Baptism Records, Gambonsfield, Kilcash, Co. Tipperary, 1840

This page features free baptism records for Gambonsfield, Kilcash, Co. Tipperary in the year 1840. The records are in alphabetical order of the child’s surname.

Dr. Jane Lyons’ Notes

Here I have a slight problem in that I have labelled the excel file ‘Gammonsfield’ with no mention of Kilcash and normally I give the film the name that I see written on the parish records in the film. It could easily be that I made a mistake and thought I had two m’s instead of an m and a b in the name but I would not have missed out on the Kilcash. That being said, the baptismal records for this parish begin on Jan 1st, 1840-Feb 1st, 1856 and then Feb 16th, 1856-Dec 27th, 1880 and I give you those records for that first year, 1840. Placenames are not given in the parish records for this year, the records are in Latin, meaning that the first name is given in Latin and the surname in English. I did not take the names of the witnesses or sponsors. There are two films on which there are records for this parish and their references in the National Library of Ireland are 2452 and 2453. It seems that the LDS does not have copies of these films. All question marks indicate where I had a problem reading a letter or deciding on a name. The names are sorted alphabetically by that of the child, the names of children for which I had a problem with the surname come before the alphabetical sorting.


Name Surname Father S Mother Mother Date
Catharinam ?Commons Patricii Hickey Brigida Mar-05
Patricium ?Duhy or Deely Thoma Shea Maria Mar-05
Margaritam ?Gorman Joannis Neagle Ellena Jan-13
?Michaelum ?Gorman Jacobi ?Lendon Ellena Jun-13
Catharinam ?Haagay or Flagay Gulielimi Duggin Anastacia Mar-12
Patricium ?Henesy Davidum Harty or Lanty? Anastace Mar-17
Honoram ?Herly Patricii Hacket Margarita ?Jan 13
Patricium ?Kickham Edmundii Clancy Maria Jun-15
Elliner ?Nagle Gulielim Quin Honoria ?Jan 19
Joannem ?Quinn Joannis Wall Margarita May-17
Gulielmum ?Smiths Gulielmi Lonergan Maria Mar-07
Joanem ?Sulivan Michaelia White Maria Jun-07
Mariann Allen Jacobi Lynch Honoria Jun-01
Ellinor Brien Jacobi Neill Brigida Feb-02
Gulielmum Burke Joannis Butler Catharina May-29
Patricium Burne Michaelis Quin Maria Mar-03
?Marian Ca?net Jacobi ?Bermingham ?Sun? Feb-02
Richardum Callinan Joamis Allin Maria Apr-16
Joannem Callinan Richardii ?Hanigan Maria Jun-19
Julianan Carrol Edmondi ?Bretten Maria April 2?8
Catharinam Casey Mauritii Lonergan Maria Mar-17
Johanam Caughlan Michaelis Murphy Elin Mar-29
Joannam Clifford Jacobi Feeny Catharina Feb-21
Brigidam Commons Philipii ?Cardal Brigida Apr-01
Catharinam Connelly Joannis Daly Catharina Mar-21
Michaelum Coony Edmondi Neill Maria Apr-26
Laurentium Corbett Jacobi Connell Catharina Mar-03
Joannam Crotty Nicolai ?Keily Margarita Apr-17
Joannem Crotty Michaelis Kil?foy Maria May-01
Brigidam Cuddihy Jeremii Walsh Maria Mar-01
Jacobum Curtin Jacobi Kenedy Margarita May-19
Mariann D…? Joannis Smith Brigida Feb ?12
Catharinam Daniel Joannis Houlahan Margarita Mar-22
Mariann Donn…? Thoma Corbet Brigida Apr-17
Joannem Donnell Michaelis Murphy Brigida Apr-29
Patricium Driscol Danielis Carty Catharina Mar-14
Mariann Flaherty Richardii Connelly Ellena Apr-26
Iulian Fogarty Edmondi ?Casey Margarita Jan-09
?Bann? Foley Edmundii Kain Maria Jun-18
Johannam Gleeson Michaelis Gawl Brigida Jun-14
Redmundum Gorman Thoma Shea Maria Apr-23
?? Greene Michaelis ?Coony Alicia Feb-12
Brigidam Hacket Patricii ?Ahary Ellena May-03
Philipum Hacket Gulielimii Walsh Elisabeth May-14
Andrewwm Halloran Andrii Osborne Catharina Apr-17
Jacobum Hearacy Gulielimii Butler Catharina May-28
Margaritam Henesey Gulielimii Walsh Ellena Apr-22
Edmundum Hickey Michaelis King Margarita Jan ?26
Mariann Houlahan Jacobi Lonergan Elena Apr-08
Andream Keary Nicholas Carny or Carry Catharina Jun-23
Brigidam Keating Gulielum Cahell Honora Jun-12
Joannem Kenedy Dionsii O’Neil ?Eliza Jan-09
Patricium Keys Edmundii Mullally Brigida Apr-17
Danielem Lee Joannis Hickey Honoria Apr-27
Margaritam Lonergan Joannes Crotty Ellinor Mar-05
Patricium Lonergan Joannis Connelly Catharina May-17
Dionicum? Mara Thoma Henesey Ellena Jun-01
Joannem Meagher Joannis Walsh Maria Jun-17
Johannam Meany Thimothii Doyle Honora May-20
Mariann Moore Robertii Walsh Winnifred Apr-14
Catharinam Mullowny Thoma O’Dee Elin Feb-18
Joannem Murphy ?Joannis Shine Alicia Jan-12
Joannem Murphy Michaelis Ryan Honoria Mar-31
Dyonium Neil Edwardii Walsh Maria Apr-07
Honoram Neil Thoma Daulton Honora May-29
Patricium Phelan Joannis Lonergan Ellenor Mar-17
Joannem Phelan Dionsii Minihan Ellena Apr-13
Joannim Phelan Jacobi McGrath ELlena May-27
Thomasam Poe Jacobi Carew Maria Jun-16
Aliciam Power Gal?fredi ?nugent Brigida Mar-06
Gulielmum Power Antonii Neagle Maria Apr-09
Mauricium Power Patricii Walsh Johana Apr-24
Joannem Power Andrii Crotty Margarita May-14
Brigidam Purcell Joannis Hogan Anstacia May-13
Margaritam Quinlan Joannis Connors Maria May-24
?Maurice (Manim?) Quinn Jacobi Sullivan Brigida Jan-23
Margaritam Reddy Gulielimii Holden Brigida Apr-13
Thomasam Regan Michaeli White Margarita Jan-02
Patricium Ryan Thoma ?..aunton Johanna Mar-11
Catharinam Ryan Thoma Hogan Margarita Apr-30
Gulielmum Slattery Gulielmi Casey Catharina Jan-20
Jacobum Wall Joannis Lonergan Ellin Jan-31
Mariann Walsh Edwardii Conners ?Elain Jan-01
Mariann Walsh Richardii Commons Anastace Mar-15
Edwardum Walsh Patricii Kenedy Johana Apr-03
Aliciam Walsh Thoma Morrisey Ellena Apr-18
Michaelum Walsh Michaelis Cantwell Maria May-22