Baptism Records and Marriage Records, Kelly Surname, Co. Dublin, 1800-05


Thomas Boylem (?Boylan) to Bridget Kelly. Witnesses: Pat & Mary Finnegan and Francis Beggly. Married at Quarry Lane Moores. April 14th 1804.

John Carr to Catherine Dogherty. Witnesses: Walter Kelly and Mary Caffrey. Married at 128, Church St on Jan 1st 1804

John Connolly to Anne Maguire. Witnesses: Peter Reilly and Bridget Kelly. Bow street & George’s Lane. Nov 5th 1803.

Richard Copeland to Anne Taylor. Witnesses: Edwd. Kelly and Anne Hickey. 4 Brown St. Feb 12th 1804.

Arthur Cullen and Catherine Kelly. Witnesses: Catherine Cullen, Mary Kelly and Pat Reilly. In vestry. June 26th 1803

Matthew Curran and Mary Kelly. Witnesses: Pat Reilly and Eliza & Rose Barry. 42 King St. Oct 31st, 1803.

John Doonin (?Dornin) and Sarah Smyth. Witnesses: Pat Reilly, Anne Bowford and Sarah Kelly. Marriage took place at Caddells Widow House, Black Horse Lane. Sept 10th 1804.

Patrick Kelly and Mary Mulock. Witnesses: Pat & John Mulock and Jno & Eleanor Walker. Wedding took place in Priests room on Dec 26th 1802.

Peter Kelly and Sarah Segrave. Witnesses: Pat Reilly and Eleanor Young. Wedding took place in Blackhorse Lane on Sept 14th 1802.

Thomas Kelly and Cath. Kenny. Witneses: Jas Ruth and Mary Kenny. Wedding took place at 116 North King St on Feb 12th 1804.

Joshua Lett and Mary Linch. Witnesses: Jas Kelly and Eliz. Kennedy. Wedding: 11 Tighe St. on Aug 14th 1802.

Daniel McDermott and Mary Tynan. Witnesses: James grant, Eliza Kelly and Anne Walker. Took place at King St., near Stoneybatters Corner house on Aug 19th ?year

William Moore and Margaret Fry. Witnesses: Daniel Might, James Passley, Mary Might and Bridget Kelly. Temple & Barracks Streets. Aug 5th ?year

James Passeley and Catherine Connor. Witnesses Stephen Kelly, Joseph Kirk and Mary Martin. Barrack St., and 12 Arran Quay. Aug 23rd 1804.

John Madden and Eleanor Morgan. Witnesses: Pat Reilly, Mary Kirk and Sarah Kelley. 5 Queen’s St. Oct 4th 1803.


Anne Brady dau of Thos & Margaret. Witnesses Jno Kelly & Elizabeth Nead. 64, Manor St. Back room. Nov. 5th 1802.

Marianne Higgins. Dau of Jno and Mary. Witnesses: William Barry and Judith Kelly. 4 Browne St. Jan 9th 1803.

William Kelly, son of Pat & Anne. Witnesses: Pat Cummins and Mary Quinn. 44 Manor St. Jan 21st 1805.

Judith Kelly dau of James & Bridget. Witnesses: Peter Nulty and Bridget Byrne. 22 Bow street, back of house March 1st 1804

Margaret Kelly dau of William and Mary. Witnesses: Jno Toole, Richard White & Anne Duffy. 43 Smithfield, shop March 25th 1804.

Richard Kelly, son of Bryan and Mary. Witnesses Hugh & William Nulty, Mary Kelly.4 Cathren’s Lane. Sept 13th 1804

John Kelly son of Owen & Catherine Margaret. Witnesses: Thos Ford and Mary Comber. 17 hendrick St. May 15th 1803.

Mary Kely dau of Michael & Margt. Witnesses Michael Merritt and Anne Murphy. 2 Eve’s Court, Red Cow Lane. April 3rd 1803

Margaret Kelly dau of Matthew & Rose. Witnesses: Jos Donohue, Charlotte Clarke and Mary Landy. 11 Thomas St. July 25th 1802.

Patrick Kelly son of William & Katherine. Witnesses: Nathaniel Crowe, Anne Logy. Grange Lane, corner of Lowe Lane. Sept 5th 1802.

Mary Kelly, dau og Edw. & Catherine. Witnesses: Franke Tankard and Sarah Smith. Blackhorse Lane. Sept 5th 1802.

Luke Kelly Son of Jas. & Sarah. Witnesses: Philip Morris and Elizabeth Byrne. In the park beside the Lodge (?Phoenix park) Oct 20th 1802.

William Kelly, son of Bartle & Catherine. Witnesses: Jas. Walshe & Mary Bell. 3 Silver street. Nov 1st 1802.

Margaret Nugent, dau of Michael & Margaret. Witnesses: Bryan Kelly and Mary Nugent. Kathren’s Lane. Nov 8th 1802.

Marianne Reed, dau of Joseph & Margaret. Witnesses: Mathew Donough and Mary Kelly. 51 King St in the street garden. March 30th 1803.

Sarah Rooney, dau of Luke & Catherine. Witnesses: Laurence Kelly and Rachel Farrell. 41 Prussia St. Feb 20th 1803.

Laurence Rourke, son of henry & Elizabeth. Witnesses: john Byrne and Sarah Kelly. Kitchen Garden. Lieutenant in the Park. Feb 18th 1804.

John Toole, son of John & Anne. Witnesses: John Byrne and Anne Kelly. 21 Smithfield. April 13th 1804.

James Walsh, son of Walter & Jane. Witnesses: Jno Dignam & Susanna Kelly. 9 Queen St. Cellar. Nov 22nd 1802.