Baptism Records, Oranmore, Co. Galway, 1833-36

Baptisms: March 11th, 1833 – April 29th, 1839

May 25th, 1833 – Dec 28th, 1843
Dec 28th, 1843 – Dec 25th, 1880
Marriages: May 2nd, 1833 – July 18th, 1838
Aug 24th, 1843 – Nov 8th, 1880
Burials : Jan 7th, 1833 – Dec 24th, 1837
NLI pos. 2438
LDS BFA: 0979690 item 1

The names of the children baptised, their parents when given, and adults ‘churched’ or baptised during the years 1833-36 are listed below. No guarantee is given that the index is correct. Spellings of names are as read in the register. Question marks indicate that the entry was difficult to read and the name listed is a ‘best guess’

Oranmore Civil Parish & islands (Co. Galway) belongs to the Civil Registration District of Galway for the purpose of Birth, Marriage, Death & Census records

Notes found through this register

Mr. Gilboy left the parish 10/14 1833

Mr. Gilmore came to the parish as Curate 10/14 1833

Dues fromn Tim Fury 11/26 1833

Dues at Mara chapel 12/25 1833 £3.5.2 1/2

Dues at Oramore 12/25 1833 £10.0.10

Note top of nextpage saying 1834 baptisms. 12/9 1833

Plus – March 1834 See Small Bok 12/9 1833

NOTE: See 1834 in Small book – Baptisms up to Jan 1835 4/7 1834

Rev. Mr. Gilboy left the parish 15th, Rev. Mr. Francis came 16th 1/5 1835

John McDermottJohnWalsh EllenMay-191835
Martin McDonellMichlMorgan EllenOct-181835
Pat McDonnellJamesKillian MaryMay-251833
Micl McDonoughMiclGriffin Mary9/?131833
Micl McDonoughJasKilleen Mary03-Sep1835
Kate McDonoughJnoMoran MaryOct-191833
Joseph McDonoughJnoRyan BiddyApr-291833
Ned McDonoughCHURCHEDN/A & wife07-May1833
Ed McDonoughCHURCHEDN/A & wife02-Apr1835
John McGrathThomasHolleran Mary06-Sep1836
Not named McGrathPeterMooney HonMar-201833
Kate McGrathPeterMoony HonorNov-151836
Michl McGrathJohnNoon MaryJul-271836
Mic McGrathMiclConcannon BidNov-191833
John McHughThomasMorgan CatherineSep-271835
Micl McHughTomMorgan KateOct-171833
Sally McHughJohnRyan MaryJul-171835
Not names McHugoJnoFinn MaryMay-241833
Pat McHugoPatFinn Mary01-May1835
Edmd McLoghlinPatConcannon MaryApr-141833
Wm McLoughlanPeterTigh CathJul-141833
Pat McLoughlinMichlGavin MaryNov-211836
Martin McLoughlnThosBurke Mary11-Jul1833
Honor McNoonyThomasMoran Judy09-Jan1835
Judy MeeghanNedCawfield JudyAug-161833
Biddy MelvillMichlRippingham MaryAug-151836
James MeyhanEdwdCawfield Susan09-Nov1836
Ellen Mil(?r)illFrankKillale(?g) BridgtDec-151835
John MilanPatMartin BiddyAug-271836
MICHL MillivillJOhnFinegan MaryJul-241836
Thomas & bridgt MitchelPatHealy Honor01-Oct1836
Bid McLoughlanMiclGavin Mary04-Jul1834
Mary MonaghanMiclConnell Mary02-Jun1835
Cath MonaghanMicDivily BidMar-141834
Wm MonaghanJasDonohoe Mary10-May1833
