Baptism Records, Cookstown, Derryloran, and Desertcreight, Co. Tyrone

Cookstown, Desertgreight & Derryloran

Some notes re the condition of these records

Some comments on the film with these parish records and baptismal extracts from this film.

Cookstown (Desertcreight/Desertcreat) – Co’s. Tyrone & Londonderry
Baptisms: Jan 2nd 1827 – Dec 28th, 1851
Jan 1st 1852 – Sept 10th, 1858
Oct 17th, 1858 – Dec 19th, 1880(listed as Desertcreight & Derryloran (Cookstown))
Marriages: Jan 23rd, 1827 – Sept 8th, 1858
Jan 23rd, 1859 -Dec 4t, 1880
NLI Pos. 5585

Notes: 1852

Jan 1st??
page 1. Very difficult to read – faded and spidery writing
Eliza Jane to Charles Mony & Elizabeth ?Toner
William ? & Mary ??

Jan 5th
Thomas of John M’?Guirk or M’Grath & Ann M;Neil

Jan 21st Bridget of Arthur M’Clusky & Sarah ?Kelly or Sheil
Arthur & Ellen M’Clusky

As extra entries on opposite page – legible
Jany 1852 : ??? Of ?Mark Quin & Sarah ?Gribben
Bernard & ?Rose Quin

Jan 16th John of James M’Cullagh & Mary M’Culagh
John Ca?sse or Carne & Catherine ?M’Garrity
About 61 more pages of very poor handwriting and faded film

Baptisms: ink is heavier – becomes easier to read!

Baptisms Oct 17th 1858 – Dec ?18th 1880


Dates, with child and parents names e.g.
Oct 17th, 1858 : James of Patrick ?McConanny or Conanny & Rose McEl?line
S.S. Patrick Toner & Isabella McCrory

Register very difficult to read, lines running through film and when the script is faded these lines add to the difficulty of reading.