Baptism Records, Leighlinbridge, Co. Carlow, 1827

Leighlinbridge Roman Catholic Parish

Co.’s Carlow & Laois (Queen’s Co.) Ireland

National Library of Ireland ref: Pos # 4195

Baptismal Index 1827 (complete) Donohoe & Mahan 1828, 1838

This set of parish records during the years 1827-38 include townlands from the following Civil Parishes:

Agha : Cloydagh : Killinane : Old Leighlin : Tullowcreen and probably Wells

Quite often, the same townland names are found in more than one parish. In such cases, it is assumed that the townland as listed in these parish records belongs to a civil parish that lies beside the civil parish of Agha. Where placenames do not exactly match a spelling as found in the 1851 townland directory the 1851 spelling is listed in the townland/civil parish table (see Townland Index ). The location (civil parish) of some townlands remains unidentified.

Index to Names found in the Roman Catholic Baptismal Register 1827 & Donohoe etc 1828, 1838

Sorted by Surname of Child

There was a total of 76 Baptisms recorded in this register for in 1827. Overall, the register was difficult to read, the name of the child and parents is listed, mothers maiden name, the name of the townland, and the names of two sponsors. Sponsor names are not included below.

April to June 1828 are almost impossible to read, the same for June and July 1828 and the entries from September to December 1828 are worse still, totally faded!

Allen CatharineJamesCummins EstherKnockball1827
Bambrick ???JohnMahon MAry?Shesin1828
Bergin ThomasThomasCummins JudithClogrennan1827
Bergin CatharineMichlByrne CatharineBaunree1827
Bows ElizabethMichl??? MaryCoolnaki?rhy1827
Broughan JamesJamesMaher bridgetOldleighlin1827
Bulger CatharineJohnLan?try Bridget?Clogrennan1827
Burke MartinMichlKerivan Catharine?Ceskin?1827
Byrne MaryMichlFurin? ElizabethJns Duffwood1827
Byrne MichaelDenisMoran MaryOld leighlin1827
Byrne CatharineJamesRyan EllenBallynabranna?1827
Conolly JohnDanielGordon AnneLn Bridge1827
Conoly JohnDanielHickey MaryRidge1827
Conoly MargaretThomasCostigan MargaretBilboa1827
Costelloe MartinJamesDonohoe KittyOrchard1838
Costigan MaryJohnRyan CatherineToomard1827
Cradden ?TomasWmDonohoe NancyLn Bridge1838
Croak BridgetMichlNeill SallyOldleighlin1827
Cruddin MargaretJamesBrophy BridgetMoneymore1827
Cummins?? MichaelJamesFarrel SarahRathvindore or Rathrindore1827
Dargan JamesMichaelWalsh BridgetBallygo?wn1827
Delany JamesThomasMenchion MaryLn Bridge1827
Delany MargaretMichlBergin MaryRidge1827
Dona???? MichaelEdward?Power AnneLn Bridge1827
Donohoe MichaelPattKelly CatharineRoyaloak1827
Donohoe AnneMichlBrennan CathOrchard1828
Donohoe DeboraGarett?Shorly MargaretKnocka?brana1838
Donohoe BridgetThomasKinsella AnneRath?ellon1838
Donohue JamesGeraldByrne JudithOrchard1827
Donohue PattEdwdDonohue Mary?Raheen1828
Dowling AnneThomasJordan AnneRidge1827
Dowling JamesPattWhelan MAryBaun?ree1827
Doyle MartinMichaelBrennan MaryRidge1827
Doyle PatrickJohnWall SarahClogrenan1827
Doyle PatrickMichaelDonohoe ElizabethClogrennan1838
Dunne JudithJohnDunne ?AliceBallygown1827
Dunne?? ??????Flood? ???Ln Bridge1828
Farrell ThomasJohnMurphy ElizabethSeskin1827
Finn WilliamCharlesBergan BridgetLn Bridge1827
Finn or Flinn JohnEdwardRoach BridgetLn Bridge1827
Fitzgerald ElizabethMorganHorohan RoseCunieare?1827
Flood BridgetHenryGro?nly CatharineClogrennan1838
Foley MaryJohnMcDonald MaryToo?mna?ock1827
Gallagher Mary AnneMichlRedmond MargtClogrennan1827
Gorman JaneJohnToole BridgetLn Bridge1827
Hanlon BridgetDanNeil JudithSeskin1838
Henesy MartinMichaelDarcy CatharineLn Bridge1827
Hickey MartinJohnHanlon MaryRidge1827
Kavanagh CatherineDenisKeeff MAryClowsmuttan1827
Kehoe Mary?LawDonohoe MaryLn Bridge1828