Baptism Records, Doonane, Co. Laois, 1843

Diocese of Kildare & Leighlin, Doonane & Mayo Roman Catholic parish, Index to ALL Baptisms recorded in the six months of 1843

Portarlington RC parish records on microfilm
baptisms: Jan 1st, 1820 – Nov 22nd, 1846
Nov 25th, 1846 – Feb 27th, 1876
Mar 5th, 1876 – Dec 26th, 1880

Marriages: Nov 24th, 1822 – July 16th, 1845
July 21st, 1825 – June 21st, 1876
Jan 14th, 1876 – Nov 27th, 1880
NLI pos. pos 4205

The names of the children and their parents, plus dates are given here. Townlands are given in the register but are quite difficult to read

This index was transcribed and created by Jane Lyons. No guarantee is given as to 100% accuracy. Witness names are also given in the register, these were not transcribed. This parish register begins on 21st June 1843 and the names of the children baptised up to the end of December 1843 are recorded here. Some names or surnames were difficult to read, those with a question mark indicate best attempt at the name

Mothers Surnames or spelling variations which do not appear as childrens surnames : Baggete – Barry – Brennan – Clear?? – Cody – Colgan – Conroy – Conway – Corcoran – C

First Name Abbreviations
Ally = Anastasia (sometimes), Bess = Elizabeth, Eliza, Biddy, Bridgt. = Bridget, Betty = Elizabeth ; Cath. = Catherine, Danl., Dan = Daniel, Fanton, Finton = Fintan , Hanna = Hanora or Anne, Honner = Honora, Honoria, Jas. Js. = James, Jer. = Jeremiah, Jim = James , Jno. = John or Jonathan, Jos. = Joseph, Judy = Judith ; Lau. = Laurence, Matt. = Matthew, Michl, Mick. = Michael, Margt. = Margaret, May = Mary, Murty, Murtha = Martin ; Nelly = Ellen, Eleanor ; Onny = Winifred, Pat = Patrick, Peggy = Margaret ; Sally = Sarah, Thos., Thoms., = Thomas, Richd = Richard, Winn, Winny = Winifred ; Wm = William

