Baptism Records, Church of St. Mary and St. Michael, Co. Wexford, Partial Name Index

Partial name index of baptism records for Church of St. Mary and St. Michael, Co. Wexford. National Library of Ireland film number 4260.

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Egan Bridigeda1869Feb 28thMother
Egan Brigide1867Oct 20thMother
Egan Brigidie1866June 17thMother
Egan Dennis1870Nov 27thSponsor
Egan Mary1870Nov 27thSponsor
Eustace Brigeda1831Dec 24thMother
Eustace Brigedda1833Dec 29thMother
Fairbrick?? Maria1833May 15thMother
Fanning Maria1860Jan 1stSponsor
Fanning Patricius1860Jan 1stChild
Fanning Patrii1860Jan 1stFather
Farrol?? Maria1832Jan 1stSponsor
Farroll? Daniel1870April 27thSponsor
Fawcett Patrici1862April 23rdFather
Fawcett Patrtium1862April 23rdChild
Fichey?? Johanna1831Jan 11thSponsor
Fitzharris Anastasia1870April 27thSponsor
Fitzharris Jacobus1857Jan 15thSponsor
Fitzharris Maria1857Jan 15thMother
Fitzhenry Laurentius1855Jan 31stSponsor
Fitzhenry Maria1855Jan 31stMother
Fitzpatrick Nicholas1832April 17thSponsor
Flanery Maria1833Nov 4thSponsor
Fleming Michaelem1860Feb 26thChild
Fleming Michaeli1860Feb 26thFather
Fling Catherine1863June 3rdMother
Fling Maria1860Jan 1stMother
Flinn Brigida1834Jan 7thMother
Foh or Flinn?? Brigeda1832Jan 1stMother
Foley MAria1855April 11thMother
Foley Maria1858March 7thMother
Foley Michael1832April 8thSponsor
Forestal ???1826July 14thSponsor
Forestal Catherina1825July 27thMother
Forrestal Anna1832Feb 18thMother
Forrestal Anna1829June 10thMother
Forrestal Catherina1833Oct 12thMother
Forrestal Maria1830March 22ndMother
Forristal Margarita1833Dec 4thMother
Forristal Maria1832Feb 21stMother
Forristal Maria1833Dec 4thSponsor
Fortune Brigeta1831Oct 3rdMother
Fortune Brigitta1833March 1stMother
Fortune Jacobus1833March 1stSponsor
Fossett?? Mariam Annam1863May 10thChild
Fossett?? Patricii1863May 10thFather
Freany or Treacy Edwardam1824March 23rdChild
Freany or Treacy Jacob1824March 23rdFather
Frizel Jacobem1824July 4thChild
Frizel ???1824July 4thFather
Frizelle Margarita1863May 31stSponsor
Furlong Anastasia1832Jan 26thMother
Furlong Anastasia1832Jan 26thMother
Furlong Maria1833April 7thSponsor
Furlong Nicholas1871July 5thSponsor
Furnace Elizabeth1832Dec 15thSponsor
Furry or Furniss?? Edwardus1856Jan 20thSponsor
Galavan Anastatia1860Feb 26thMother
Gallavan Boardius??1833July 25thSponsor
Gallavan Brardum??1833Jan 21stChild
Galavan Bridgeda1860April 18thMother
Galavan Bridgitta1861June 19thSponsor
Gallavan Brigeda1830Sept 18thSponsor
Gallavan Brigidam1830Sept 18thChild
Gallavan Honoriam1832March 22ndChild
Gallavan Jacob??1830Sept 18thFather
Gallavan Jacobi1833July 25thFather
Gallavan Jacobi??1832March 22ndFather
Gallavan Jacobim1831July 25thChild
Gallavan Joannis1833Jan 21stFather
Gallavan Joannis1831July 25thFather
Gallavan Laurentius1833Jan 21stSponsor
Galavan Margarita1860Jan 22ndMother
Galavan Margarita1861June 19thMother
Galavan Margarita1860Dec 23rdSponsor
Galavan Margt.1860April 18thSponsor
Galanan or Galavan Mariam1861Aug 11thChild
Galavan Michael1861Jan 18thSponsor
Gallavan Patricium1833July 25thChild
Galavan Patricius1861April 19thSponsor
Galanan or Galavan Thome1861Aug 11thFather
Grace Brigida1856Jan 6thSponsor
Grace Maria1831Oct 18thSponsor
Grangel?? Maria1866July 4thSponsor
Grant Mary1870April 17thChild
Grant William1870April 17thFather
Gurrip?? Robertus1831Oct 3rdSponsor
Hactford? Mariae1826Dec 17thMother
Haly Miriam1864Feb 21stSponsor
Hanakan?? Maria1831Dec 6thMother
Hanlon Mary1870April 27thMother
Hanon?? Maria1834June 25thMother
Hanrahan?? Thomas1834May 2ndSponsor
Harman or Hannon Catherina1832April 8thMother
