Baptism Records, Durrow, Co. Laois, 1789

The names of the children baptised in the Roman Catholic parish of Durrow for the year 1789 are listed below as well as the names of their parents. It was not possible to read some pages of this section of the register, the number of question marks which I have are indicative of how hard it was to read. If you are looking for someone from this parish during this time frame and can’t find them listed here, then it is advisable that you look at the register yourself or employ a professional genealogist to do so.

?n.g. means that I had no townland in my file and to tell the truth, it’s so long since I looked at this part of the register, I can’t remember if it was a case of the townland name being illigible or it was not listed! Tables are sorted alphabetically by the surnames of the children, see below for surnames of mothers or sponsors not found amongst those of the children.

Mother surnames/spelling variations not occurring as children’s surnames: Arp ; Bergan ; Brich (?Birch) ; Broder ; Brophy ; Brutt : Cahill ; Carroll ; Coyne ; Crah ; Croake ; Daton ; Dowling ; Drenna ; Dwyre ; Egan ; Flanagan ; Grady ; Hibbtis ; Hoban ; Holahan ; Holohan ; Hutchson ; Hynes ; Jones ; Justin? ; Kennedy ; Laherty ; Maher ; McEvoy ; Morrisy ; Muldoney ; Rat?ley ; Robinson ; Scott ; Shaw ; Shiel ; Sheridan ; Smith ; Sweeny ; White.

Surnames/spelling variations appearing as Sponsor surnames (not given here) and not occuring as a child or mothers surname: Brenogue ; Broderick ; Broren? ; Cantwell ; Cashin ; Clear ;Commerfd ; Comons ; Conran ; Coogan ; Dollard ; Dooley ; Dooly ; Drenan ; Dulhanty ; Dullaw ; Evans ; Farrell ; Fogarty ; Ford ; Geagle ; Glyndon ; Glynnan ; Glysann ; Greary ; Griffith ; Hawkins ; Henderson ; Horohan ; Hutchson ‘ Ivans ; Keally ; Kealy ; Kearny ; Keys ; Kinchela ; Knaresborough ; Larken ; Loury ; McCarty ; McDermot ; McGrath ; McLoghlan ; Morrisy ; Nugent ; Purcel ; Querny ; Roberts ; Rourke ; Scully ; Shee ; Shelly ; Shine ; Spencer ; Strang ; Trainor ; Wall

