Baptism Records, Clara and Gowran, Co. Kilkenny, 1809

Gowran & Clara, Ossory. Baptisms Jan 1st. 1809 – July 20th 1828. Rev. Robert Grace C.C. Placename only given in some instances in first page. Possible that the name I’ve read as Henerey surname is Henesy really! 2 s’s run together in old form in 1809 – first looking like an f then an s. Went to 1817/1818 placename is given at this stage. Very few records for 1821 and no actual dates!! Actual years can be difficult to make out – 1822 seems to go on a long time with a Jan 1st and an Oct 5th entry on top and bottom of one page!! It could be that 1821 & 1822 are confused with years and this might account for missing 1821 entries!

Name Abbreviations found in registers:
Wm = William Jas/Js. = James ; Mich/Mick. = Michael ; Margt. = Margaret ; Jn/Jno. = John or Jonathan; Ally = Anastasia (sometimes) ; Anty = Anastasia/Anastatia ; Lau. = Laurence ; pat/patt = patrick ; May = Mary ; Jos. = Joseph ; Matt. = Matthew ; Onny = Winifred ; Cath. = Catherine ; Danl., Dan = Daniel; Hanna = Hanora or Anne ; Jer. = Jeremiah ; Sally = Sarah ; Bess = Elizabeth, Eliza ; Biddy/bridgt. = bridget ; Fanton = Finton. Nics./Nich = Nicholas ; Thos. = Thomas ; Nelly = Eleanor or Ellen ; Fanny = Frances

Name Father Mother Date
Peter Aylward Nichs Cathr Hoban 05-Jan 1809
Henery Bambrick Jams Anstace Carroll 05-Jan 1809
John Bergin Jams Mary Brophy 07-Jan 1809
James Blanchfield Patt Mary Brenan 08-Jan 1809
Cathr Br?enan Patt Anne Treacy 08-Jan 1809
Jams Breen Patt Anne Wedlock?? 10-Jan 1809
John Breen Wm. Jane Cash 10-Jan 1809
Mary Breen Jams Elenor Heffernon 10-Jan 1809
Patrick Breen Michl Mary Lawler 11-Jan 1809
Anne Brenan Thos Mary Carroll 12-Jan 1809
Anne Brenan Martin Mary Delany 11-Jan 1809
Anstace Brenan Michl Cathr Doyle 13-Jan 1809
Bridget Brenan Martin Mary Delany 17-Jan 1809
Catharine Brenan Thos Joan Lynch 17-Jan 1809
Elizabeth Brenan Jno Elenor Cleary 17-Jan 1809
James Brenan Jno Mary Cain 22-Jan 1809
Joan Brenan Thos Cathr Loughlin 23-Jan 1809
John Brenan Thos Anne Loughlin 24-Jan 1809
Margaret Brenan Jams Elizabeth Meagher 26-Jan 1809
Patrick Brenan Jams Mary Holmes 29-Jan 1809
Anne Brenogue Jno Margt Spruhan 30-Jan 1809
Anstace Bridget (sic) Jams Mary Byrne 31-Jan 1809
Elizabeth Broderick Lau Mary Murphy 31-Jan 1809
Jno Brophy Jams Mary Walsh 01-Feb 1809
Thos Brophy Jno Mary Keeffe 04-Feb 1809
Gregory Bryan Gregory Margt Walsh 04-Feb 1809
James Bryan Philip Bridget Synott 06-Feb 1809
John Bryan Jno Mary Cantwell 06-Feb 1809
James Buggy Jno Bridget n.g. 07-Feb 1809
Anne Bulger Jams Mary Morrissey 13-Feb 1809
Elizabeth Bulger Jno Joan Culin 16-Feb 1809
