Baptism Records, Bekan, Co. Mayo, 1832-71

Bekan records which exist : Baptisms: Aug 3rd, 1832 – Feb 2nd, 1844

Dec 15th, 1844 – May 20th, 1861
Sept 15th, 1851 – May 7th, 1871

Ref: NLI Pos. 4219

No guarantee is given as to accuracy of these extracts
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Name Abbreviations that may be seen : Margt = Margaret, Betty = Elizabeth, Eliza ; Cath = Catherine ; Biddy = Bridget, Dinis = Denis ; Patt = Patrick ; Murt. = Murtagh or Martin ; Matt = Matthew ; May = Mary or Margaret ; Minny = Mary Anne or Anne, Ned = Edward ; Kitty = Catherine or Kathleen, Elizth. = Elizabeth : Ansty/Anty = Anastasia Wm = William ; Aliza = Eliza, Sally = Sarah ; Lal = Laurence ; Peggy = Margaret ; Edmd = Edmund or Edmond ; Jno = John ; Jos. = Joseph ; Jas. = James; Winny/Winney = Winifred

Proper parish register – in Latin – gives date of birth and then baptismal date
e.g Die 15th Septembris 1851 nata et die 20th, septembris baptizata est Maria filia Thomas ?Morly et Catharina Conway(olim )…conjugum… a me Petrus Geraghty Paschus
Patrimus fuit: Joannes Neila Matrina fuit Anna Fahy
Last entry in this manner is an 1870 one then a few pages of all squished together – the 1871 entries? Can’t read

Note: the index says some pages missing and that there are several groups of entries for various dates. This register has entries ‘mixed up’, i.e. one part of a page or a page can be for one year, the next for two or three later and then it goes back to the earlier year. Some notes have been made re changes in years through these extracts
One of the thin, long falling to pieces kind of registers!

1st March 1835
7th Pat of Pat Tarpy & Mary Lyons
ss. Martin Lyons & Cathrn Farrill
11th Patrick of Pat Grogan & Mary ?Morrally
ss. Pat Lyons & Mary ?Muldean
June 14th, John of Peter Moony & Mary Lyons
ss. Patt Lyons & Mary Morrally
29th, Wm of Wm Murphy & Mary Flately
ss. Patt ?Comber & Brig Lyons
July 16th, ?Bridget of Austin Lyons & ?Secily Lyons
ss. Las.??? And Mary Lyons
?Aug 19th Austin of Austin Lyons & Bridget Lyons
ss. John Michl Nelly & Hon Lyons
next page 1836 baptisms Rev, P. Congyham
July 30th ?Mossy of John Lyons & Bidy Jordan. SS. James Lowry& Mary Jordan. In England sister dead.

Aug 14th, 1836 Sabina of Thos Lyons & Peggy Kerrigan Ss. Thos Higgins & Mary Hopkins
Aug 21st, Mary of Matthew Grogan & Bridget Finn. SS. Pat Lyons & Kitty Grogan

1836 11 Sept John of James Lyons & Peggy Hoban S. Billy ‘DO’ (sic ?=Lyons) and Pegggy Divaney. Baptised by Rev. W. Kelly
Sept 18th, Michael of Anthony Morrily & Cecily Lyons SS ?Billy Jordan and Janey Morrily
Oct 3rd, Pat of Owen Lyons and Mary Cunnane. SS. James & Catherine Lyons
Oct 30th, Michael of Pat Cooney & Anne Mulloy. SS. Thomas Lyons & Bridget ‘Do’ (sic =?Lyons)
28th Nov. Catherine of Thomas Killian & Bridget Jennings. SAS. Wm & Cath Lyons
Bapt by Rev. P. Duffy

14th Decr. Mary of Andrew Dyer & Cathy Cunnane. S. John Lyons & Peggy Waldron
September 1837 Mary of Thomas Higgins & Catherine Lyons SS. Thomas Lyons & Mary Adams
Sept 18th. Michael of Owen Lyons & Mary Cunnane SS. Pat Connelly & Peggy Moran
Sept 22nd, Mary of Pat Lyons & Mary ‘Do’ S. David & Cecily ‘DO’
7th October Catherine of Thomas ?Hansbro & Honor Vizaerd. SS Pat Vizard & Nelly Lyons
Oct 8th, Michael of John Lyons & Mary Lyons. SS. Anthony Monily & Cecily Do
Oct 8th Cecily of Thomas Morrily & Sally Lyons. SS. Austin DO and Nelly Morrily
8th Catherine of Pat Lyons & Judy Do. Ss. Thos & Mary Do
27th November Thomas of James Lyons & Bridget Cunnane. SS. James??? & Catherine Lyons

1838 19th Jany
Thomas of Thomas Morran and Mary Lyons. SS. Martin?? And Bridget DO
Feb 28th Michael of Martin Hopkins & Sarah ?Cummons SS. Michl Hopkins & Catherine Lyons
March 11th, Pat Lyons wife churched
March 17th, Patrick of John Lyons & Bridget ?Deegan. SS. Michl Do and Mary Lyons
20th March Thomas of James Lyons & Bridget Waldron. SS. Owen Lyons & Mary Lyons
13th April Bridget of John ?Coonane & Bridget Boyle. SS. Patt & Bridget Lyons
April 29th, Anne of John Lyons & Mary MacGreal. S. James Lyons & Rose Cafforey
May6th. Nelly of Sominick Bealy & Mary Lyons. SS. Jas. & Judy DO – (?ILL)
May 20th, Mary of John Kilroy & Eleanor Lyons. SS. Austin Do & Mary Kilroy
July 22nd, Mary of James Caulfield & Nelly Lyons. SS. Libby ?Gusly & Martin Lyons
July 22nd,James of John Lyons & Bridget Jordan no sponsors listed
July 25th, Margaret of Pat ?Gormley & Mary Lyons. SS. Martin Do and Anne Gormanly
July 16th, John of Frank O’Hara and Winifred Smyth. SS. Pat Flint and Mary Lyons
July 26th, Elinor of Owen Lyons & Bridget Fitzgerald. SS. David Lyons & Anne Do