Harring Margarita1833Jan 21stSponsor
Hart?? ?judith1826Aug 1stMother
Hartwick?? Eleanora1831Dec 6thSponsor
Hay?? Dorothea1834Oct 4thSponsor
Hayden Johannus1861Feb 20thSponsor
Heely Mary1867Oct 20thSponsor
Hennessy Barnardus1869Feb 28thSponsor
Hickey Catherine1826Dec 17thSponsor
Hoban Catherina1831Dec 22ndMother
Hogan Catherinas1830Oct 20thMother
Hogan Catherine1834Oct 4thMother
Horan or Honan Anna1841Aug 27thSponsor
Howlett Brigeda1860Dec 9thSponsor
Howlett Jacobus1867Oct 20thSponsor
Howlett Joannis1863May 13thFather
Howlett Martinuum1863May 13thChild
Huban Catherina1828Nov 25thMother
Hughes Sally1832June 4thMother
Hunt Eleanor1861July 14thMother
Hunt Judith1829Aug 25thMother
Hurley Margaritta1856Dec 14thMother
Hyland Guliulimus1832Oct 22ndSponsor
Hynes Mary1870April 27thMother
K?? Anastasia1832Jan 26thSponsor
Kavanagh Anna1861July 14thSponsor
Kavanagh Anne1863June 14thMother
Kavanagh Catherina1861April 19thSponsor
Kavanagh Catherine1870April 10thSponsor
Kavanagh Joannes1864Nov 9thSponsor
Kavanagh Joannis1861July 14thFather
Kavanagh John1870April 10thSponsor
Kavanagh Maria1833April 7thMother
Kavanagh Mariam Annam1861July 14thChild
Kavanagh Martin1870April 10thChild
Kavanagh Patritius1833April 7thSponsor
Kavanagh Thomas1870April 10thFather
Kearin?? Maria1831Aug 26thMother
Kearns Patricius1834April 5thSponsor
Keelan?? Joanna1833Feb 17thSponsor
Keerin Maria1834April 5thMother
Kehoe Anna1860Sept 16thSponsor
Kehoe Anne1834Feb 12thMother
Kehoe Elizabeth1825July 27thSponsor
Kehoe Jacobus1833Oct 12thSponsor
Kehoe Jacobus1834June 7thSponsor
Kehoe Patricius1833Dec 4thSponsor
Kehoe Patricius1825July 27thSponsor
Kelly Catherinam1823Oct 4thChild
Kelly Ellen1870April 12thSponsor
Kelly Ellen1860Feb 26thSponsor
Kelly Maria1830Aug 16thSponsor
Kelly Morganus1833Nov 11thSponsor
Kelly ???1823Oct 4thFather
Kenny ???1866July 4thMother
Kent Samuelis1834Oct 4thSponsor
Kialy Patritius1834Nov 21stSponsor
King Joanni1862Nov 23rdFather
King Joannim1862Nov 23rdChild
Kinsella Debora1832Dec 28thMother
Kirwan Catharina1862Nov 23rdSponsor
Kown?? Maria1831April 20thSponsor
Ladogan Jacobus1833May 15thSponsor
Lalor Joannis1831July 25thSponsor
Lannan James1833Feb 17thSponsor
Lawler Jacobus1833Nov 4thSponsor
Lawler Maria1831July 21stMother
Lawlor Maria1833Feb 17thMother
Lawlor Willimum1860June 10thSponsor
Leahy Elizabeth1866May 30thSponsor
Leahy Ellen1866May 30thMother
Ledger Henricus1861Aug 11thSponsor
Lumerly Jacobi1863June 3rdFather
Lumerly Jacobum1863June 3rdChild
Lyons Joannim1860June 10thChild
Lyons Joannis1860June 10thFather
Mackey Catherinam1825Feb 27thMother
Macklan Laurence1870April 10thFather
Macklan Nicholas Whelan1870April 10thChild
Maddock Frances1856Jan 6thSponsor
Magen?? Rosa1833May 15thSponsor
Magrath Margarita1833Nov 11thSponsor
Maher ?Shlaas1870April 24thSponsor
Mahon Anastasia1833May 30thMother
Maloney Gallemus1860April 18thFather
Maloney Maria1866June 17thSponsor
Maloney Patricius1860April 18thChild
Manning?? Judith1832April 17thSponsor
Manny? Mary1870April 17thMother
Mara Ellenora1830July 11thMother
McKelvey Elizabeth1831Jan 11thMother
McNamara Michael1870April 17thSponsor
Meehan Anna1858March 7thSponsor
Meehan Patricius1858March 7thSponsor
Moffat Catherina1831Dec 27thSponsor
Moor Jacobus1830Oct 20thSponsor
Moore Catharina1831Dec 22ndSponsor
Moore Edwardus1831Dec 22ndSponsor
Moore Jacobus1829Aug 25thSponsor
MORAN Fanny1831Sept 22ndMother
Moran Maria1860Sept 2ndSponsor
Morrissey Brigeda1834Feb 12thSponsor
Morrissey Catharina1864Aug 28thMother
Morrissey Margarita1832Dec 15thMother
Mullally Margaret1870April 10thMother
Murphy Anastasia1829Jan 25thMother
Murphy Anna1858Feb 21stMother