Name Father Mother Date
Beaty ?? Michl Mary ?? 23-Oct 1843
Jno Allen Jas Anne Moore 22-Nov 1843
Thos Bambrick ?Wlm Margt Clare 21-Dec 1843
Andy Barlier?? Richard Margaret Barlier?? ?July 1843
Cathr Boyle Owen Beidy ?? 24-Dec 1843
Patt Brenan Jas Cath Moore?? 17-Sep 1843
Eugene Brenan Pat Mary Brenan 22-Aug 1843
Denis Brenan John Mary Comerford 11-Sep 1843
Jas Brenan Dan Anne Delany 15-Nov 1843
John Brenan Mick Mary Dunne 26-Dec 1843
James Brenan Jas Judy Laugh(lin) 25-Jun 1843
Anne Brenan Mick Mary Maher 20-Aug 1843
Martin Brenan Edwd Anne Moore 09-Nov 1843
Edward Brenan Wlm Betty Murphy 20-Nov 1843
Jas Brenan Thos Cath Nash 20-Dec 1843
Bridget Byrne Patt Mary Comerford 26-Nov 1843
Mary Ca?mmel Joseph Biddy Dooan 06-Dec 1843
Thos Campian Martin Cath Brenan 17-Dec 1843
Bridget Carrol Michael Anne Hughes 04-Nov 1843
Thos Caughlan Thos Margt Haughny 24-Dec 1843
John Condron Pat Bridget Moore 23-Jul 1843
Mary Condron Jas Ellen Reily 17-Sep 1843
Mary Daly Robert Mary Delany 31-Oct 1843
Margt Dealy Jno Margt Kialy? 15-Aug 1843
Michael Delany Pat Bridget Brenan 03-Sep 1843
Mary Dillon Frances Bridget Comerford 24-Dec 1843
Patrick Dobbin Nicholas Betty Condron 14-Jul 1843
John Donolly Brian Bridget Coogan 21-Aug 1843
George Dormer Nick Mary Brenan 23-Jul 1843
Cathrn Doughny Daniel Eliza Kealy 10-Dec 1843
Mary Dowling John Anne Clear 27-Aug 1843
Martin Dowling Michl Mary Mul(?hall) 14-Oct 1843
Jerom Dowling Martin Cathr Purcel 26-Nov 1843
Anne Dowling?? ? Anne Brenan?? 23-Jul 1843
Anne Dowling?? Jas Fanny Keating?? 04-Oct 1843
Cathr Doyle Moses Cath Freeman?? 01-Nov 1843
Maria Doyle n.g. n.g. n.g. 01-Oct 1843
Elizabeth Dugan Jas Cathr McCan 27-Dec 1843
Margaret Franey?? Andrew Ellen Bergan 25-Sep 1843
Frances Gargin Mick Anne Doo?awn 15-Oct 1843
Anne Goldin?? Michl Anne Ryan 20-Aug 1843
Thos Golding Jno Mary Brenan 04-Dec 1843
Ellen Goldrick John Mary Raack?? 19-Oct 1843
Michael Graney?? John Mary Brenan 09-Sep 1843
Anne Hackets Patt B?unty Riely 26-Nov 1843
Margaret Haughny John Margaret Muldowney 23-Jul 1843
Margaret Hosey Patt Bridget Coogan ?19 Jul 1843
Jno Hosey Patt Eliza Purcel 25-Jun 1843
Patt Kavanagh Martin Cathr Quinn 16-Jul 1843
Michael Kealy Jas Margaret Dowling 09-Sep 1843
Mary Keating Edward Betty Mack?? 28-Oct 1843
Catherine Kelly Tom n.g. n.g. 30-Jul 1843
Michael Kenedy Michael Bridget Boy(le) 21-Jun 1843
Anne King Mick Judy Bryan 24-Jun 1843
Michael King Murt ?Dolly Quin 28-Jul 1843
Jas Lalor Dan Margaret Brenan 17-Jul 1843
Wlm Lalor Michael Biddy McDonald 21-Oct 1843
John Lynan Mick Mary Breean? 26-Dec 1843
Patt Manning Hugh Mary Dowling 17-Jul 1843
Richard Marnell?? Richard Mary Ball 22-Nov 1843
John McDarby Richard Mary Moore 15-Aug 1843
Jas McDonald Mick Kitty J?oulain 13-Jul 1843
John McGee Pat Cathr Moore 17-Sep 1843
Dan Moore Abban Mary Brien 01-Sep 1843
Margt Moore Jno Mary Hughes 29-Jun 1843
Thos Moore Thos Allice King 14-Dec 1843
Thomas Moran John Margaret Neil 21-Aug 1843
Thos Mulhall n.g. Mary Boyle 26-Nov 1843
Beaty Mullan Dennis Beaty Evers 30-Jun 1843
Patt Murphy Mick Ellen Conagan 16-Jul 1843
Wlm Murphy Jas Bridget Lalor 17-Jul 1843
Ellen Murphy Pat Margaret Ryan 23-Oct 1843
Thos Nash PAtt Mary Shane?? 13-Dec 1843
Bridget Nash Pat Bridget Brenan 26-Nov 1843
Mary Nash Jas Eliza Wall 28-Aug 1843
Richard Nash Phil Anty Whelan 10-Sep 1843
Stephen Neil Jno Cathr Clear 26-Dec 1843
Jane Neil Michael Mary Delany 10-Sep 1843
Mary Neil Jno Margt Holmes 11-Aug 1843
Thos Neil Thos Maryane Thomson 05-Jul 1843
Mary Pike Thos Bridget Purcel 17-Sep 1843
Catherine Price Patrick Ellen Brenan 13-Aug 1843
Ger Roane Darby Mary Carroll 06-Dec 1843
Mary Roberts Martin Margt Murphy 17-Aug 1843
Cathr Rutlidge Henery Margt Larrell or Farrell? 29-Jun 1843
Mary Sexmit Wlm Mary Conron 10-Dec 1843
John Shallows Ned Ellen Brenan 24-Jun 1843
Matthew Shallows Ned Ellen Brenan 24-Jun 1843
Margaret Shine or Shore John Margaret Byrne 30-Jul 1843
Michael Slattery Michael Mary Nowlan 27-Sep 1843
Mary Tobin Tom Cath Boyle 24-Jun 1843
Mary Tobin Jas Mary Conran 23-Jul 1843
?Jas Tuny or Tirny? Jas Cath Whealan?? ?July 1843