Baptism Records, Raheen, Co. Laois, 1819

NAI Pos. # 4202 & 4205

April 5th, 1819-Dec 19th, 1880
Jan 1st, 1843-Aug 27th, 1875
Feb 4th, 1844-Sept 10th, 1875

National Library of Ireland ref: Pos. 4202 and 4205

Jan 20th, 1820-Sept 30th, 1880
Nov 30th, 1866-May 30th, 1868
Aug 15th, 1844-Feb 13th, 1855
July 4th, 1860-May 24th, 1866
Jan 20th, 1870-Jan 10th, 1875

NLI ref: Pos. 4202 and 4205

This index is from #4202 for the year 1819 only

No guarantee is given as to accuracy of this Index. It is complete for the years mentioned. Names are presented as written in register. Question marks indicate difficult to read and best guess at name

Name Abbreviations
Wm = William ; Jas./ Js. = James Michl, Mick. = Michael, Margt. = Margaret, Jno. = John or Jonathan, Ally = Anastasia (sometimes), Lau. = Laurence, Pat = Patrick, May =Mary, Jos. = Joseph, Matt. = Matthew, Onny = Winifred, Cath. = Catherine, Danl., Dan = Daniel, Onny / Hanna = Hanora or Anne, Jer. = Jeremiah, Sally = Sarah, Bess = Elizabeth, Eliza, Biddy, Bridgt. = Bridget, Fanton = Finton.

The names of the children baptised in Raheen Roman Catholic Parish, Co. Laois are listed alphabetically below, with the name of the father and mother. No townlands are given in this section of the register. Sponsors (Godparents) are named, but their names are not given here

Index to Names found in the townlands of this parish

Name Abbreviations found in registers:
Wm = William Jas/Js. = James ; Mich/Mick. = Michael ; Margt. = Margaret ; Jn/Jno. = John or Jonathan; Ally = Anastasia (sometimes) ; Anty = Anastasia/Anastatia ; Lau. = Laurence ; Pat/Patt = Patrick ; May = Mary ; Jos. = Joseph ; Matt. = Matthew ; Onny = Winifred ; Cath. = Catherine ; Danl., Dan = Daniel; Hanna = Hanora or Anne ; Jer. = Jeremiah ; Sally = Sarah ; Bess = Elizabeth, Eliza ; Biddy/Bridgt. = Bridget ; Fanton = Finton. Nics./Nich = Nicholas ; Thos. = Thomas ; Nelly = Eleanor or Ellen ; Fanny = Frances