Next page goes back to July – could be pages are back to front
17th July Cecily of James Lyons & Margt Holihan
SS. Jas & Cecily DO

5th August 1838
Thomas of James Lyons & Sally Divany
SS. Michael Grogan & Mary Reilly

Dec 1838 then goes to 1843 Jan 12th
Stephen of Patrick ?Connell & Mary ?Garahan. SS. Patk Lyons & Mary Murphy
Feb 26th Anthony of J & My Lyons SS. Henry Grogan
Patt of James & Mt Lyons. SS. Austin & Mary Lyons
March 5th, Ellen of Thos Roaldson?? & My Lyons. Ss. Bridget Lyons
March 7th Thos of Martin & M Lyons
SS. Michl Hopkins & ?? Ford?
April 2nd, 1843 Michael of John Lavells & Mary Cosgriff SS. Ned Dillon & Mary Jordan
April 9th, John of John McGarry & Ellen Finnigan. SS Mary Lyons
May 9th, Mary of John Killiry & Ellen Lyons. SS. None listed

Month? 17th Mary of Pat McHugh & Anne Lyons SS. Jno McHugh & Bridt McHugh

NOTE: Baptisms for July 1844 on a page just after marriage register begins

1832 marriages

Marriages: May 7th, 1832 – Aug 6th, 1844
First page of marriage book practically illegible ‘cept for a few names here and there First page of marriages also seems to be the total for the first reference above!!

Aug 8th, 1844 – May 22nd, 1872
Marriages 1844 forwards.
1845 1st June Jas ?Duinan & Anne Doyle SS John Lyons and Winifred Finhiby?
24th??? Thos Conway & Hon Lyons Ss Thos Conway & ??
1846 Jany Bernd Daly to Margt Brennan. SS. Peter Daly & Mary McDonnell
Feby 12th, ?Bat Lyons to Mary Hopkins. SS. Martin Lyons & Julia Walsh
Feb 21st, Austin Conier and Lily Lyons SS. James Conner & Mary Lyons
Feb 23rd, Pat ?Proud to Mary Conner. SS. Pat & Mary Lyons
Feb 23rd, Michl ?Grogan to ?Mt Lyons. SS. Jas Gribben & Bridget Gormely

Aug 16th, 1846 Pat Byrne to Cath Lyons
Thos Lyons & Cath Morrally

Goes to 1848 – very hard to read and then back to 1844
Jan 23rd, 1844 John Lyons to Margt Frihuly
SS. Peter McDunnst & Mary Meredith
Jan 30th, Michl Lyons to Honor Keane SS. Michl Lyons & Mary ?Coall
Feb 2nd, Pate Lyons to Mary ?Colgen SS. Thos Lyons & Mary Lowry
Feb 8th, Danl Lyons & Bridget Finn?ey SS Martin Lyons & Ellen ??
Next batch of baptisms not in good nick
?Jan 12th, William Lyons to Anne Lyons, SS. Michl & Margt Lyons
Jan 24th, Michael Waldron to Cath Dyer
SS. Patt Lyons & Honor Dyer
April Thos Lyons to Mary Kayan. S. Mich Lyons & Sarah ??

Feb 6th 1848, Thos Lyons to Catherine Cummane W. John Cummane & Anne Gready

April 10th, Thomas Waldron to Bridget Lyons
Austin & Bridget Lyons

1861 James Hynes to Bridget Lavelle. SS. Pat Lyons & Bridget Lyons
1862 Feb 17th, John Molloy to Ellen Lyons, W. Thomas Kerram & Honor Murphy

March 4th, 1860 Pat Glynn to Bridget Karane, Edward Barson & Mary Kerean

Nov 5th, John Canton & Mary Lyons. Thos Darcy & Mary Caulfield

1862 Feb 16th, Michl Moran to Ellen McGansy. Thomas Kean & Mary Lyons

March 16th Hugh Lyons to Honor Lyons. W. Mathew Lyons & Bridget McGarry

March 8th, 1863 Anthony Lyons to Mary Hopkins. Bryan Hopkins & Margaret Lyons
May 20th, Pat Kelly to Ellen Lyons. Ss Michl Kerran & Mary Farrell

1864 Jan 21st, Andrew Ford to Honor Caulfield. John Kilkenny & Ellen McGeary

Feb 15th, 1864 James Cruice to Margt Lyons. Matt O’Brien & Bridget Lyons
Feb 21st, Peter Lyons to Bridget Flynn. W. Pat Lyons & Bridget Hopkins
Feb 24th, Andrew Lyons to Bridget Mullowney. W. Andrew Fitzmaurice & Mary Egan
Feb 28th, Michael Lyons to Cath Waldron. W. Wm Lyons & Mary Waldron
April 30th, James Morris to Cath Lyons. W. Michl Morris & Cath Lyons
Feb 25th, James Boyle to Margaret Coyne. James Lyons & Mary Coyne
Feb 25th, Michael Cribbin & Cath Lyons. James Cribbin & Bridget Lyons
March 20th, Thomas Lyons to Cath Morris. John Gilfoyle and Mary Tarpy