Baptism Records, Church of St. Mary and St. Michael, Co. Wexford, Partial Name Index

Partial name index of baptism records for Church of St. Mary and St. Michael, Co. Wexford. National Library of Ireland film number 4260.

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Byrne Patrick1870April 10thSponsor
Byrne Patrius1826Dec 17thSponsor
Cahill Mary1870April 18thMother
Carrol Anne1831Oct 18thMother
Carrol Daniel1831Oct 18thSponsor
Carrol Maria1832Oct 22ndMother
Carrol Maria1832Oct 22ndMother
Carroll Anna1833May 25thMother
Carthy ???1861Jan 18thFather
Carthy Julidenm1861Jan 18thChild
Carthy Michael1863May 31stFather
Carthy Sophiam Jane1863May 31stChild
Casidy Guillium1862June 22ndFather
Casidy Joannim1862June 22ndChild
Cassidy Jululium1861Feb 20thFather
Cassidy Jululmium1861Feb 20thChild
Cleere Mary1870April 12thChild
Cleere Patrick1870April 12thFather
Cleere Walter1870April 12thSponsor
Clooney Anastatia1833Jan 21stMother
Co??? Margarita1825July 26thSponsor
Coady Bridgitam1860Jan 22ndChild
Coady Jacobii1860Jan 22ndFather
Coady Jacobus1861June 19thFather
Coady Jacobus1862April 23rdSponsor
Coady Mariam1861June 19thChild
Coady Maurice1860Jan 22ndSponsor
Coming Patritius1831Jan 11thSponsor
Comisky?? Patricius1832Jan 1stSponsor
Condon Joannes1863Sept 20thSponsor
Condon Maria1863Sept 20thSponsor
Condon Maria1862June 22ndSponsor
Connelly ?John1870April 24thFather
Connelly Bridget1870April 24thSponsor
Connelly Mary1870April 24thChild
Connick Catherine1831Sept 22ndSponsor
Connolly John1870April 20thChild
Connolly Mattius1861Jan 13thSponsor
Connolly Patrick1870April 20thFather
Connors Bridget1870April 20thSponsor
Connors John1864Oct 30thChild
Connors Margaret1870April 10thSponsor
Connors Patrick1864Oct 30thFather
Conway Jacobus1831Dec 24thSponsor
Corrin Anna1834Nov 21stMother
Corrin Maria1831July 23rdMother
Coyle Jacobus1858Feb 21stSponsor
Cregan or Grogan? Bridget1870April 13thMother
Cullen ?Sarah1830March 8thMother
Cullen Anne1830March 8thSponsor
Cullen Gregori1864Aug 28thFather
Cullen Marianne1869Feb 28thSponsor
Cullen MAry1870April 13thSponsor
Cullen Thomasin1864Aug 28thChild
Culloton Jacobus1825July 26thSponsor
Curnan Maria1832April 17thMother
Curran Bridget1870April 12thMother
Curran Catharinam1861April 19thChild
Curran Catherine1870April 20thMother
Curran Illiana1864Nov 9thSponsor
Curran Joanni1861April 19thFather
Day Johannus1833May 25thSponsor
Day Maria1833May 25thSponsor
Delany Maria1864March 6thMother
Delany??? Martinus1826July 6thSponsor
Dempsey Margarita1831July 25thSponsor
Denis? Anne1861Feb 20thSponsor
Devereus Maria1831July 23rdSponsor
Devereux Joannes1832Dec 15thSponsor
Devine Maria1863May 13thSponsor
Devine Patricius C.1863May 13thSponsor
Dillon Maria1831Aug 26thSponsor
Doherty Brigeda1834Feb 19thMother
Donlan Brigetta1861Aug 11thSponsor
Donovan Brigeda1841Aug 27thMother
Donovan Edward1870April 18thFather
Donovan Elizabetha1834June 25thSponsor
Donovan Jacobus1831Aug 26thSponsor
Donovan Mary Ann1870April 18thChild
Doolan Brigitta1862Nov 23rdSponsor
Doolan Catherinam1827Nov 24thMother
Doolin Maria1832March 13thSponsor
Dooling Anna1832June 4thSponsor
Dowling Bridgette1860June 10thSponsor
Dowling Brigidda1857July 12thSponsor
Downey Johannes1832Dec 18thMother
Dunn ?Phillip1856March 7thSponsor
Dunn Maria1856March 7thSponsor
Dunn Maria?on1856March 7thMother
Dunne Anne1870April 17thSponsor
Dunne Edward1870April 17thSponsor
Dunne Maria1855Jan 31stSponsor
Dunphy Sally1861Jan 13thMother
Dunphy Sarah1863Sept 20thMother
Dwyer Joannes1862Nov 23rdSponsor
Dwyer Michael1831July 23rdSponsor
Eady Sophie1861Jan 18thMother
Eady Sophie1863May 31stMother
Egan Bridget1870Nov 27thMother
Egan Bridgitta1864Nov 9thMother