Baptism Records, Cong and The Neale, Co. Galway, 1870-71

This page features hundreds of baptism records for Cong and The Neale in Co. Galway in the early 1870s.

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Moran MarySponsor1871Aug 21st
Morrin BridgetMother1870Aug 5th
Morrin MaryChild1870Aug 5th
Morrin PatFather1870Aug 5th
Mulkerrin MariaSponsor1870June 12th
Mullooney MAryMother1871Nov 23rd
Mullowney JohnSponsor1870March 4th
Mullowney MarySponsor1871Nov 23rd
Mulroe MarySponsor1871March 22nd
Mulroe PatSponsor1870May 8th
Mulroe PatSponsor1871Sept 27th
Murphy AnneMother1871Dec 27th
Murphy BridgetMother1870June ??
Murphy BridgetMother1871Dec 6th
Murphy DenisSponsor1870March 6th
Murphy MarySponsor1871Dec 6th
Murphy WaltSponsor1870June ??
Noone MartinChild1870March 6th
Noone PatFather1870March 6th
Noone JohnFather1871April 20th
Noone MaryMother1870March 6th
Noone MarySponsor1870March 6th
Noone PatChild1871April 20th
O'Donnell HughSponsor1870May 11th
O'Donnell JohnFather1870May 11th
O'Donnell JohnChild1870May 11th
O'Donnell MaryMother1870May 11th
Phillips JohnFather1870May 8th
Phillips MargaretChild1870May 8th
Prendergast AnthonyChild1871Sept 27th
Prendergast WaltFather1871Sept 27th
Quinn CatherineMother1871May 29th
Rochford AndrewFather1871Feb 18th
Rochford BridgetChild1871Feb 18th
Rowland BridgetMother1870March 3rd
Rowland MarySponsor1870March 3rd
Rowland MichaelSponsor1871Feb 18th
Ryan SabinaMother1870March 4th
Shaughnessy BridgetChild1871July 29th
Shaughnessy JohnSponsor1871July 29th
Shaughnessy PatFather1871July 29th
Sweeney BridgetMother1870May ??
Thornton JudyMother1871March 22nd
Tierney LarryFather1871May 26th
Tierney SarahChild1871May 26th
Varley MaryChild1871Aug 21st
Varley MaryMother1871Aug 21st
Varley TomFather1871Aug 21st
Varley?? SallyMother1870Aug 22nd
Wall CatherineChild1871Oct 14th
Wall JohnFather1871Oct 14th
Walshe AnneSponsor1870Aug 21st
Walshe BridgetChild1870June ??
Walshe FrancisFather1870June ??
Walshe HonorSponsor1871July 29th
Ward JohnFather1870Aug 25th
Ward MaryChild1870Aug 25th
Whelan CecilyMother1870June 12th