Baptism Records, Drumgooland, Co. Down, 1832

Lower Drumgooland Roman Catholic Parish, Diocese of Dromore: Baptismal Index, 1832

The names of all children listed in the Baptismal register for this parish are indexed below, alphabetically by the child’s surname. The register also contains the names of sponsors (Godparents) to each baptism. The townland that they came from is noted in the register in most cases. The index below does not contain townland names. This section of the register is reasonably easy to read.

Placename spellings as on the register are not the exact same as those listed in the Townlands directory of 1851

Ballydrummond = Ballydrumman ; Ballymagenaghy = Ballymaginaghy ; Clamaghera = Clanmaghery ; Cloughskett = Cloughskelt ;Decomet or Drucomet = Deehommed ; Derryneal = Derryneill ;Drumadonald = Drumadonnell ; Gargary = Gargarry ; Maghermayo = Magheramayo ; Moneysland = Moneyslane


Child Father Mother Date
Sarah Bannan Patk King Margaret 29-Jul 1832
Sarah Bannen Charles Murphy Ellen 05-Dec 1832
William Bery?? William O’Hare Catherine 24-Sep 1832
Jane Burns John McClone Elizabeth 22-Sep 1832
Patrick Burns Michael Ward Catherine 15-Jun 1832
Patk Campbell Terence Grant Ellen 06-Jun 1832
John Clark James ?Kouon Isabella 16-Sep 1832
Ellen Conatty Arthur Gallagher Bridget 09-Dec 1832
William Connelly Meredyth Peden Jane 08-Aug 1832
Patrick Donnelly James Grimes Cicily 22-Jul 1832
Rose Doran Thos McAvoy Elizabeth 13-May 1832
Charlotte Downey John McCourt Margaret 19-Aug 1832
Mary Downey Hugh O’Hare Mary 27-May 1832
Arthur Doyle Arthur Burns Ellen 06-Nov 1832
James Doyle Nicholas Conatty Mary 24-Nov 1832
William Doyle Patk Morgan Mary 26-Jul 1832
Catharine Dreany Michael Doyle Agnes 16-Oct 1832
Patrick Duncan William O’Hare Mary 18-Apr 1832
James Finigan Laughlin McKrickert Rose 08-Jul 1832
James Gilmer John Doyle Ann 27-Nov 1832
Catharine Greenan William McPolin Rose 24-May 1832
Rose Greenan James Burns Ellen 15-May 1832
James Heney Henry Campbell Biddy 13-Jun 1832
Bridget Joice?? Thomas Holmes Mary 24-Apr 1832
Rose Keenan Isais Ward Ann 19-Aug 1832
John Keenan James Gilmer Ellen 31-Dec 1832
Sarah Keenan Arthur Joice Rose 02-Sep 1832
Owen Keenan or Feenan (*Twins) John Burns Cicily 11-Jul 1832
Margaret Keenan or Feenan (*Twins) John Burns Cicily 11-Jul 1832
Patrick Kelly Patk Donnelly Mary 23-Sep 1832
William King Peter O’Hagan Nancy 10-May 1832
John King James Doran Margaret 06-Jun 1832
Francis King John Rooney Margaret 14-Jul 1832
Cecily King Hugh O’Hare Rose 29-May 1832
James King Daniel McConville Rose 05-Jun 1832
Peter King Michael Kelly Agnes 17-Oct 1832
Hugh Lynch Hugh McCann Mary 18-Aug 1832
Thomas Mageen Bernard Walsh Rose 14-Jun 1832
James Mageen James Ward Sarah 18-Jun 1832
Bridget Mageen Nicholas Burns Catherine 19-Aug 1832
John McAleenan?? Patrick McAleenan Mary 19-May 1832
Hugh McAlernon John Megraw Catherine 13-Aug 1832
Rose McAnerney Peter Malone Bridget 01-Aug 1832
Mary McArdle Hugh Burns Elizabeth 06-Nov 1832
James McAvoy Peter Branigan Margaret 20-Jun 1832
Patrick McAvoy Domnick ?Irevons or Trevons Catherine 24-Mar 1832
Thomas McCabe James O’Hagan Mary 19-Apr 1832
Patrick McCabe Patk Mulholland Margaret 03-Jun 1832
Bernard McCabe Alexander McCartan Agnes 14-Nov 1832
Bridget McCann Hugh Doran Margaret 29-Jul 1832
Michael McCarton Edward Murphy Anne 19-Sep 1832
Francis McMahon Michael McMahon Mary 01-Jul 1832
James McNally Michael Magee Catherine 27-Oct 1832
Paul Megrai?? Thos Ward Bridy 16-Apr 1832
Patrick Morgan Owen O’Hare Mary 27-May 1832
Catharine Mulholland Thomas Laughlan Margaret 03-Oct 1832
James Murphy Andrew Donnelly Ellen 21-Aug 1832
Sarah Murphy John Hinnon or Kinnon Rose 01-Jul 183