Baptism Records, Baldoyle, Howth and Kinsealy, Co. Dublin, 1784-1800

Some Baptismal Extracts 1784-88 & notes on condition of Register/film

Register Date : Baptisms. Dec 24th 1784 – Dec 26th 1800

NOTE: Dates on this register are not in order – transcriptions follow the order as presented in the register. The register is in Latin in some places and English in others. First names are generally shortened. No addresses given.

First names: Pat=Patrick. Elionor/Elinor = Eleanor. Richd = Richard. Jas = James. Jno/Jn= John or Jonathan (most usually John). Michl = Michael. Elth/Eliz./Elizth = Elizabeth. Lau = Laurence/Lawrence. Matt/Math = Matthew/Mathias. Wm = William. Cath = Catherine. Chris = Christopher. Margt = Margaret. Thos. = Thomas. Nich = Nicholas. Ned = Edward

1784 December
24th James Quigley son of James Quigley and Eleanor Langan. Sponsors (indicated by SS from here) Pat Hammon and Elionor Behan or Rehan
26th Christop. Son of Richd. Cain and Jane Barrett. SS Richd. Sharkey and ?Anne Barrett
30th Mary Daughter of Pat Cain and Rose Doyle. SS Jno Butterly and Cath Carbery
31st Mary Daughter of Jno Clarke and Cath McDaniel. SS. James Martin and Eliz. Batty

Jan 18th Math. Son of James Mahon and Eliz. Owens. SS. James Mahon and Jane Connor
19th Mich. Son of Michl Carpenter and Jane ?Stot. SS. John Sweetman and Elth Stot.
22nd Cath Daughter of Pat Clarke and Mary Manus. SS. Cath Manus.
23rd Cath. Daughter of Peter Brady and Anne Durneen. SS Jn ??(ink blotched)man and Bridget Byrne.
30th Mary daughter of Michl Pufrell and Mary Corbally. SS. Jno Corbally and Allice Kelley
30th Thos son of Michl Durneen and Jane Carrig. SS. Jno Sweetman and Allice Baly
30th Anne daughter of Michl Hubert and Anne Pickard. Ss. Edward Dalton and Catnerine Conner
Feb 13th Bartholomew West son of Lau West and Jane Hanlan. SS. Matt Clinch and Christian Brian
14th Jane dau of Owen ?Ri?? & Esther Gallon. SS. ? Richd Rupell & Mary Archbold
20th Mary daughter of Jno Giles and Mary Farrell. SS. Thomas Brian and Jane Brian
22nd Mary dau of Wm. English and Mary Casey. Ss. Jas McKenny and Margt McHennsy
27th Simon son of Michl. Birth and Bridget Sweetman. Ss. Jno Sweetman and Mary ?Grellan

Doyle, Anderson & Early more surnames next page.

May 16th Bridget of William Callaghan and Cath Coleman. SS. Chris Clinch and Mary Clinch
May 26th Cath of Peter Reiley and Cath Kelly. SS. Daniel Murry and Mary Fisher

June 1785
5th Mary of Michael White and Allice Keefe. SS. Cath Murry (one only)

July 17th Rose of Chris Smyth and Anne Geoghegan. SS. Jno & Mary Rider

July 31st Jas of Christopher Sweetman and Mary Brian SS. Terence Gregan and Margt. Kelly

Next page very faded to Novemeber and next page to about 11th December
11th Dec. Mary of ?? Murry and Cath Sweetman. SS. Edward & Elizth Archbold.


Jan 29th Mary of Jas. Hore & Eliz. Coughlan. SS Thos McEvoy and Judith ?Gorman

Feb 6th
Jno son of Jno ?Rider and Rose Geoghegan. SS. Jno Hore and Faith Wittenham

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March 3rd Francis of Jno Dowling and Mary Kiary. SS. Jno Kelley and Mary Corre.

