Baptism Records, Leighlinbridge, Co. Carlow, 1827

Leighlinbridge Roman Catholic Parish

Co.’s Carlow & Laois (Queen’s Co.) Ireland

National Library of Ireland ref: Pos # 4195

Baptismal Index 1827 (complete) Donohoe & Mahan 1828, 1838

This set of parish records during the years 1827-38 include townlands from the following Civil Parishes:

Agha : Cloydagh : Killinane : Old Leighlin : Tullowcreen and probably Wells

Quite often, the same townland names are found in more than one parish. In such cases, it is assumed that the townland as listed in these parish records belongs to a civil parish that lies beside the civil parish of Agha. Where placenames do not exactly match a spelling as found in the 1851 townland directory the 1851 spelling is listed in the townland/civil parish table (see Townland Index ). The location (civil parish) of some townlands remains unidentified.

Index to Names found in the Roman Catholic Baptismal Register 1827 & Donohoe etc 1828, 1838

Sorted by Surname of Child

There was a total of 76 Baptisms recorded in this register for in 1827. Overall, the register was difficult to read, the name of the child and parents is listed, mothers maiden name, the name of the townland, and the names of two sponsors. Sponsor names are not included below.

April to June 1828 are almost impossible to read, the same for June and July 1828 and the entries from September to December 1828 are worse still, totally faded!

Kehoe RobertJohnMcDonald BridgetMoun?ion1838
Kehoe ElizabethJohnBrennan MaryLower Toniard?1838
Kehoe MartinMichaelLannan MaryLeighlin Bridge1838
Keif CatharinePierceNowlan MaryLn Bridge1827
Kelly BridgetJohnByrne PeggyLn Bridge1827
Kelly CatharinePattKelly JoanhaOld Leighlin1827
Kenny CharlesWilliamDunne AnneBallygown1827
Keys MaryMichlDavis MaryRoyal Oak1827
Kinsella JamesMichlRoach CatharineMoneymore1827
Kinsella AnneDaniel?Bannan or Bunnan BridgetBallinaboley1827
Lawler HonorMartinFoley SusanLn Bridge1827
Lynch JamesPattRyan BridgetMoneymore1827
Lynch AnastiaJamesBrennan AnneMoneymore1827
Lynch JamesPattRyan bridgetMoneymore1827
Lynch MichaelMartin???Bellen AnastiaMoneymore1827
Maher Mary AnneEdwardFlood MargaretClowsutton1827
Maher JudithThomasDonohoe BridgetSeskin Upper1838
MAlone JosephPattTracey MaryClogrennan1827
McDonald EllenJasMahon NellyParkna???1838
McDonald?? Sarah??Stephen??Brennan ?Mary?Moneymore1827
McDonell MargaretJamesMcDonell MaryOldleighlin1827
McEnally JohnThomas?Newelle MargaretOld Leighlin1827
McGrath JamesDenisDoran AnneOld Leighlin1827
Moran ThomasPattMaher ?AlciaKnocka????1827
Mulroney MaryJohnDoyle MaryMoneymore1827
Murphy MargaretThomasWilkeson ElizaRidge1827
Murphy MaryPattDoyle MargaretRathar?nune1827
Murphy JohnJohnMurphy BridgetCrawn1827
Neil JamesPatrickWalsh JohannaSeskin Upper1838
Neill EllenJohnCollins MaryPar?lna?neile1827
Neill MaryPattCostigan JudithKnockagary1827
Neill Daniel & PAtrickJosephMara BridgetKnockagary1827
Nowlan PattPattDunne MargaretBallygown1827
Nowlan BridgetJohnDunne BridgetBallygown1827
Nowlan William*MichlNeill MargtLn Bridge1828
Nowlan William*WilliamNeil PeggyMon??1828
Pendergast WilliamJamesWalsh MaryBallygigole1827
Reddy JohnThomasLalor JudithMoneymore1828
Reddy DanielJohnPower MaryTon?rasok1838
Ryan CatharineJohnStaunton MaryLn Bridge1827
Walsh JohnMichaelKelly MaryRatharnan1827
Walsh JaneJohnPurcel WinnefredLn Bridge1827
Walsh AnneGregoryWalsh MaryOldleighlin1827
Whealan PatrickJohnLalor EllenLn Bridge1827
Whelan MichaelJohnWhelan MargaretBAwnreagh1827
Whelan PatrickThomasLalor BridgetLn Bridge1827
Williams RichardThomasFinn MarthaLn Bridge1827