Baptism Records, Cong and The Neale, Co. Galway, 1870-71

This page features hundreds of baptism records for Cong and The Neale in Co. Galway in the early 1870s.

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Brown PatSponsor1870Aug 18th
Browne BridgetChild1870Aug 26th
Browne CatherineSponsor1870Aug 26th
Browne MarySponsor1871Sept 27th
Browne PatFather1870Aug 26th
Browne SarahSponsor1871Aug 5th
Burke BridgetMother1870June 6th
Burke BridgetMother1871Aug 5th
Burke EllenSponsor1870June 6th
Burke JohnChild1870June 6th
Burke MaryMother1870April 8th
Burke MarySponsor1870April 8th
Burke PatFather1870June 6th
Burke TomSponsor1870June 6th
Burke WalterSponsor1870April 8th
Byrne PeterSponsor1871April 20th
Casey MaryMother1870Aug 18th
Caulfield BridgetSponsor1870Aug 22nd
Caulfield CatherineChild1870Aug 18th
Caulfield JohnFather1870Aug 18th
Caulfield MichaelChild1870Aug 22nd
Caulfield MichaelSponsor1870Aug 22nd
Caulfield PatFather1870Aug 22nd
Caulfield PatSponsor1871Jan 27th
Conneeley DenisSponsor1871Dec 6th
Conneely BridgetMother1870May 8th
Connor HenrySponsor1871May 29th
Conroy ThomasChild1870Aug 5th
Conroy TomFather1870Aug 5th
Devanney MarySponsor1870April 3rd
Devanney MichaelChild1870April 3rd
Devanney PatFather1870April 3rd
Doherty CatherineSponsor1870Aug 21st
Doherty JamesSponsor1870Aug 21st
Doherty JudyMother1870Aug 21st
Donnellan BridgetMother1870Aug 22nd
Dooridan MargaretMother1870Sept 8th
Duddy ThomasFather1871Dec 6th
Duddy ThomasChild1871Dec 6th
Duffy JohnFather1870Sept 17th
Duffy MichaelChild1870Sept 17th
Egan TomSponsor1870June 12th
Fahy? WinneySponsor1870Aug 25th
Fallon JohnChild1870July 8th
Fallon PatFather1870July 8th
Farragher JudyMother1870Aug 26th
Farragher MaryMother1870May 13th
Farragher MaryMother1870April 3rd
Farragher MarySponsor1870May 14th
Farragher MichaelSponsor1870Aug 25th