Baptism Records, Cong and The Neale, Co. Galway, 1870-71

This page features hundreds of baptism records for Cong and The Neale in Co. Galway in the early 1870s.

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Farragher PatSponsor1870Aug 26th
Farragher PatSponsor1870April 3rd
Feenahty? PatSponsor1871May 26th
Flannelly JohnFather1870Aug 21st
Flannelly JohnSponsor1870May 14th
Flannelly MargaretMother1871April 20th
Flannelly MaryMother1870May 14th
Flannelly MarySponsor1871April 20th
Flannelly MichaelChild1870Aug 21st
Flood KittySponsor1870June ??
Flood MaryChild1870March 3rd
Flood MichaelSponsor1870March 3rd
Flood PatFather1870March 3rd
French BridgetMother1870Aug 25th
Garvey JohnChild1870May 14th
Garvey PatFather1870May 14th
Geoghegan BridgetChild1870May ??
Geoghegan MargaretSponsor1870May ??
Geoghegan ThomasFather1870May ??
Gibbons BridgetSponsor1871Jan 27th
Gibbons JudyChild1871Jan 27th
Gibbons MichaelFather1871Jan 27th
Hardiman MariaChild1870June 12th
Hardiman MichaelFather1870June 12th
Hare MarySponsor1870July 8th
Harte StephenSponsor1871Aug 21st
Haughton JudySponsor1870Aug 5th
Hennelly BridgetMother1871Feb 18th
Heskin JohnSponsor1870June ??
Heskin MaryMother1870June ??
Holian MaryChild1870Aug 18th
Holian TomFather1870Aug 18th
Hughes AnneChild1871Dec 27th
Hughes JamesFather1871Dec 27th
Hughes PatSponsor1871Dec 27th
Jennings BridgetChild1871May 29th
Jennings EdwardFather1871May 29th
Joyce BessyMother1870Sept 17th
Joyce HonorMother1870Aug 5th
Joyce MarySponsor1870May 8th
Joyce MarySponsor1870May 13th
Joyce MarySponsor1871May 26th
Joyce MichaelChild1870May 13th
Joyce PatFather1870May 13th
Joyce SallyMother1871May 26th
Joyce StephenSponsor1870May 13th
Kane CatherineSponsorAug 22nd1870
Kane DarbySponsorAug 22nd1870
Kane MichaelFatherAug 22nd1870
Kane MichaelChildAug 22nd1870
Kavanagh CatherineSponsorAug 18th1870
Kavanagh JohnFatherAug 21st1870
Kavanagh ThomasChildAug 21st1870
Kavin or Navin MaryMotherJuly 8th1870
KeADY JamesChildMarch 22nd1871
KeADY TomFatherMarch 22nd1871
Keady TomSponsorMarch 22nd1871
Kelly AnneMotherJuly 29th1871
Kelly JohnSponsorSept 17th1870
Kelly MarySponsorSept 17th1870
Kennedy MargaretMotherSept 27th1871
Kennedy PatSponsorNov 23rd1871
Laffey BridgetSponsor1870July ??
Laffey MargaretMother1870July ??
Laffey MartinFather1870July ??
Laffey MartinChild1870July ??
Laffey MartinSponsor1870July ??
Langan or Largan BessySponsor1870Aug 18th
Lanigan?? JamesSponsor1870May ??
Largan or Langan MaryMother1870Aug 18th
Leonard MarySponsor1870Aug 5th
Lydon MargaretSponsor1871Oct 14th
Lydon PatSponsor1871Oct 14th
Lynah ?MartinFather1870March 4th
Lynah AnneChild1870Sept 8th
Lynah BridgetChild1870April 8th
Lynah BridgetSponsor1870March 4th
Lynah BryanFather1870June ??
Lynah JohnChild1870June ??
Lynah MargaretChild1870March 4th
Lynah MichaelFather1870Sept 8th
Lynah PatSponsor1870Sept 8th
Lynah Peter (John)Father1870April 8th
Malia MargaretSponsor1870Sept 8th
Malley MarySponsor1871Feb 18th
McEvoy MaryMother1871Oct 14th
McTigue MarySponsor1871May 29th
Meenahan?? BridgetSponsor1871Dec 27th
Melotte MichaelFather1871Aug 5th
Melotte SarahChild1871Aug 5th
Melotte ThomasSponsor1871Aug 5th
Millsett?? MaryMother1871Jan 27th
Monaghan BridgetChild1871Nov 23rd
Monaghan JohnFather1871Nov 23rd
Moran AnthonySponsor1871June 2nd
Moran CatherineSponsor1871June 2nd
Moran HonorMother1871June 2nd
Moran JamesFather1871June 2nd
Moran JohnChild1871June 2nd
Moran MarySponsor1870June ??