Baptism Records, Kilbeacanty/Kilveconty, Co. Galway, 1855

Baptisms: Aug 6th, 1854 – Jan 7th, 1881

NLI pos. 2442
LDS BFA: 0979692 item 3

The names of the children baptised, their parents when given, and adults ‘churched’ or baptised during the years 1855-56 are listed below. No guarantee is given that the index is correct. Spellings of names are as read in the register. Question marks indicate that the entry was difficult to read and the name listed is a ‘best guess’ This section of this register was not too easy to read, placenames are given but the pages are damaged and the writing is bad, few can really be made out. In some places the year given was confusing and may have been either 1855 or 1856

Bridget BarrettWillmFahy Fanny28-Apr 1855 or 1856
Margaret BlanchThosHarte Honor17-Jun 1856
Martin Brady?James??? Catherine01-Oct 1856
Bridget BurkeJamesMan...? Mary14-May 1855 or 1856
Martin BurkeMartinLynsky Anne29-Jan 1856
Peter BurkeStephenMcMahon Catherine29-Jun 1855
Bridget CallinanThosCooney Bridget24-May 1855 or 1856
Mary CallinanPeterFahy? Catherine20-Aug 1856
Patt CallinanPattHanlon Bridget27-Apr 1855 or 1856
Martin CoenBryanO'Loughlan Biddy20-Oct 1856
Mary ComberMichlNevil? Mary30-May 1855 or 1856
Ellen Connelly?Thos??? Anne10-Aug 1856
Honor ConnellyMichlLynch Honor09-Jun 1855
Margaret Corbet?James??? ???09-Aug 1856
Mary CorlessJohn??? Mary25-Jul 1856
Timothy DailyBartlyCrom?ey Norrie07-Jul 1856
Matthew DaneMatthewKearney? Catherine21-Jan 1856
Name torn off, Donohoe????Martin???? ????26-Mar 1855 or 1856
Patt EganMichlHa...? Anne12-Mar 1856
Torn. ?Michl EganDenisConnors? Mary15-Aug 1855
Ellen FahyThosGlynn Catherine27-May 1855 or 1856
Thos FahyThosFord? Kate02-Dec 1856
Winifred FahyJamesMullins? Mary20-Sep 1856
Mary Farrell?Willm??? Sebina11-Jun 1855 or 1856
James FinucanNo parents namedNo parents named28-Nov 1855
?John FoardJohnConnell Bridget20-Nov 1856
Honora FordThosFahy Catharina06-Jun 1855 or 1856
?James GillaneMichlShaughnessy Margaret26-Jun 1855
?Thos GlynnThosC... Bridget09-Sep 1856
Maria GlynnJacobusHarte Jane28-May 1855
Michl GlynnPattGlynn Anne?13/11 1856
Patt GlynnPattFord? Margaret26-Feb 1856
Patt GlynnPattLeonard? Margaret12-Feb 1856
Torn. ?Michl GlynnMichlNason Margaret22-Jul 1855
Peter GrimesDarbyFahy Mary15-Nov 1856
Michl Hallinan?JohnFahy Mary15-Sep 1856
James HalyThosHemphy? Bridget25-Nov 1856
Mary HanberryPattMon?aghan ????03-Feb 1856
Patt HanlonPattDevinny Mary13-Feb 1856
John Hanrick?MichlNeil Eliza09-Jun 1855 or 1856
Bridget HarteMichlCoo... Mary10-May 1856
Name torn Harte?MichlC...ody? Mary22-Mar 1856
Catherine Hawkins?PattHolland? Catherine21-Feb 1856
Thomas Healy or Keely?ThosCo??? Bridget03-Jul 1855
John HehirMichlGogg....¦? Bridget13-Jul 1856
Thomas HeneheneMichlBlanch Cathr10-Nov 1856
John HigginsPattKelly Margaret05-Jun 1855
Bridget HollandFardyCloonan Mary01-Jun 1855
Bridget HouriganNicholasNot named11-Feb 1856
James KanePattKelly Ellen18-Jun 1856