May very faded to 21st.
Sept 17th Anne of Lau Rooney and Bridget Conroy. SS. Patrick Neill and Margt. Hore

1783 Baptisms – one or two pages after this – out of order – but it is mentioned on the page that they come before the 1784 births and that there are no entries from the last date on this or these pages to the Dec 1784 entry.
April 30th 1783 Roger of Jno & Cath Keenan. S. Jas Callaghan.

1783 baptisms seem to be mainly in Latin

Jan 28th Alice of Pat Morrisy and Margt Martin. SS. Richd Kelly & Mary Iwan?

Feb 18th Cath of William Smyth and Mary Fitzsimmons. SS. Math Chamberlain and Mary Kelly

April 13th Mary, dau of John ?Bruther and Eliz. Kelly. SS. John Hogan and Mary West

July 9th
Anne, dau of Jas Hore and Eliz. Coughlan. SS. Jno Rider and Margt. Hore.

1787 – Aug 13th on top of page, runs to 19th and then changes to 1st again.

Aug 2nd Bridget of Jno Dargan (Dungan – second reading/transcription) and Mary Condron. SS. Thos Byrne and Elinor Callaghan

Aug 5th
Michl, son of Michl Nowlan and Anne Kelley. SS. Peter & Bridget Kerrigan

Aug 22nd Michl of Andrew Quinn and Elizth Keenaghan. SS. Michl Farrell and Mary Troy

??Next date on next page is 20th !! with no month mentioned on top of page and next month listed on this new page if Nov.

So, 28th July or October
Elinor of Jno Kerrigan & Judith Callaghan sp. Jane Sheridan

Dec 25th Christopher & Anne (twins) illigetimate of Pat Manus and Anne Murray. Sponsor to 1st Mary Jordan and then Mary Manus

Jan 6th Alice of Thos Dingle and Alice Barry. SS. Peter Mooney and Mary Kelly

Jan 13th Jno of Joseph Carpenter and Cath Thornton. SS. Pat Neil and Mary McGlue
13th Matthew of Matthw. Rice and Cath. Dowdall. SS. Barnabius Rice and Mary Hore.

1788 Baptisms
25th March
James of Christp. Smyth and Mary Geoghegan. SS. Laughlin and Eliz. Donoghoe

26th April
Anne of Wm. Callaghan and Cath Coleman. SS. Pat ?Mahon and Eliz. Geoghegan

June 30th
?Pat of ?Pat Mooney and Margaret Martin. SS. Jno Fitzsimons and Mary Kelley

Aug 1st
George of Wm Donovan and Elionar Brien. SS. Anne Connelly and Peter Kelly

Sept 3rd.
Christopher of Michael Corbally and Anne McDonough. SS. Jno Fitzsimons and Mary Kelly

17th September Nich of Robert & Rose Geoghegan. SS. Jno Dunn and Eliz. Hore.

Sept 26th
Judith of Jno Kelly and Mary Brady. SS. Daniel ?Waypardin and Mary Kelly

1798 Baptisms
Note : This year or page is easy to miss. Top right hand side of page on film. These pages are very hard to read. Continued on to 1796 which becomes very legible in comparison to all the years between. Ink heavy, script not too bad.

1796 Baptisms
December 1796 – new hand writing.

Dec 9th 1796.
Ann dau of Ned Harrison and Rose Cunningham. SS. Peter Kelly and Mary Fisher.

Dec 25th Chrisr. M. son of John Ardle and Eliza Clifford. SS. Henry Byer and Eliza Kelly.

1797 – Baptisms

Jan 8th
Nich. Son of Jas Swan and Mary McMahon. SS/ Danl. Carey and Mary Kelly

24th Novr. 1797
Michl. son of John Brien and Mary McKoen. SS. Brian Gamble and Eliza Hoare.

17th June 1797 – out of order?
Margt dau of Jas Maxwell and Mary Monks. SS. Martin Fant and Mary Murry.