Baptism Records, Kilnasoolagh, Co. Clare, 1785-93

Kilnasoolagh, Co. Clare,(aka Killenasulagh), Ireland

Diocese of Killaloe

National Archives of Ireland film number MFCI5, M5222

Baptisms: 24th Feb 1785-20th June 1824
Burials 31st. Dec 1786 – 26th April 1828
Marriages: 1st Jan 1799 – 1st Feb 1820
Some mixed event entries on scattered pages 14th July 1823 – 21st June 1829

Baptismal Extracts

Feb 24th, 1785
Ann, the daughter of Ann & Thomas Studdert, Esq., Privately

April 1st, 1785
Frances the daughter of Ma?ry and John McNamara, Esqr. Privately

April 24th, 1785.
John the son of Thomas and Frances Roche. Eliza Fitzgerald, James Fitzgerald, Charles Creagh Esqr., the sponsors

May 5th.1785.
William, the Son of Samuel and Mary Scales. Sarah Jones, William Stamer, Paul Edwards, the Sponsors.

May 15th, 1785.
Hannah, the Daughter of Ambrose & Cecilia Woods. Elizabeth Crosson, Ellen Cross, James Hogan – Sponsors

June 12th, 1785.
Henry Jeremiah, the Son of Sir Lucius & Lady O’Brien. Privately.

September 6th, 1785
John the Son of Doragh and ?Matthew Blood, Esq. Privately

November 6th, 1785
Letitia & Maria, the twin daughters of John & Catherine Jordan. Privately

Burial : January 9th, 1788.
Miss Mary Blood was interred at Killenasulagh

April 20th, 1788
Diana, the Daughter of Anne & James Creagh, Esq., was baptized privately

June 16th, 1788
Anne Coffoe, a foundling was baptised privately.

Burial : November 29th, 1788
Luke Hickman junior, Esq., was interred at Killenasulagh

December 15th 1788
Jane, the Daughter of George & Catherine Austin was baptised. Catherine Dophin, Winny Shea and Joseph Woods sponsors.

Janry 4th, 1789. Henrietta, Catherine. Donatius, Lucinda, Anna Maria, Sydney and Henry Jeremiah, the children of the Right Honerable Sir Lucius & Lady O’Brien were received into the Church. And on the same day, William the son of Mary and Donatius O’Brien, Esq., and Robert the son of Mary and Acheson Trench, Esqr., were also received into the church.

January 6th, 1789.
Elenor, the daughter of ?Trophina & Thomas Roche, privately.

January 15th, 1789
Bridget, the Daughter of James and Mary Nash, privately

February 10th, 1789. Benjamin, the Son of Selena & Michael Hays, Lady O’Brien, Miss Harriet O’Brien, Thomas Arthur, junior Esqr., & Mr Benjamin Sergent, Sponsors.

April 3rd, 1789
Ellen, the Daugher of Anne & James Creagh, Esqr. Privately

Burial : June 21st, 1789. Thomas Hickman Esqr., interred at Killenasulagh

Burial : July 7th, 1789. Mrs. Henrietta O’Brien interred at Killenasulagh

Burial : July 29th, 1789. Miss Ellen Creagh interred at Killenasulagh

September 6th, 1789
Alexander, the Son of Martin & Diana Connolly: Miss Isabella Halloran, Jane Waters, Matthew Weeks & Haddock Mason, Sponsors.

Burial : January 12th, 1790
Samuel Cross was interred at Killenasulagh

April ?8th, 1790
Conner Williams, the son of Right Honble Lucius and Lady O’Brien was baptised privately

November 21st, ?1791
Mary the daughter of Dorothea and Mat. Blood Esq., baptised privately.

Burial : March 7th, 1792
Michael Fitzgerald, Esq., interred at Killenasulagh.

Burial : March 22nd
William Butler Esq., interred at Killenasulagh

Burial : January 15th
Mrs. Eleanor Byrn interred at Killenasulagh

February 25th, 1792
Margret (sic) the daughter of George & Catherine Austin: Eleanor Woods, Catherine Dolphin and John Woods sponsors.

March 17th, 1793
Mary the Daughter of Adam and Elizabeth ?Song : Haddock Mason, Anne Mason and Jane Mason, Sponsors

August 19th, 1793.
Catherine Anne, the daughter of Anne & James Creagh Esq., baptised privately.

Burial : August 26th, 1793.
Mrs. Jane Austin interred at Killenasulagh