Cathr Burke Philip Mary McDonnell 16-Feb 1809
John Butler Michl Mary Eagan 19-Feb 1809
Mary Butler Jams Cathr Morrissey 20-Feb 1809
William Butler Jams Mary Hogan 20-Feb 1809
Bridget Byrne Thos Bridget Dobbin 24-Feb 1809
Catharine Byrne Jams Sarah Brass 26-Feb 1809
Catharine Byrne Jams Mary Murphy 26-Feb 1809
Charles Byrne Jno Margt Spruhan 28-Feb 1809
Elenor Byrne Thos Cathr Dobbin 01-Mar 1809
John Byrne Patt Honor Dobbin 01-Mar 1809
John Byrne Jno Bridget Quirk 04-Mar 1809
Margaret Byrne Edmd Margaret Kerevan 05-Mar 1809
Martin Byrne Mathew Joan Murphy 06-Mar 1809
Mary Byrne Thos Mary Naughtin 07-Mar 1809
Patrick Byrne Michl Elenor Boyle 14-Mar 1809
Thos C?ulleton Jams Joan Breen 15-Mar 1809
Mary Ca(?n)field Thos Mary Swain 17-Mar 1809
Margaret Cahill Jno Bridget Kelly 17-Mar 1809
Patrick Cahill Edmd Joan Cullen 18-Mar 1809
Catharine Cain Richd Bridget Commorford 19-Mar 1809
David Carew Edmd Bridget Nevin 19-Mar 1809
Elizabeth Carew David Elenor Keeffe 19-Mar 1809
Daniel Carroll Wm. Mary Spruhan 12-Mar 1809
John Carroll Dan Cathr Tewit 14-Mar 1809
Mary Carroll Dan Honor Walsh 19-Mar 1809
Bridget Cartey Richd Mary Brophy 19-Mar 1809
Patrick Cartey Michl Elenor Kenny 22-Mar 1809
James Carty Michl Elenor Roach 23-Mar 1809
Cathr Cash Martin Elizabeth Fleming 23-Mar 1809
Michael Caulley?? Jams Bridget Keeffe?? 01-Jan 1809
Kyran Clooney?? Theady Elizabeth Heffernon 01-Jan 1809
Joan Commerford Darby Mary Ca… 26-Mar 1809
Mary Connolly Jno Elenor Walsh 26-Mar 1809
Bridget Connors Charles Cathr Hoban 26-Mar 1809
Catharine Connors Jams Cathr Muldowny 28-Mar 1809
Catharine Coogan Martin Margt Brenan 28-Mar 1809
James Coogan Jams Bridget Loughnane 29-Mar 1809
John Corcoran Patt Margt Connelly 02-Apr 1809
Catharine Corrigan Dan Bridget Cormuck 03-Apr 1809
Michl Cranney Martin Cathr Walsh 03-Apr 1809
Elizabeth Croak Jno Cathr Kennedy 09-Apr 1809
John Cullen Jno Cathr Corcoran 09-Apr 1809
Mary Culleton Michl Margt Kelly 09-Apr 1809
Thos Cummins Patt Joan Dwyer 12-Apr 1809
Catharine Deevy Martin Joan Murphy 12-Apr 1809
Mary Delahunty Columbus Mary Kelly 13-Apr 1809
John Delany Philip Joan Boland 13-Apr 1809
Patrick Delaughny David Mary Byrne 16-Apr 1809
Jams Dooly Peter Cathr Moore 16-Apr 1809
John Dooly Peter Cathr Moore 18-Apr 1809
Mary Doran Patt Bridget Delahunty 18-Apr 1809
Michl Dowling Jams Mary Farrell 22-Apr 1809
Thos Dowling Patt Anstace Commerford 23-Apr 1809
Elenor Doyle Nichs Elizabeth Cashin 26-Apr 1809
Joan Doyle Nichs Elizabeth Cashin 30-Apr 1809
Mary Doyle Laur Mary Rice 03-May 1809
Michael Doyle Patt Mary Traverse 11-May 1809
Patrick Doyle Richd Mary Fitzgerald 17-May 1809
Patrick Doyle Peter Winifred Doyle 15-May 1809
