Baptism Records, Donoughmore and Kilcooney, Co. Galway, 1800s

National Library of Ireland film number 4219

This register is possibly referenced as Donoghpatrick & Kilcloone in other sources

Baptismal record extracts and comments on state of register or film

Partial extract of parish registers listed below, as per film #4219 in the National Library of Ireland, Dublin. The date is given and any children baptised on that date are listed one after the other – the mothers surname is given in this register, where a name was difficult to read there is a ? and where I was not too sure as to the name – there is an ‘or’.

Donoughmore & Kilcooney
Baptisms : April 8th, 1844 – June 30th, 1844
Nov 12th, 184?4 – June 9th, 1861
Aug 1st, 2863 – Dec 27th, 1880
Marriages: April 8th, 1844 – Dec 6th, 1846
Dec 8th, 1849 – June 15th, 1861
Sept 12th, 1863 – Nov 18th, 1880



April 8th, ?KIDIN of Martin FARRELL & Mary Monaghan
ss. John Thornton & Anne O’Donnell
Pat of Willm McDONNIL & Bridget Clunan
ss. John Conway & Judy Monaghan

April 14th Thos of Patt Glynn & Margt Fahy
SS John Donilan & Mary Fahy

May 27th, Pat of Peter Greany & Bridget Hansbury?
SS. Thos Faraher & Bridget Gibbons

June 22nd, Walter of James Keating & Sally Porter
Ss fFrancis Shears & Nappy Kine

John of Denis Connel & Eliza ?Porter or Portin
ss. Pat Connel & Bridget Murphy

p. 3 – page 2 repeated
November 1849

1850 ?Feb 5th
Honoria of Thos. Culkin & Mary Glynn
SS Denis Connel & Ellen Cottingham
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Feb 26th Michl of Austin Gibbons & Margt Lyons
ss. Danl Hession & Cath Hoban

?Sept 24th
Mary of J Collins & B. Daly
ss. James Kelly & Bridget Coleran

records hop back to 1849
Place names mentioned at this point
Beghabeg Nov 15th 1849
Poulnahalla Nov 20th
Carramore Nov 27th

Next page 1850
?Jany 15th?Caltra
Cath of Pat Hessoin & Mary ?Conerne
SS. Thos Walsh & Bridget Garry

May17th 1850
Cath of Pat Cannon & Anne Garry. Ss. Michl Thornton & Honor Cannon

Next p. 1850 June 15th
July 31st 1850
Oct 6th 1850 ?Rilvolhue Honor of John Ready & Mary Higgins SS. Patt Higgins & Mary Daly
15th Feragh, Mary of Thos Glynn & Cath Hanly. Ss Owen Glynn & Honor Hanly

Nov 9th * top of next page
1851 Feb 10th, Sarah of Peter Tierney & Kate O’Brien
ss Michl Tierney & Bridget Flynn
Jan 12th, Cath of Peter Corcoran & Winifd Bourke.
Ss John Bourke & Cath Glynn
Feb 10th Patt of Patt Glynn & Bridget Bourke
ss. Thomas & Mary Glynn

May 10th *June 25th, Churching of Mrs. N. Glynn

July 26* top of next page

July 26th, Winifred of Michl Carr & Mary Graney
ss. Thos Glynn & Honor Graney
Auug 29th, Michl of Keady Mangan & Cath Cunningham. Ss. Nicholas & Margaret Glynn
Oct 24th, Mary of Michll Graney & Brid Lally
s. John Lally & Cath Gibbons

Nov 3rd* top of page
?Penopel of Michl Glynn & Mary Nevell. Ss. Thomas & Honor Glynn

Jany 3rd, 1852
James of Martin Gibbons & Mary Biggin. Ss. Martin Col?? & Cath Biggin

45 more pages for the most part – counted pages in singular – this figure should be doubled
1866 ink & script lovely – placenames given

1867 bad and 1870’s very bad ink very faded

c. 1877 film is torn – one side of page entries missing.

Up to that – another 30 plus pages from last number