Michl MonaghanJamesMitchel BidyNov-201836
Anne MonahanPatt(?M)ealy BidySep-231836
Patt MonahanPatBrannan MaryMay-241835
Michl MonahanJohnBurke Bidy09-Oct1836
Margt MonahanMichlBurke MargtJul-241835
Brigt MonahanCharlesConnor Surney05-Dec1835
Andrew MonahanJohnConolly Bridgt10-Mar1835
Mary MonahanMichaelDooly MarySep-221835
Kate MonahanMartinRyan Biddy10-Feb1836
Michl MonahanThomasTierney Biddy08-Sep1835
Edwd MonahanEdwdWade MaryAug-211836
Mary MooneyMartinMcGrath HonorJul-191836
?John MooneyMartinMulloy MargtMay-191836
Pat MooneyJnoWard Bid03-Dec1834
Mary MoranPatBurke MaryAug-291836
Martin MoranAndCloonan AnnOct-131833
Pat MoranAndrewCloonan AnneSep-281835
?Honor MoranThomasFaherty Cathrin06-Nov1835
Patt moranJohnHanly Honor02-May1836
Ellen MoranJnoHanly MaryOct-131833
Edmd MoranPatMahon SallyMar-201835
Thos moranPatO'Brien MaryNov-241836
Michl MoranThomasSulivan Mary08-Nov1836
Step MoranThosSullivan MaryDec-261833
Mary MoranCHURCHEDN/ASep-161833
Not named MoranJohn?Churched12-Mar1833
Bid MorganJnoMartin CeliaJan-281835
Thomas MorganJohnMoran CicilyDec-141836
Jno MorganPatNoone CathMay-241833
William MorrisJohnGriffin Margt06-Sep1836
Martin MullinsThomasWalsh HonorOct-181835
Michl MullinsThomasWalsh HonorSep-251836
Cathrin MullowneyMichlMilan Biddy08-Jul1835
Bridgt Mullowney?MiclMoran BridgtApr-221833
Jno MullownyMiclMaley Cath03-Oct1835
Michl MulloyPatConnell BidySep-181836
Mart Murphy?JnoBodken Penelope12-Jun1833
Pat MurphyEdmdMartin CathMar-191835
Not named MurrayJnoToole Mary06-May1833
Dennis Murray?ChurchedNot given05-Oct1833
Michl murryJohnCurreen Mary06-Jun1836
Michl MurryJamesLane MaryMay-171835
Honor MurryJohnToole Mary07-Sep1836
Thomas NelandJohnPrendergast Mary06-Aug1835
Cath. Margt NestorThomasClaspy Biddy06-Jan1835
Jno Newel????Sally Connell6/??1834
Thomas NolanEdmondBoyle MaryMay-241835
John NolanDavidBurke MarySep-251835
Pat NolanThomasCarrick Mary01-Aug1836
Bridgt NolanDanConelly HonMay-311833
Bid NolanJasHanify Hon12-Jun1833
Pat NolanJohnHoland Mary10-May1836
Thos NolanJohnHolland MaryDec-181833
Hon NolanMartinKean MaryNov-301833
Wm NolanMichlMcCan BidyOct-221836
Mary NolanMichlWaldrone Anne12-Jul1836
Anne NolanCHURCHEDN/AJun-251833
Biddy NolanJasCrossed out!12-Sep1833
Not named NolanJno?ChurchedDec-291833
John NooneJohnO'Loughlin Honor08-Feb1836
Not named NooneJno?Churched Dec-271833
Judy O'BrienLawTracie BettyDec-221833
Thos O'BrienLauTracy CathJan-161835
John O'BryanLaurenceTrechers ElizaMay-251836
Bridgt O'ByrneMicNolan Margt05-Dec1833
Thomas O'ConnellBryanConnelle MaryNov-291835
Jas O'ConnellJohnFAhy WinnyMar-301835
Bridgt O'ConnlThomasWaldron MargtJan-181836
Margt O'DeaBartlyCo(?e)ncannon BiddyJul-241836