Richd Doyle Jno Elenor Shee 18-May 1809
Margaret Drenan Patt Mary Lee 20-May 1809
Joan Dullard Michl Elizabeth Shea 22-May 1809
Bridget Dunn Michl Anstace Ryan 26-May 1809
John Dunn Jno Anne Ryan 27-May 1809
Bridget Eagan Jno Elenor Murphy 28-May 1809
Denis Eagan Jno Elenor Murphy 28-May 1809
James Eagan Richd Mary Navin 28-May 1809
Bridget Farrell Jno Margt Hughes 03-Jun 1809
Bridget Farrell Thomas Mary Moylan 28-May 1809
Joan Farrell Wm. Mary Headen 03-Jun 1809
Mary Farrell Michl Mary Costelloe 05-Jun 1809
Mathew Farrell Michl Joan Farrell 06-Jun 1809
Patrick Farrell Martin Cathr Byrne 07-Jun 1809
William Farrell Jno Hanora Coady 10-Jun 1809
Patrick Fitzgerald Gerald Cathr Keeffe 09-Jun 1809
Joan Fitzpatrick Denis Elenor Byrne 11-Jun 1809
Mary Fitzpatrick Corns Bridget Byrne 12-Jun 1809
John Flanigan Jno Anne Carroll 12-Jun 1809
Elenor Flinn Thos Bridget Hickey 18-Jun 1809
Mary Flinn Andrew Joan Landrigan 18-Jun 1809
Michael Flinn Patt Jane Bailey 18-Jun 1809
Daniel Fowler Patt Allicia Lyster 19-Jun 1809
Honora Garvey Michl Margt Murphy 19-Jun 1809
Michael Giff?en Jams Winifred Menogue 19-Jun 1809
Anstace Glindon Michl Cathr Hickey 21-Jun 1809
Thos Glispen Jams Joan Hoban 21-Jun 1809
Martin Gore Wm. Margt Grace 24-Jun 1809
Elenor Gorman Nichs Mary Walsh 25-Jun 1809
Catharine Grace Edmd Allina Phelan 25-Jun 1809
James Griffith Thos Mary Kavanagh 26-Jun 1809
Saragh Halford Hugh Bridget Farrell 27-Jun 1809
Martin Hammon Harry Bridget Holohan 27-Jun 1809
Elenor Hanlon Jno Margaret Cantwell 28-Jun 1809
John Hanlon Thos Cathr Power 29-Jun 1809
Elenor Hart Jams Elenor Coady 30-Jun 1809
Thos Hart Michl Cathr Quinn 01-Jul 1809
Mary Haylan Thos Cathr Cuddehy 02-Jul 1809
Laurence Healy Laurence Mary Nowlan 02-Jul 1809
Peter Healy Jams Mary Dooly 04-Jul 1809
Anstace Henesy Mathew Margt Ryan 06-Jul 1809
Michl Henesy Patt Elenor Tynan 07-Jul 1809
Elenor Hickey Patt Joan Walsh 08-Jul 1809
James Hickey Jno Elenor Kennedy 09-Jul 1809
Laurence Hickey Jams Mary Phelan 10-Jul 1809
Martin Hickey Martin Anstace Fitzgerald 10-Jul 1809
Mary Hickey Nichs Margt Butler 10-Jul 1809
Patrick Higgins Michl Bridget Meany 14-Jul 1809
Mary Hunt Christopher Mary Brenan 14-Jul 1809
Martin Jones Wm. Bridget Kavanagh 14-Jul 1809
Cathr Kealy Mark Honor O’Donnell 16-Jul 1809
Martin Kealy Thos Anstace Dunphy 19-Jul 1809
Patrick Kealy Patt Margt Walsh 23-Jul 1809
Patrick Kearney Michl Mary Glispen 29-Jul 1809
Patrick Kearney Thos Bridget Nowlan 23-Jul 1809
Andrew Keeffe Mathew Elenor Deneefe 29-Jul 1809
Bridget Keeffe Jno Mary Ring 30-Jul 1809
David Keeffe Patrick Anstace Roach 30-Jul 1809
Joseph Keeffe Andrew ?Honora Kenny 30-Jul 1809
