Baptism Records, Church of St. Mary and St. Michael, Co. Wexford, Partial Name Index

Partial name index of baptism records for Church of St. Mary and St. Michael, Co. Wexford. National Library of Ireland film number 4260.

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Allen Georgius1860Dec 23rdSponsor
Arahin? Joannes1834Feb 12thSponsor
Bakeston Marion?1830April 3rdMother
Banon Maria1826July 14thSponsor
Bard…? Eleanora1832March 22ndSponsor
Barron Eleanor1860June 10thMother
Barron Stephanus1860Sept 16thSponsor
Batherton?? Maria1833Nov 4thMother
Batterton Hanora1826July 14thMother
Batterton Maria1829Feb 7rgMother
Bayley Norman?1870April 17thSponsor
Bennett Catherine1870April 10thMother
Bishop Bridget1870April 17thSponsor
Bishop Maryanne1865Sept 13thSponsor
Bolger Anastasia1832Oct 22ndSponsor
Bolger Anna1855April 11thSponsor
Bolger Catherinam1832March 2ndSponsor
Bolger Joannes1832Dec 18thSponsor
Bolger Johanna1832Dec 18thSponsor
Bolger Maria1833Jan 25thSponsor
Bolger Maria1831Oct 3rdSponsor
Bolger Michaelem1862March 30thChild
Bolger Richardi1862March 30thFather
Bolget Brigitta1862March 30thSponsor
Bracken Patrick1870April 13thSponsor
Brady Joannis1832Oct 22ndSponsor
Breen Anne1862Nov 23rdMother
Breen Elizabetha1833Nov 11thMother
Breen Joannes1832Dec 28thSponsor
Brian??? Michael1830April 3rdSponsor
Brien CAtherine1834Jan 7thSponsor
Brien Edwardus1834Jan 7thSponsor
Brien MIchael1870April 24thSponsor
Broader?? Joannus1831July 21stSponsor
Broadway Robertus1863June 3rdSponsor
Broadway Robertus1861July 14thSponsor
Brophy Jacobus1832March 13thSponsor
Brown Catharine1863May 13thMother
Brown Ricardus1855April 11thSponsor
Bryan Anastatia1857July 12thMother
Bryn Bridgitta1864March 6thSponsor
Bulger Elizabeth1870April 17thMother
Bullz?? Maria1866July 4thSponsor
Burke Thomas1870April 27thChild
Burke Thomas1870April 27thFather
Byrne Catharinam1864March 6thChild
Byrne Joanni1864March 6thFather
Byrne Margarita1834Oct 4thSponsor
Byrne Maria1862March 30thMother
Byrne Michael1865Sept 13thSponsor