Baptism Records, Feakle, Co. Clare, 1860-61

Baptism records for the town of Feakle, Co. Clare in the early 1860s. National Library of Ireland film number 2476. Latter Day Saints Library film number BFA 979654 item 5 & 979696 items 5 & 7.

Surname and Name Status Year Date
Allen Mary Sponsor 1861 April 16th
BRIEN Honoria Mother 1860 April 22nd
BUGLER Bridget Mother 1860 Aug 29th
CAHILL Nancy Mother 1860 Sept 16th
Canny Mary Sponsor 1860 April 29th
Canny Pat Sponsor 1860 April 30th
Canny Pat Sponsor 1860 June 6th
CARTY James Child 1860 June 6th
CARTY Michl Father 1860 June 6th
Clune Pat Sponsor 1861 Feb 17th
Collins Margaret Sponsor 1860 April 30th
CON???? Mary Child 1860 May 26th
CON???? Michl Father 1860 May 26th
CONNELL Anne Mother 1860 Sept 16th
CONNORS Bridget Mother 1860 June 6th
Connors Darby Sponsor 1860 Aug 29th
CONNWAY or CONNERY Mary Mother 1861 Feb 17th
CONWAY Michl Child 1860 Aug 11th
CONWAY Pat Father 1860 Aug 11th
Dillon Mary Sponsor 1860 June 2nd
Doogan Catherine Sponsor 1860 Sept 16th
DOOGAN Mary Mother 1860 Sept 7th
Doogan Pat Sponsor 1860 Sept 7th
DOYLE Jane Mother 1860 June 2nd
FARRELE Mary Child 1860 July 27th
Farrele Nancy Sponsor 1860 July 27th
FARRELE Thos Father 1860 July 27th
Finnessy Ellen Sponsor 1860 Sept 2nd
FINNESSY Mary Mother 1860 Sept 2nd
FLANN?ERY John Father 1860 Sept 16th
FLANN?ERY Michl Child 1860 Sept 16th
FLANNERY Bridget Mother 1860 May 9th
Flannery?? James Sponsor 1860 May 9th
FLYNN Hugh Father 1860 June 26th
FLYNN John Child 1860 June 26th
GAVIN Catherine Mother 1860 April 29th
HALLORAN Bridget Mother 1860 May 2nd
Halloran Maria Sponsor 1860 Aug 29th
Halloran Tom Sponsor 1860 June 2nd
HAYES Edmond Child 1861 May 11th
HAYES Edmond Father 1860 July 28th
HAYES James Child 1860 July 28th
HAYES Ned Father 1861 May 11th
HEALY Anne Mother 1860 May 3rd
Healy Bridget Sponsor 1860 May 3rd
Henchy Dennis Sponsor 1860 Sept 2nd
HOGAN Anne Child 1860 April 30th
HOGAN Catherine Mother 1860 July 8th
HOGAN John Father 1860 April 30th
KEATINGE Michl Child 1861 April 16th
KEATINGE Michl Father 1861 April 16th
Keefe Daniel Sponsor 1860 April 22nd
Keefe Dennis Sponsor 1860 July 27th
Keefe Ellen Sponsor 1860 April 22nd
KEEFE Michael Father 1860 April 22nd
KEEFE Michl Child 1860 April 22nd
KELLY Mary Mother 1860 May 26th
KENNEDY Mary Mother 1860 April 30th
LAHIFFE Catherine Child 1860 May 2nd
LAHIFFE Michael Father 1860 May 2nd
LEYDAN Anne Child 1860 June 2nd
LEYDAN Pat Father 1860 June 2nd
Mack ???? Sponsor 1860 June 6th
Mack John Sponsor 1860 Aug 27th
MACK Mary Child 1860 Aug 27th
MACK Stephen Father 1860 Aug 27th
Macnamara Maggie Sponsor 1861 May 11th
Macnamara Michl Sponsor 1861 May 11th
McGennis Ellen Sponsor 1860 Sept 16th
McGINNIS Mary Mother 1860 June 6th
McGrath Kate Sponsor 1860 Sept 16th
McMAHON Margaret Mother 1860 May 19th
McMahon Margaret Sponsor 1860 Aug 11th
McMahon Thos Sponsor 1860 Aug 11th