Child Father Mother Date
Mark Bacon Malachy Tynan Mary 07-Jun 1819
Mary Beahon Js. Grady Cath 30-May 1819
Cath Beahon Patt Shea Cath 22-Sep 1819
James Beahone? Edwd Dowling Anne 18-Apr 1819
Jno Bennett James Dowling Mary 20-Sep 1819
Michl Bergin Jno Finally Biddy 10-May 1819
Mary Bergin ?Jno Finally Anne 08-Jun 1819
Patrick Bergin Patt Walsh Eliza 03-May 1819
Danl Brennan Michl Fitzpatrick Peggy 10-Jun 1819
Mary Buggy Michl Mulhall Mary 04-Jul 1819
Minny Burke Davy Rourke Betty 16-Apr 1819
Bridget Byrne Lewis Duggan Anne 12-Jul 1819
Margt Byrne Thos Ryan Margt 04-Aug 1819
Sally Carroll Jno Kilfoil Biddy 11-May 1819
Cath Carroll Dennis Sheeran Judy 08-Aug 1819
Jno Carroll Patt Whealan Sally 27-Sep 1819
Michl Casy Terrance Phealan Ally 16-Jun 1819
Robt Cavanagh Fintan Carroll Sally 10-Jul 1819
Thos Clear Danl Dunne? Biddy ?7-July 1819
?Eliza Clear? Patt Conraty Betty ?5-Nov 1819
Terence Cleary Jno Whealan? Biddy 01-Aug 1819
Cathrn Connor Patt Tuck? Mary 11-May 1819
Mary Connor Dennis Duggan Mary 06-Sep 1819
Patrick Connor Dennis Rochford Mary 16-Nov 1819
Thos Daly Patt Kelly Mary 26-Jun 1819
Margt Deevy Wm Morahan or Horahan Judith 20-Aug 1819
Jno Deevy Wm Dowling Mary 26-May 1819
Anne Delany Patt Bark Mary 31-Aug 1819
Peter Delany ?Jon Butler Nelly 29-Jun 1819
Thos Delany Michl Connor Mary 12-Jul 1819
Patrick Delany Wm Connor Cath 07-Sep 1819
Margt Delany Laurence Delany Anne 08-Apr 1819
Mary Delany Patt Doughan Mary 30-May 1819
Laurence Delany Michl Drennan Winny 25-Apr 1819
Mathew Delany Martin Fitzpatrick Biddy 25-Nov 1819
Mary Delany Patt Grace Betty 22-Apr 1819
?Elena Delany Jno Hebbets Anne 14-Jul 1819
Michl Delany Lot Marnell Nancy 30-May 1819
James Delany Patt Moore Anne 07-Apr 1819
Finton Delany Martin Phealan Mary 16-Nov 1819
Margt Delany Wm Walsh Mary 27-Sep 1819
James Despard Jno Hines Peggy 04-Jul 1819
?Judith Doran Danl McAvoy Margt 05-Nov 1819
Michl Dowling Andrew Duff Mary 03-Oct 1819
Joseph Dunne Michl Conroy Jane 18-Apr 1819
?Jno Dunne Dennis Dunne Nancy 20-Jul 1819
Michl Finally Wm Whealan Cath 03-Oct
Mary Fitzpatrick Jno Collier Honor 18-Jul
Michl Fitzpatrick ?? Gaynor Judy 20-Sep
Thos Fitzpatrick Michl Mull?owny Ellin 27-Jun
Michl Goss? Finton Donohoe Mary 19-Oct
?Jno Grant Jno Teahan Nancy 20-Jul
Mary H?eenahan Tim Carroll Cath 08-Sep
Bridget Hand Js. Flinn Mary 20-Apr
Mary Hebbets Wm Delany Mary 11-Oct
?Jane Hews ?? Dyer Pheby 15-Aug
Anne Hews Thos Kelly Mary 20-May
Maria Hoolohan Patt Dunne Peggy 02-Jul
Anne Keagan Michl Conraty Kitty 30-Nov
Anne Keating Owen Corcoran Ally 25-Apr
Jane Keating Arthur Quinn Peggy 18-May
Michl Keegan Larry Querny Kitty 13-Oct
Judith Keenan Js. Clear Mary 14-Aug
Sara Keenan ?Florence Shieran Sara 23-Oct
Judith Keenan? Thos Whealan Anne 06-Aug
Patt Kenedy Patt Delany Biddy 05-Apr
?Mary Kenedy Michl Golding Cath 27-Nov
Cath Kenedy Jno Holland Mary 12-Oct
Cath Lalor Michl Harlinn? Betty 20-Dec
James Lalor Michl Cuddy Peggy 20-Jun
Patt Lalor Michl Horan Judith 11-May
Dennis Lalor Michl Moo?ny Biddy 16-Jun
Onny Mahony Tom Carter Anne 20-Dec
Judy Martin Patt Cleary Betty 05-Jul
Simon McAvoy Patt Phealan Biddy 08-Aug
Judith McAvoy Patt Phealan Biddy 08-Aug
Mary McHue Michl Connor Cath 19-Dec
Jno McMahan? Joseph Tynan Margt 05-Aug
Ellin McMahon Atty McDonnell Mary 12-May
?Joseph Mitchel James McAvoy Biddy 29-Oct
Patrick Moran Jno Cuddy Mary 31-Oct
Eliza Neil Patt Bowe Cath 13-Oct
Jno Neil Bill Hebbets Peggy 16-May
?Eliza Ov?um Richd Tynan Debby 15-Aug
?Onny Perkinson Edwd McAvoy Mary 20-Jul
Mary Perkinson? Js. Phealan Mary 01-Nov
Margt Phealan ?? Campion Margt 24-Sep
Edwd Phealan ?Tim Grady Mary 16-May
Cathrn Phealan Finton Horan Mary 08-Jun
?Eliza Phealan Jno Phealan Onny 11-Jul
Dennis Querny Michl Lalor Mary 30-Dec
Martin Quigly Danl Keenan Peggy 27-Oct
Elizabeth Ryan Tim Brophy Eliza 25-Apr
Terence Sheeran Martin Fitzgerald Mary 03-Oct
?Carter Shelly George Bergin ?Carter 14-Jun
Cath Shieran Jno McDonnell Dolly 07-Nov
Jno Teahean Jno Dwyer Mary 07-Jun
Jno Thompson Michl Casy Kitty 08-Aug
Judy Tynan Patt Bredin? Judy 09-Aug
Anty Wall Patt Corcoran Mary 09-May
Walter Walsh Jno Fenally Mary 02-May
Mary Whealan Thos Doran Peggy 19-Aug
Patt Whealan Michl Keenan Cath 12-Sep
Mathew Whealan Michl McAvoy Cath 12-Sep
?James Whealon Patt Scully Bridget 20-Jul