Pat O'KaneJamesKillaloe KateMay-221836
Mat O'MealyJnoConolly MaryJun-291833
Hon O'ShaugnessyJasRyan BidDec-131833
John PlunketOlwenMcDermott WinyJun-191836
Pat QuinMartColeman HonMar-131835
Michl QuinDenisConcannon MargtJan-141836
Pat QuinWmGrealy CathOct-261833
Michl QuinWmGrealy KateSep-281836
James QuirkDermotByrne Bidy06-Jan1836
Patt QuirkJohnJoyce Honor12-Feb1836
Judy QuirkJohnScully MargtMay-241835
Micl RabbitThosBurke BidMar-301834
Sally RabbitThosBurke BidyAug-191836
Bid RabbitDennisBurke CathJan-251835
Jno RabbitDennisQuin MaryMar-241833
Michl RabbitDennisQuin Mary05-Oct1835
Sally RiderThosNot given03-Dec1833
Thos. Francis RyanThosDaly MarcellaMar-141833
Darby RyanMiclMoylan EllenMar-221835
Jno RyanMiclMylan EllenAug-181833
Martin RyanJohnSilk Mary10-Apr1835
John RyanPatWalsh HonorJan-271836
Martin ShaughnessyJohnDea BidyNov-211836
Martin ShaughnessyMichlLowry HonorOct-301836
Dominick SpelmanPatCurreen Teresa01-May1836
John SpelmanJamesMcCabe BiddyJun-161835
Not named StauntonHenry?Churched12-Mar1833
Margt SulivanJohnDonolan Honor05-Feb1836
Michl SulivanMichlMurphy Mary07-Mar1836
Ellen SulivanStephenSheridan Honor11-Jan1835
Peter TaylorJohnMahon MarySep-141835
John TierneyOwenKenedy CicilyJun-161836
Pat Tierney?JnoKennedy Celia12-Feb1833
Andrew TierneyMartinMahon MaryMay-191835
Bid TierneyThosTierney AnneMay-181833
Bidy TinaneThomas (?& Maria)Named with father12-Apr1836
Martin ToolHughHealy Mary08-Dec1835
Thos TooleMartinJennings Mary Anne04-Jan1834
Biddy TooleMartinNot given04-Mar1833
Bid Trechers??ThosBurke Anne01-Feb1835
Pat TrehersThomasBurke AnnDec-281836
Brigt TurkJohnHanly MaryFeb-151836
Stephen TurkeJohnNiland Mary12-Oct1836
Mr. Tyrell TyrellCHURCHEDN/A & wifeApr-141833
John TyrleThomasFahy EllenJun-141836
?Hugh VandenPatMcDonough Kate09-Apr1833
Thos VarlyDennisKearney MaryJan-281835
Thomas WalshStephenMcHugo BridgtNov-291835
Honor WalshJohn(?R)adish Mary04-Aug1835
Dennis WalshPatCarrick BiddyJul-141833
Mary WalshPatCarrick BiddyAug-281835
Mary WalshPatCAry Mary11-Aug1835
Mary WalshPatDevery Anne09-Apr1836
Mary WalshMylesDonnelan EllenNov-171833
William WalshThomasEagan SallyApr-241835
Step WalshThosEagan SallyDec-281833
Judy WalshPatKea(?r or v)y Mary04-Oct1833
Martin WalshWalterLinskey MaryOct-301836
Winney WalshMichaelMoran Cathrine10-Apr1835
Pat WalshCHURCHEDN/A & WifeJul-231833
John WardEdwardMcDermott Mary08-Apr1835
Winny WardBryanTierney WinneyNov-231833
Jas WatersThosByrne MaryMar-271835
Cath WatersThosByrnes MaryApr-141833
Mary WhiteCharlesBoyle Judy11-Oct1835
Thos WhiteJnoKelly BiddyDec-191833
Gregory WhiteJohnKelly Bidy07-May1836
Cath WhiteJasLally Mary10-Jun1833
Pat WhiteMichlMacken EllenFeb-201836
Micl WhitePatWalsh JudithFeb-241835