Nichs Keeffe Michl Cathr Tobin 30-Jul 1809
Philip Keeffe Andrew Anne Sutton 31-Jul 1809
Walter Keeffe Mathew Mary Keating 01-Aug 1809
Kenny Keegan Jams Mary Bambrick 06-Aug 1809
John Kelly David Mary Carroll 06-Aug 1809
Michael Kelly Andrew Mary Keeffe 06-Aug 1809
Martin Kennedy Nichs Elenor Tobin 07-Aug 1809
Michael Keough Miles Bridget Meagher 08-Aug 1809
Bridget Kinchela Jams Elenor Murphy 08-Aug 1809
Eliza Kinchela Jams Elenor Murphy 09-Aug 1809
Patrick Landrigan Jams Honora Delany 10-Aug 1809
Richd Landrigan Richd Mary La…. 13-Aug 1809
Anne Langton Daniel Mary Kennedy 13-Aug 1809
Mary Langton Jno Margt Brenan 13-Aug 1809
Edwd Lanigan Edmd Elenor Naddy 13-Aug 1809
Margaret Lanigan Peter Mary Sanpey 13-Aug 1809
Anstace Lannen Nichs Mary Ryan 13-Aug 1809
Cathr Lannen Jams Mary Conden 15-Aug 1809
Patrick Lannen Jno Elizabeth Carter 16-Aug 1809
Philip Laracy Jno Margt Quirk 19-Aug 1809
Michael Lawless Richd Mary Navin 20-Aug 1809
Margaret Loughlin Patt Mary Nowlan 20-Aug 1809
Jams Loughnane Malachy Elenor Brenan 20-Aug 1809
Denis Lyons Joseph Mary Butler 20-Aug 1809
Elizabeth Magrath Jams Mary Feehan 20-Aug 1809
Mary Malone Patt Cathr Shortall 21-Aug 1809
Elenor Mara Jno Margt Delahunty 24-Aug 1809
John Martin Corns Mary Walsh 25-Aug 1809
John McDonnell Patt Elizabeth Corcoran 27-Aug 1809
Mary McGuire Arthur Bridget Quinn 27-Aug 1809
Denis Meagher Laurence Cathr Millet 27-Aug 1809
Timothy Meagher Jno Allicia Keeffe 27-Aug 1809
Anstace Millea Wm. Margt Headen 01-Sep 1809
John Millea Jno Mary Hoban 03-Sep 1809
Mary Millea Walter Elenor Brenan 03-Sep 1809
Patrick Millea Jams Bridget Keeffe 03-Sep 1809
Walter Millea Walter Anstace Farrell 05-Sep 1809
Jams Morrissey Richd Joan Gready 06-Sep 1809
Joan Morrissey Thos Cathr Murphy 09-Sep 1809
Mary Morrissey Richd Mary Murphy 09-Sep 1809
Michl Morrissey Edmd Mary Bulger 11-Sep 1809
Edmd Moylan Tom Allicia Kelly 12-Sep 1809
Mary Moylan Jams Elenor Keeffe 14-Sep 1809
Richard Moylan Denis Bridget Long 16-Sep 1809
James Moyle Henery Mary Ryan 17-Sep 1809
Andrew Muldowny Jno Mary Ryan 17-Sep 1809
Michl Muldowny Jams Mary Heffernon 19-Sep 1809
Margaret Mullins Jams Mary Waters 19-Sep 1809
Anstace Murphy Michl Mary McDonnell 20-Sep 1809
Bridget Murphy Patt Elizabeth Breen 21-Sep 1809
Edmd Murphy Wm. Anne Johnson 21-Sep 1809
Elenor Murphy Luke Mary B?unaughs 24-Sep 1809
Joan Murphy Jno Joan Ryan 24-Sep 1809
Margaret Murphy David Elizabeth Eagan 26-Sep 1809
Margaret Murphy Wm. Mary Gready 25-Sep 1809
Margaret Murphy Richd Elenor White 24-Sep 1809
Mary Murphy Jams Mary Gorman 04-Oct 1809
Mary Murphy Jams Bridget D(??onovan) 26-Sep 1809
Mary Murphy Jno Anne Murphy 01-Oct 1809
