Baptism Records, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, 1838

National Library of Ireland film number 2469. Index to all names found these records for 1838 and miscellaneous 1872-77. This register is in Latin. For 1838, the child’s name, parents names and Sponsors(Godparent’s) names are given, but no address (townland). The names of most children baptised in 1838 were taken. Mother’s, Fathers, and Sponsors were noted for Foley, Fitzgerald and some other surames over all years. For the most part the register is reasonably legible except at the bottom of the pages. Some entries (or parts of) from this section of any page may be missing from this index. A townland or address is given in most instances in the 1870 registrations.

Noonan CorneliusFather1838
Noonan NicolausChild1874
Noonan PatritiusFather1874
Nowlan JoannesChild1838
Nugent RicardusChild1838
Nugent ThomasChild1838
O'Brien CatharinaChild1838
O'Brien EdmondusSponsor1872
O'Brien JacobusChild1838
O'Brien JacobusChild1838
O'Brien JoannisChild1838
O'Brien MichaelChild1838
O'Brien MichaelChild1838
O'Brien PatritiusChild1838
O'Connell CatharinaChild1838
O'Connors JuliaSponsor1876
O'Donnell MargaritaSponsor1838
O'Meara CatharinaMother1874
O'Meara StephanusChild1838
O'Meara ThomasChild1838
O'Neil HesyonisChild1838
O'Neill ThomasSponsor1877
O'Regan? ThomasSponsor1872
Ormonde BrigidaMother1872
O'Shea MariaChild1838
Parks Maria Joseph JaneChild1838
Paterson Elizabetha CatharinaChild1838
Phelan AnastasiaSponsor1873
Phelan AndreasChild1838
Phelan MariaMother1838
Power BrigidaChild1838
Power CatharinaSponsor1874
Power CatharinaChild1838
Power EllenMother1877
Power EllenaMother1874
Power EllenaMother1873
Power GuliulemusChild1838
Power HonoraChild1838
Power JoannaSponsor1875
Power JoannesSponsor1873
Power JoannesChild1838
Power JulianaChild1838
Power MargaritaMother1838
Power MargaritaChild1838
Power MariaMother1874
Power MariaMother1873
Power MariaChild1838
Power MichaelSponsor1876
Power MichaelChild1838
Power PatritiusChild1838
Power PatritiusChild1838
Power RicardusChild1838
Qualy MichaelChild1838
Quinlan ThomasSponsor1873
Quinn?? CatharinaMother1876
Quirk ElizabethChild1838
Quirke HonoriaSponsor1873
Raher ThomasChild1838
Rawley ElizabethaChild1838
Roache CatharinaChild1838
Roache DaclaviusChild1838
Roache ThomasChild1838
Robertson MariaChild1838
Roche CatharinaSponsor1873
Ronan MariaChild1838
Ropnane? JoannesSponsor1872
Ryan CatharinaMother1838
Ryan JacobusChild1838
Ryan MariaMother1838
Ryan MichaelSponsor1877
Ryan PatritiusChild1838
Savage ThomasChild1838
Scanlon ??Mother1873
Scanlon CatharinaSponsor1874
Scanlon MariaSponsor1838
Scanlon MichaelChild1838
Shea ?AlinnmdusChild1838
Shea BrigidaChild1838
Shea JoannaChild1838
Shea JoannaChild1838
Shea JoannesSponsor1838
Shea MariaMother1874
Sheane RicardusChild1838
Sheehan BrigidaChild1838
Sheehan EllenaChild1838
Sheehan Joanna TeresaChild1838
Sheridan DionysiusSponsor1838
Sheridan ThomasChild1838
Shil GuliulemusChild1838
Shiur MattheusSponsor1877
Shmond or Hammond? BrigidaChild1838
Slattery JulianaSponsor1838
Smyth JacobusChild1838
Snow AugustinusChild1838
Snow MargaritaChild1838
Spratt GuliulemusChild1838
Spratt Julia?Sponsor1874
Stack AnnaChild1838
Stack? BrigidaMother1874
Stack? BrigidaMother1872
Sten?? BrigidaMother1877
Sten?? BrigidaMother1877
Stuart AnnaChild1838
Sullivan ???Sponsor1873
Sullivan CatharinaChild1838
Sullivan MariaChild1838
Sullivan MariaChild1838
Sullivan PatritiusChild1838
Sullivan PetretiusSponsor1872
Sullivan ThaddeusChild1838
Tallon ElizaMother1872
Tallon ElizabethaMother1874
Toomy ?JacobusChild1838
Tracy MariaChild1838
Troy BrigidaChild1838
Troy HelenaChild1877
Troy JoannesFather1838
Troy JoannesFather1877
Troy JoannesFather1873
Troy MichaelChild1873
Veale AnnaChild1838
Veale AnnaChild1838
Veale CatharinaChild1838
Veale MariaMother1872
Veale? EllenoraChild1838
Vincent MichaelChild1838
Wade AliciaMother1873
Wade ThomasChild1838
Wall JoannesChild1838
Wall MariaMother1838
Wall MariaMother1838
Wallace MariaMother1838
Walsh ?ThomasSponsor1838
Walsh BrigidaChild1838
Walsh CatharinaMother1838
Walsh CatharinaSponsor1874
Walsh CatharinaChild1838
Walsh EllenaSponsor1876
Walsh EllenaSponsor1872
Walsh JeremiaChild1838
Walsh JoannesSponsor1874
Walsh MargaritaChild1838
Walsh MargaritaChild1838
Walsh MargaritaChild1838
Walsh MariaChild1838
Walsh MichaelChild1838
Walsh MichaelChild1838
Walsh NicolasChild1838
Walsh ThomasSponsor1838
Walsh ThomasSponsor1876
Ward PatritiusChild1838
Weade CatharinaChild1838
Weade MariaSponsor1838
Weade PatritiusChild1838
Whelan CatharinaChild1838
Whelan JoannesChild1838
Whitty MichaelSponsor1874