Baptism Records, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, 1838

National Library of Ireland film number 2469. Index to all names found these records for 1838 and miscellaneous 1872-77. This register is in Latin. For 1838, the child’s name, parents names and Sponsors(Godparent’s) names are given, but no address (townland). The names of most children baptised in 1838 were taken. Mother’s, Fathers, and Sponsors were noted for Foley, Fitzgerald and some other surames over all years. For the most part the register is reasonably legible except at the bottom of the pages. Some entries (or parts of) from this section of any page may be missing from this index. A townland or address is given in most instances in the 1870 registrations.

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Cleary CatharinaMother1874
Cleary CatharinaSponsor1838
Coale ThomasChild1838
Cody MariaChild1838
Cody MariaChild1838
Coffy? EleanoraChild1838
Colbert JoannaChild1838
Collins MichaelChild1838
Condon BrigidaMother1872
Condon JacobusChild1838
Conn?esy MariaSponsor1838
Connel MaurituisChild1838
Conners ??Sponsor1874
Connoll ?stelanusChild1838
Connolly? JuliaMother1873
Connors MaurituisChild1838
Conron? BrigidaMother1875
Coppinger EllenaChild1838
Corney CatharinaSponsor1838
Cotter JacobusChild1838
Coughlan GuliulemusChild1838
Coughlan JoannesChild1838
Cousins? CorneliusChild1838
Crawford JoannisChild1838
Cregh CatharinaChild1838
Croneen PatritiusChild1838
Crotty CatharinaSponsor1872
Crotty CatharinaChild1838
Crotty JoannaChild1838
Crotty MariaChild1838
Crow NicholausChild1838
Crowe? MartinusChild1838
Cummins CatharinaChild1838
Cuneen? DavidChild1838
Cunningham ThomasSponsor1838
Curran BrigidaSponsor1873
Curran CatharinaMother1838
Curran CatharinaSponsor1872
Curran MariaSponsor1838
Curran martinusSponsor1838
Curran RicardusSponsor1873
Curtin EllenaChild1838
Cussan BrigidaChild1838
Cussen? JoannaChild1838
Cussi??? MichaelChild1838
Dalton GuliulemusChild1838
Dalton MariaChild1838
Daly BrigidaMother1838
Daly? BrigidaMother1838
Daniel ???Sponsor1874
Daniel CatharinaChild1838
Daniel JoannesSponsor1838
Daniel MichaelChild1838
Dee JoannusChild1838
Dee NicolasChild1838
Dee ThomasSponsor1838
Denn JacobusChild1838
Dennehy AliciaChild1838
Divine DanielSponsor1838
Divine MargaritaSponsor1838
Donohue JoannesChild1838
Dower MariaChild1838
Dower MichaelChild1838
Dowley JoannaChild1838
Downey JoannesChild1838
Downing MichaelChild1838
Draper JoannaChild1838
Duraper EllenaSponsor1875
Egan JoannesChild1838
Egnes? JacobusChild1838
Fallon? ElizabethaMother1876
Fitzpatrick MariaChild1838
Flaherty JacobusChild1838
Flanagan BrigidaChild1838
Flanagan MichaelChild1838
Flynn CatharinaSponsor1876
Flynn EllenaChild1838
Flynn JoannaMother1875
Flynn JoannaSponsor1874
Flynn MargaritaMother1876
Flynn MargaritaMother1873
Flynn MariaChild1838
Flynn MauritiusSponsor1876
Flynn MichaelSponsor1874
Foy? JacobusChild1838
Foy? JoannesChild1838
Fudge CeciliaChild1838