Patrick Murphy Jno Mary Brenan x 1809
Peter Murphy Peter Mary Neil x 1809
Timothy Murray Jams Bridget Brenan 07-Oct 1809
Pierce Naddy Richd Elenor Cullen 08-Oct 1809
Margaret Nary Edmd Bridget Murphy 08-Oct 1809
Michael Nary Jno Anne Quirk 09-Oct 1809
Denis Navin Patt Honor Keeffe 17-Oct 1809
Denis Navin Martin Mary Murphy 12-Oct 1809
John Neil Jams Mary Bergin 17-Oct 1809
Patrick Neil Jams Elenor Mallone 19-Oct 1809
Cathr Nowlan Silvester Sarah Cahill 20-Oct 1809
Mary Nowlan Michl Mary O’Hara 22-Oct 1809
Patrick Nowlan Richd Mary Shanahan 26-Oct 1809
Thos Nowlan Patt Anne Nowlan 27-Oct 1809
Joan Ox Thos Margt Quinn 28-Oct 1809
Patrick Ox Marcus Cathr Dobbin 28-Oct 1809
Thos Pembroke Patt Mary Langton 29-Oct 1809
Catharine Phelan Edmd Mary Ryan 30-Oct 1809
John Phelan Jno Cathr Hoban 01-Nov 1809
Margaret Phelan Michl Cathr Somers 04-Nov 1809
Mary Phelan Richd Cathr Trihy 04-Nov 1809
Patrick Phelan Jno Cathr Magrath 05-Nov 1809
Elizabeth Powell? Joseph Mary Neil 02-Jan 1809
Anstace Power Pierce Hanora Henery 05-Nov 1809
Elenor Power Patt Mary Cardel 05-Nov 1809
Michael Power Nichs Mary Meagher 05-Nov 1809
Nicholas Power Patt Joan Waters 08-Nov 1809
John Prendergast Jams Cathr Bryan 08-Nov 1809
Cathr Purcell Patt Mary Lawlor 09-Nov 1809
Patrick Purcell Laur Mary Muldowny 11-Nov 1809
Anstace Purcell?? Wm. Mary Forestal 03-Jan 1809
Bridget Purcell?? Jams Bridget Nowlan 04-Jan 1809
Denis Quinlan Jams Mary Kelly 12-Nov 1809
Anne Quirk Nichs Mary Hughes 12-Nov 1809
Michl Quirk Richd Mary Dunphy 12-Nov 1809
Thos Quirk Nichs Mary Hughes 14-Nov 1809
John Reede Mathew Mary Maddocks 17-Nov 1809
Bridget Reily Patrick Mary White 19-Nov 1809
Catharine Rice Michl Cathr Dunphy 19-Nov 1809
Mary Roach Jno Mary Maddock 19-Nov 1809
Charles Rourke Andrew Mary Clancy 20-Nov 1809
Anstace Ryan Michl Bridget Magrath 25-Nov 1809
Margaret Ryan Michl Margt White 25-Nov 1809
Patrick Ryan Patt Bridget Lannen 26-Nov 1809
Mary S(?i or e)nk Jams Joan Commerford 30-Nov 1809
John Scully Luke Anstace Murphy 02-Dec 1809
Thos Shearman Patt Mary Carroll 09-Dec 1809
Cathr Shortall Thos Bridget Brophy 10-Dec 1809
Michael Shortall Thos Mary McDonnell 12-Dec 1809
Mary Spruhan Jams Mary Morrissey 18-Dec 1809
Mary Synnott Jno Honora Dunn 22-Dec 1809
Kyran Tobin Thos Cathr Kealy 24-Dec 1809
Bridget Traverse Thos Joan Davis 24-Dec 1809
Mary Walsh Kyran Joan Drenan 24-Dec 1809
Mary Walsh Robert Cathr Gardner 24-Dec 1809
Mary Walsh Patt Elenor Henesy 25-Dec 1809
Michael Walsh Walter Anne Cranney 25-Dec 1809
Patrick Walsh Jams Margt Dwyer 25-Dec 1809
William Walsh David Mary Walsh 27-Dec 1809
Patrick Walton Jno Cathr Shee 28-Dec 1809