McNAMARA Anne Child 1861 Feb 17th
McNamara Annie Sponsor 1860 July 9th
McNAMARA Dennis Father 1860 Oct 9th
McNAMARA Hannah Mother 1860 July 9th
McNAMARA James Father 1861 Feb 17th
McNAMARA John Child 1860 May 25th
McNAMARA John Child 1861 Feb 15th
McNAMARA John Father 1861 Feb 15th
McNAMARA Margaret Child 1860 Oct 9th
McNAMARA Margaret Mother 1861 April 16th
McNAMARA Mary Mother 1861 May 11th
McNAMARA Mary Mother 1861 Sept 13th
McNAMARA Michl Child 1860 Sept 16th
McNAMARA Pat Father 1860 May 25th
McNamara Thady Sponsor 1861 Sept 13th
McNAMARA Thos Father 1860 Sept 16th
MEALY Mary Mother 1860 May 25th
Miniter Mary Sponsor 1860 Aug 27th
MINOGUE John Child 1860 Aug 29th
MINOGUE Pat Father 1860 Aug 29th
MOLONY Catherine Child 1860 July 9th
Molony John Sponsor 1860 June 15th
Molony Margaret Sponsor 1860 July 8th
Molony Mary Sponsor 1860 June 6th
MOLONY Michl Father 1860 July 9th
MORONY Denis Father 1860 May 3rd
Morony Denis Sponsor 1860 July 8th
MORONY Ellen Mother 1860 Oct 9th
Morony Hannoriah Sponsor 1860 Sept 14th
MORONY John Child 1860 May 3rd
MORONY John Child 1860 July 8th
MORONY Mary Mother 1860 Sept 14th
MORONY Michl Father 1860 July 8th
MORONY Michl Father 1860 Sept 14th
Morony Michl Sponsor 1860 Sept 14th
MORONY Nancy Child 1860 Sept 16th
MORONY Nancy Mother 1860 July 27th
MORONY Thady Father 1860 Sept 16th
MORONY Wm. Child 1860 Sept 14th
Morrissey Pierse Sponsor 1860 July 9th
Morrissey Pierse Sponsor 1860 Sept 16th
Morrissy Michl Sponsor 1860 July 28th
Morrisy Annie Sponsor 1860 July 28th
MURPHY James Child 1860 June 15th
MURPHY John Father 1860 June 15th
Nelson John Sponsor 1860 Oct 9th
Nelson Margaret Sponsor 1861 Sept 13th
NELSON Thos Father 1861 Sept 13th
NELSON Wm. Child 1861 Sept 13th
Nugent Bridget Sponsor 1860 Oct 9th
O’BRIEN Bridget Mother 1861 Feb 15th
O’Dea Bridget Sponsor 1861 Feb 15th
O’Dea Larry Sponsor 1860 June 6th
O’Dea Margaret Sponsor 1860 May 25th
O’MEARA Maria Mother 1860 June 26th
O’Shea Johannah Sponsor 1860 Sept 7th
PEPPER Anne Child 1860 June 6th
PEPPER James Father 1860 June 6th
POWELE Margaret Mother 1860 July 28th
Powele Margaret Sponsor 1860 June 15th
Purcell Edmond Sponsor 1860 May 19th
QUIRK Onny Mother 1860 Aug 27th
Rochford Bridget Sponsor 1860 May 9th
ROCHFORD David Father 1860 May 9th
ROCHFORD John Child 1860 May 9th
Rochford Michl Sponsor 1860 May 3rd
RODGERS Bridget Mother 1860 June 15th
Ryan John Sponsor 1860 April 29th
RYAN Mary Child 1860 May 19th
Ryan Mary Sponsor 1860 May 19th
RYAN Pat Father 1860 May 19th
SHEA Bridget Mother 1860 Aug 11th
SHEA Mary Child 1860 Sept 7th
SHEA Pat Father 1860 Sept 7th
Tobin James Sponsor 1860 Sept 16th
TUOHEY Catherine Mother 1860 Sept 16th
TUOHEY Con Father 1860 Sept 2nd
TUOHEY Margaret Child 1860 Sept 2nd
Tuohy Anne Sponsor 1860 June 26th
Tuohy Thos Sponsor 1860 June 26th
TWOHY Mary Child 1860 April 29th
TWOHY Pat Father 1860 April 29th
White Catherine Sponsor 1861 Feb 17th