Name Father Mother Date
Ellenor ????? Edmund Allice ????? May 7th
Mary Aspel Wm Mary Hynes Sept 17th
Sara Bergin Pat Margt. Sweeny June 20th
Bridget Boe Martin Nancy Walsh Jan 9th
Mary Boe ?Ned Judy Kelly Dec 17th
Denis Bolger Jno Betty Grady Feb 20th
Jas Brett Martin Bridget Kelly July 15th
Pat Brophy Jno ???? ???? May 3rd
Denis Brophy Pat Grace Larken Jan 26th
Jno. Brophy Thos Margt. Crah June 4th
Anne Butler Thos. Cath. Laherty Dec 13th
Mary Butler Jas. Mary Maher May 31st
Margt Butler Ond Mary Maher May 31st
?Andrew Byrne ?Jno Margt. Delany Dec 31st
Thos. Campion Danl. Margt. Butler Dec 21st
Adam Cassin Pat Mary Brophy Sept 18th
Michael Clear Roger Mary Keenan July 19th
Bridget Cody Charles Mary Broder Jan 26th
Bridget Cordial Martin Bridget Grady March 1st
Denis Coyle Wm Mary Smith May 6th
Honor Dalton Edmd Mary Phelan May 26th
Bridget Dalton Jno or Jos.? Mgt. Lalor Jan 6th
Mary Dalton? Wm Jenny ?Justin Dec 29th
Jas Deegan Edmd ????? Fitzp. July 15th
Phil Deegan Larry Cath Kennedy Juy 11th
Elenor Delany Martin Cath Cody March 8th
Jas Delany Bernard Grace Hibbits July 30th
Edward Delany Edward Eleanor White May 29th
Mat. Delany Danl. Anty Maher Feb 14th
Richard Dirreen Pat Mary White Jan 17th
Jno. Doran Jas. Eliz Bergan Aug 4th
Jas Dulhunty Jas. Bridgt Cahill July 15th
Mathias Dullard Wat. Bridget Phelan July 11th
Mary Dunne Wm Anty Moore Sept 23rd
Thos Dunphy Joseph Cath Fletcher May 15th
Wm Dunphy Larry Cath Fitzg. May 28th
Danl Dwyer Martin Cath Morrisy June 14th
Wm Elliott Jas. Mary Brutt Jan 1st
Pat Fitzg. Michl. Bridget Walsh Jan 25th
Cath Fitzgerald Michael ?? May 7th
Jno. Fitzp. Wm Elenor Doran March 11th
??? No name Fitzp. Danl. MAry Dowling Dec 16th
Mary Fitzp. Pat Bridget Delany March 10th
Pat Fletcher Lalor Lalor Sara May 22nd
Thos. Genan Pat Cath. Carroll Dec 4th
Bridget Glysian Jno Cath Cahill May 14th
Francis Gohagan Jas. Judith Cahil May 18th
Pat Golden Pat Nancy Coyne Jan 24th
Mary Gorman Edmd Anty Cahill Aug 28th
Tom Gorman Ned Mary Gylfoyle May 10th
Cath Gorman Joe Mary Phelan July 20th
Laurence Grogan Jno Sara Fitzp Aug 6th
Nancy Gylfoyle Michl. Mary Cody Jan 21st
Thos Heas Charles Bridget Delany July 19th
Cath. Heose? Wm. Mary Dwyre Dec 1st
Mary Holasky Kieran Nancy Brich June 29th
Edmd Holland Kieran Mary Byrne July 16th
Wm Horan Mat Mary Gylfoyle Jan 18th
Mat Jacob Pierce Anne Cassin Sept 6th
Jno. Keas Wm Cath Tobin Aug 13th
Betty Keating Maurice Mary Arp Feb 8th
Jeremy Keenan Terence Bridget Phelan March 18-26?
Judy Kelly Jno Mary Scott Dec 15th
Margt Kelly Danl. Ally Murphy March 18th
Michl Kelly Jas. Mary Hutchson Sept 25th
Jno. Kelly Michl. Betty Tynan March 2nd
Nancy Kelly Ned NAncy Holohan Dec 13th
Paul Kenna ?Jno Mary Laherty March 10th
??? King Pat Ann McEvoy Dec 6th
Jas Lalor Pat ???? Tobin July 17th
Frances Lodge Tom Mary Phelan May 4th
Mary Loughman Jno Elenor Phelan Oct 15th
Eliz Lowry Jno Ally Butler Aug 10th
George Lynch Pat Mary Mulhall July 4th
Edmund Mahony Laurence Honora Fitzg. June 14th
Eve Mara Jas. Bridget Lalor Dec 3rd
Mary Marshal Pat Margt. Mara July 25th
Thos Mathews George Kitty Delany Aug 24th
Jno. McDaniel Jno Cath Phelan Aug 6th
Wm Moore Pat Mary Jones June 15th
Philip Moore Michael Judy Phelan July 21st
Cath Moran Michl. Mary Sheridan May 7th
Jno. Mulhall Pat Margt. Lowry June 28th
Michl Mullone ????? Bridgt ?????? March 11th
Mary Mulroney Thos Honora Fitzp June 15th
Jas Murphy Michl. Nancy Keas July 4th
Timothy Murphy Jno Judy Delany March 26th
Pat Neal Jno Mary Lalor Aug 9th
Mary Palmer Wm Sally Keas Aug 21st
Mary Phelan Pat Mary Murphy June 17th
Sara Phelan Timy Margt. Phelan Oct 21st
Margt Phelan Wm Honoria Phelan Dec 14th
Elenor Phelan P?? Nanny Mulhall March 12-17?
Danl Phelan Michl. Mary Holahan Oct 20th
Pat Phelan Denis Honora Sheil Aug 20th
Margt Phelan Ned Bridgt Phelan Oct 5th
Mary Phelan ????? Nancy Fitzp March 10th
Jno. Phelan Mathias Honor Doran July 9th
Michl Quin (Cuin) Christopher Bridgt Muldony Sept 24th
Mary Reddin Pat Dolly Egan Feb 16th
Wm Reilly Ned Anne Robinson Sept 24th
Betty Ryan Jas. Bridget Hoban July 11th
Hugh Shelby Peter Bridget Delany Feb 18th
Richard Talbot Denis Margt. Shaw June 9th
Mary Tobin Jno Elizabeth Phelan Jan 24th
Jno. Troy Michael MAry Flanagan Feb 8th
Bridget Tynan Vester Margt. Holohan July 24th
Martin Walsh Jno Mary Drenna Oct 19th
Betty Walsh Ned Mary Croake Sept 16th
Rose Walsh Michael Margt. Daton March 26th
Margt Walsh Michael Margt. Daton March 26th
Jno. Walsh Michael Margt. Daton March 26th
Elenor Woods Tim Cath Rat?ley March 12-17?
??? ?? ?? Betty Dunne Feb 8th