Baptism Records, Clonegal, Co. Wicklow, 1833

Clonegal Roman Catholic Parish, Counties Carlow, Wexford & Wicklow – Ireland

National Library of Ireland ref: Pos # 4197

Baptismal Index 1833 (complete) & Donohoe, Mahan and selected surnames to 1843

This set of parish records during the years 1833-43 includes townlands from the following Civil Parishes:

Barragh & Moyacomb, Co. Carlow and Moyacomb Co’s Wexford & Wicklow

see Townland Index . The location (civil parish) of some townlands remains unidentified.

Index to Names found in the Roman Catholic Baptismal Register 1833, plus selected surnames to 1843

Sorted by Surname of Child

There are a total of 282 baptisms recorded on this page, 112 of these are for 1833.

All references to the surnames Donohoe and Mahan which could be read 1833 to 1843 are included here.

Overall, the register was easy to read and organised. The mothers name is given as the same as her husband for most of 1833, it is assumed that in the majority of entries this is not her maiden name. The maiden name is given in the later years. Two ‘Sponsors’ are named in most cases, sponsor names are not included in the table below.

Questionmarks indicate record hard to read and best guess.

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Rooney Martha(?M)alDempsey BessBallypierce1838
Shannon MargoJohnShannon MaryNewry1833
Sharpe JohnSandySharpe ElizaLeany1834
Sheill BridgetTimothySheill BridgetMonaughrim1833
Somers MichaelLawrenceBolger CatherineNot given1833
Somers JamesTomSomers MaryNewry1835
Spratt AnnePattDoyle CatherineMelitia1833
Steadman JaneNot namedNot namedCoolroe1838
Swaine JamesJohnDonohoe ?Mar.?Monaughrim1835
Swaine JohnNichDonohoe BidyMonaughrim1840
Swaine Mathew?JohnDonohoe MaryShrough1842
Swan EdwardNickDonohoe BridgetMonaughrim1838
Swayne ???JnDonohoe MargtFarnamodia1838
Thumkin MichaelJas (Thumpkin)Donohoe PeggyGarryhastin1843
Tobin MichaelPattDoyle AntyNot given1833
Tomkins ???JAsDonohoe MargtGarryhastin1838
Tomkins ????JasDonohoe MargtGarryhastin1840
Twamley PeterJohnHowell Bridget??1837
Walker JohnJamesKelly EllenDrumderry1837
Walshe ElizabethJohnDonohoe BiddyFarnamotha1835
Walshe JohnJohnKirwan MaryRahangraney1837
Walshe EdwardJohnNeill MaryLeaney1838
Walshe JohnJohnDonohoe BridgetMaunghrim1838
Walshe JuliaWmDonohoe NessyShraagh1839
Watchorn (?J)aneJohnWhelan ElizaNot given1833
Whelan EdwardTomWhelan KittyCranemore1833
Whelan PeterJohnDonohoe*Drummond1833
Whelan JamesJohnWhelan BiddyRaheengraney1833
Whelan MaryDanBardon Mart.Prospect1835
Whelan JamesEdDonohoe WinifredBallinvootha1836
Whelan ElizaThosKinsella MaryFarnamotha1837
Whelan CatherineEdDonohoe MaryProspect1838