Baptism Records, Church of St. Mary and St. Michael, Co. Wexford, 1860s

New Ross (Church of St. Mary & St. Michael, New Ross)

Nov 22nd 1789 – Aug 23rd 1809
Aug 27th 1809 – Aug 7th 1841
Aug 1841 – April 6th 1870 – Pos. 4260

Beginning of this register in very bad condition, dark, the edges completely blackened and only a few names visible. Pages are damaged top and bottom. In Latin.
1841 – 27th August
Josephum Stafford, born 26th Aug. Parents: Petri Stafford & Brigeda Donovan. SS. Carolus Nolan & Anna Honan (or Horan).

1859 – torn

Jan 1st. Patricius, born Dec 30th 1859, Bapt. Jan 1st, 1860. Parents: Petrii Fanning & Maria Fling. Sponsors. Georgius Walsh & Maria Fanning.

Jan 22nd Bridgittam Born Jan 21st. dau of Jacobii Coady & Margarita Galavan. Sponsors. Maurice Coady & Maria Roach

April 18th Patricius Born 15th. Parents: Gallemus Moloney & Bridgeda Galavan. Sponsors. Thos. Walsh & Margt. Galavan

Sept 2nd. Marieam born Aug 31st. Parents: Johannus Doran & Elizabeth Doyle. Sponsors. Johannus Scott & Maria Moran.

Sept 16th. Cathariam born Sept 11th. Parents: Gregory Doran & Anne Murphy. Sponsors. Stephanus Barron & Anne Kehoe.

Sides and ends of pages very bad condition this section of register.

Dec 23rd. Mariam born 22nd. Parents: Martini ?Wiseman & Catharina Synnott. Sponsors. Georgiius Allen & Margarita Galavan.


Jan 18th Julidenm – born Oct 21st. Parents: ?? Carthy & Sophie Eady. Sponsors. Michael Galavan & Catherina Stafford.

April 9th. Catharinam born 9th. Parents: Joanni Curran & Maria Murphy. Sponsors. Paticius Galavan & Catherine Kavanagh.

May 19th. Joannem. Born 16th. Parents: Jacobi Sweeney & Jannah Conway. Sponsors. Joanes Doran & Bridgitta Bannon or Barren

June 19th. Mariam. Born 17th. Parents: Jacobii Coady & Margarita Galavan. Sponsors. Jacobus Nowlan & Bridgitta Galavan.

July 14th Mariam Annam born 11th. Parents: Joannis Kavanagh & Eleanor Hunt. Sponsors. Robertus Broadway & Anna Kavanagh.

March 30th. Michaelam born 29th. Parents: Richardi Bolger & Maria Byrne. Sponsors. Jacobus Doran & Brigitta Bolger.

Writing bad

23rd November Joannim. Born 22nd. Parents: Joanni King & Anne Breen. Sponsors. Joannes Dwyer & Brigitta Doolan.
23rd November Mariam Elleanorum Born 19th. Parents: Thomae Walsh & Marguerite Murphy. Sponsors. Joannes Doran & Catherina Kirwan.


May 13th. Martinuum, born 12th. Parents: Joannis Howlett & Catharinei Brown. Sponsors. Patricius E. Devine & Monica Devine.

May 31st. Sophiam Jane born 23rd. Parents: Michael Carthy & Sophie Eady. Sponsors. Thomas Rossiter & Margarita Frizelle.

June 3rd. Jacobun. Born June 2nd. Parents: Jacobi ?Lummery or Lumming and Catherine Fling. Sponsors Robertus Broadway & Maria Tobin

June 14th Catharnam born June 11th. Parents : Joanni Spelacy & Anne Kavanagh. Sponsors– illegible

Feb 21st. Mariam born 17th. Parents: ??? Troy and Marg Power. Sponsors. Stephanus Doyle & Miriam Haly.

March 6th. Catharinam born 4th. Parents: Joanni Byrne & Marie Delany. Sponsors. Michael Spelacy & Bridgitta Byrn

Church of St. Mary & St. Michael, New Ross April 10th 1870 – Dec 12th 1880 – Pos. 4260
Baptisms. Proper ledger, runs across two pages, easy to read. Childs name, parents names, baptismal and birth dates in most cases, placename – for the most part – New Ross – entries are numbered down the pages, sponsors names, priests name. In English


2. 10th April. Martin Kavanagh, born 6th April. Parents: Thomas Kavanagh & Catherine Bennett. Sponsors. Patrick Byrne & Mary Russell, New Ross.

3. 10th April. Nicholas Whelan. Born 9th April. Parents: Laurence Macklan & Margaret A. Whelan. Sponsors. John Kavanagh & Catherine Kavanagh, New Ross

4. 12th April. Mary Cleere, born 12th. Parents: Patrick Cleere & Bridget Curran, New Ross. Sponsors. Walter Cleere & Ellen Kelly.

5. 12th April, Ellen Wickham, born 11th. Parents: James Wickham & Bridget ?Cregan or Grogan. Sponsors: Patick Bracken & Mary Cullen.

6. 13th April. John Casey, born 11th April. Parents: Edmond Casey and Catherine Ryan, New Ross. Sponsors: James Brennan & Elizabeth Hynes.

7. 17th April. Thomas Nonan, born 13th April. Parents: Michael Nunan (sic) & Mary ?Manny, New Ross. SS: Michael McNamara & Bridget Bishop.

8. 17th April. Mary Walsh, born 13th. Parents: John Walsh & Elizabeth Bulger, New Ross. Sponsors: ?Norman Bayley & Bess Rochford.

9. 17th April. Mary Grant, born 13th. Parents: William Grant & Catherine Whelan, New Ross. Sponsors: Edward Dunne & Anne Dunne.

10. 17th April. John Connolly, born 17th. Parents: Patrick Connolly & Catherine ?Timmons, New Ross. Sponsors: Jeremiah Shea & Eliza Nolan.

11. 20th April. Patrick Reyly or Beyley, born 17th. Parents: John ?? & Catherine Curran, Mac….agh. Sponsors: John ??? & Bridget Connors.

12. 24th April. Jane Ryan, born 19th. Parents: Maurice Ryan & Mary Nash, New Ross. Sponsors: Michael Brien & ?Shlas Maher

13. 24th April, Mary Connelly, born 24th April. Parents: John Connelly & Maryanne ?Reily. Sponsors: John Staunton & Bridget Connelly.