitzpatrick
Feb 10th. Married Michl Rielly & Mary Burke. Domnk Burke & Mary Burke.
Feb 11th. Married. ?Thos Burke & Cath Gaffy. Martin Burke & Mary ?Killeen.

p. 105
Feb 12th. Baptised. Patt Donahue. Parents: Michael & Sibby. Sponsors: James Ber?? & Mary ?Corry

p. 111
May 1st. Baptised. Ann McDonough. Parents: Patt & Cath. Sponsors: Thos.?Comons & Bridget Jourdan

p. 115
June 9th. Married Robert Colohan to Cath Lyons. SSJno Lyons & Mary Colohan

June 11th. Married Michl McDonell & Ellen Keady?. Frank Hynes & Bridget. Dillon

p. 117
June 23rd. Baptised. Edward Lyons. Parents: Patt & Mary. Sponsors: Thos Mullone & Eliza Mullowney

p. 123
Aug 29th Married James Lyons to Cath Magrath. Michl McLaughlan & Mary Lyons

1830 Deaths & marriages mixed up with baptisms
Ink faded, difficult to read

p. 306
Nov ?15th. Married James Galvin & Mary Mul?alone. SS. Wm. Mulalown & Judy Mulalown


August 1st. Married. Stephen Murry & Julia Cain. SS. PAtt Walsh & Bridget Boland

May 9th. Married James Ostle & Cath Lyons. SS. Michl Daky & Mary King

Feb 20th. Married Jno Murry & Sibby Ryan. Patr Flynn & Cath Murry

Married. Michl Donnelan & Mary Lynch. Pres. Thady McDonagh & Rose ?Kenny

Married. March 1st. Arthur Bradley & Cath Darcy. Pres. James Raferty & Anne Nettle

Jan 19th, Married. Charles Nickel of the 64 Regt. of Foot and Anne Darcy. James Rafferty & Mary Grehan present