Baptism Records, Mullagh, Co. Galway, 1859-67

Baptisms 1859-67 (complete)

Baptisms: Feb 11th, 1859 – Dec 24th, 1880
Jan 3rd, 1863 – Sept 13th, 1880
Marriages: April 26th, 1863 – Oct 22nd, 1880
1846 – 1885
Jan 3rd, 1863 – Sept 13th, 1880
NLI pos. 2434
LDS BFA: 1279218 items 7-9
1279218 Items 7 – 9 Parochial registers of Mullagh and Killoran (Galway), 1846-1920 Catholic Church. Parish of Mullagh and Killoran (Galway)

The names of the children baptised, their parents when given, baptised during the years 1859-67 are listed below. No guarantee is given that the index is correct. Spellings of names are as read in the register. Question marks indicate that the entry was difficult to read and the name listed is a ‘best guess’ It is very difficult to work out which year is the year of birth /baptism on the first few pages as the ‘register’ on the film is a transcribed copy of an original. There are two dates given, the birth date and baptismal date. Not only that, there are two different dates given for each event, the first comes from the register which was being transcribed and the second from an older notebook or register maintained by the then parish priest.

Maria BurkeMichaelisHynes Anna (Olam)?1862
Anna BurkeMichaelisHynes Anna1864
Michael BurnsMichaelisKearns Maria1864
Michael BurnsThomasMannion Maria1863
Patritius BurnsThomasMannion Maria1865
Margarita BurnsMichaelisNevin Maria1866
Letitia CahalanMichaelisFury Ellena1868
Jacobus CainMichaelisDonnellan Margarita1866
Edwardus CainMichaelisDonnellen Margarita (Olam)?1862
Cecelia CalnanThomasMannion Catharina (olam)?1862
Maria CalnanThomasMannion Catharina1864
Petrus CalnanThomasMannion Catharina1865
Gulielimus CareyHenriciusBowes Julia1865
Gulielimus ClearyJacobiusEgan Maria1867
Maria CoenMartinusBrennan Catharina1865
Maria CoenJacobiusMartin Bridgida1864
Margarita CoenJacobiusMartin Bridgida1865
Patritius CoenJacobiusMartin Bridgida1866
Jacobus CoghlanGulielimusQuinn Maria1873
Patritius CoghlanFrancisciusTressy Brigida1863
Thomas CoghlanGulielimusTressy Honoria1866
Maria ConnellyPatritiusHead Bridgida1866
Thomas ConnellyPatritiusHead Bridgida1866
Michael ConnellyJoannesKeating Margarita?1862
Catharina ConnorsPatritiusRaftery Catharina1866
Thomas CoyneMichaelisKearns Catharina1866
Laurentius DeelyJacobiusFitzgerald Catharina1864
Martinus DeelyLaurentiusFitzgerald Anna1867
Joannes DeelyThomasWhelan Anna1866
Maria DillonJacobiusCoyne Ellena1865
Martinus DillonJacobiusDoyle Margarita1866
Maria DillonThaddeusHead Margarita1865
Margarita DillonThaddeusHead Margarita1866
Michael DillonPatritiusKennedy Brigida?1862
Patritius DillonPatritiusKennedy Bridgida1867
Maria DonavanMichaelisHaugh Maria1863
Maria DonnellanLaurentiusCoen Ellena1864
Bridgida DonnellanPatritiusHardiman Maria1875
Martinus DonnellanPatritiusHynes Maria1866
Michael DonnellanJoannesReilly Maria1865
Bridgida DonovanMichaelisHaugh Maria1866
Patritius DooleyMichaelisMannion Maria1864
Michael DoyleJacobiusDonnellan Maria1864
Timotheus DuanePetrusBroderick Bridgida1865
Margarita DwyerPatritiusCormican Bridgida1865
Ellena DwyrePatritiusCormican Brigida?1862
Catharina DwyrePatritiusCormican Bridgida1866
Julia DwyrePatritiusCormican Bridgida1867
Patritius EganMichaelisDolan Honoria1864
Josephus EganMichaelisDolan Honoria1866